Last Updated: July 28th, 2011

The new Android Market, announced mere hours ago, has started rolling out to a small set of users who, of course, immediately shared it with the rest of the world for everyone to enjoy (or hate, depending on your reaction to the design).

The process is very simple (no root needed):

  1. Download com.android.vending.3.0.27.apk from our mirror (no intermediate pages - direct link here) to your phone. If that doesn't work for some reason, here's a second mirror.
  2. Browse to it in your favorite file manager, such as ASTRO
  3. Click the file, then select Open App Manager
  4. Select Update
  5. You now have new new Market v 3.0.27

I personally kind of like the new UI, though the hover bar is really annoying and severely limits the real estate. Hasn't Google learned anything last time?

Movies and Books seem to be present, although I haven't tested them yet (if you remember, Google blocked movies on rooted devices, so I'm curious if it'll work now). Update: I just confirmed - movies cannot be played on rooted devices, just as before.

One other thing worth pointing out is you can now switch between multiple Market accounts, which I don't think you could do before - just click Menu > Accounts (see screenshot #4 below).

wm_snap20110712_161947 wm_snap20110712_162149 wm_snap20110712_162201

wm_snap20110712_162214 wm_snap20110712_162223 wm_snap20110712_162246

wm_snap20110712_162406 wm_snap20110712_162558 wm_snap20110712_162638 

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  • http://evert.meulie.net/ Evert


    Will try it first thing tomorrow!

  • http://mariux.altervista.org/wordpress/ Mariux

    Is it possible to revert to the old version of Android Market after installing it?

    • http://myandroidxperience.blogspot.com Ricardo Moura Rocha

      You could make a backup with titanium backup and restore if you want...

    • Tyler

      yes.. application, Market and uninstall updates.

  • collin

    can i still get movies when rooted?

  • https://plus.google.com/108831698929148269327/posts/UEcLpht77JV dasher

    Tablet friendly?

    • Tyler

      nope.. just tried it on my Asus.. its the same market but when select myapps its looks broken with an overlay

  • Michael Kennedy

    It looks like there's now less info on the screen. I hate it.

  • William

    Movies arr working on my rooted EVO 4G.

  • ab

    that's what I'd like to know too - tablet compatible?

  • luke w

    To uninstall go to settings>applications. Find market and press uninstall updates. Sorted

  • Vicky

    works on the xoom. I dunno if I like it though, it looks a little wired. It's really dark & boxy.

    Update: I have 2 "market" apps now, one the old one & one the new one? I dunno if this is a problem, though. I haven't tried installing anything but I'll let y'all know.

  • KhensU

    I only get Apps, but I'm in Canada and on CM7 so I'm not surprised.

  • skitchbeatz

    its much better.

  • Thanatos

    Meh. The movies are to rent, not buy, and are too high priced to rent as well when I can get them at Redbox for a buck. I also have the Hulu Plus and NetFlix app, so why would I want to rent a movie off the market?

    Ebooks are also still too pricey when the publishers have none of the production costs associated with a hard copy novel. This is the main reason I've stayed away from owning a Kindle (other than the app). This area is a second "I'll never use it" area of the market BTW, are these books in Google Books format, Kindle, Nook or what? I failed to see anything said as to which.

    I will have to say that it looks more appealing, and I do prefer the way it 'feels' overall. However, the old Market was just as easy and I liked it just fine.

    • skitchbeatz

      Why would they be in kindle or nook? That wouldn't make ANY sense. They're obviously Google Books.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      I believe that Google books are available in multiple formats, but the most common one is ePub, which works on many different devices (and of course there's a web view as well).
      Nook also uses ePub, just f.y.i, so you can read those books on different devices, too.

      I agree about the high price on rentals though. I'm in at 99cen, to match redbox. Maybe $1.99 on something new and exciting.

  • http://www.dts-phile.com/wordpress Stéphane

    Very nice update ! Thanks for sharing. An issue though: the "update app" button does not appear on my Galaxy S2 (I'm in France) whereas the "update" is stated as available. Any clue on how to solve this ? I can only "open" app or "uninstal" when I am told that there is one or more update available...

    Thanks !

    • http://www.dts-phile.com/wordpress Stéphane

      Reverting back to the old market activates the "update app" button... which means there really is an issue !

    • Michael Dennis

      I am having the same problem. I cannot update any apps.

  • Tyler

    Damn should have known, I have a themed version so it won't install normally..

  • Josh H

    Love it. Looks amazing feels like its 2011. Probably won't ever use books/movies but its nice to have the option. Apps layout is more user friendly. Don't think Google could have done a better job.

  • ChrisLH

    Comments aren't in date order, making them essentially useless because they could be commenting on earlier versions.

    The first page looks too cluttered.

    Other than that, the navigation and options seem like an improvement.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      It lists the most helpful comments first, just as it does on tablets and the web. I actually quite like this as a developer. Some of the comments are dated, talking about things from older versions, which is unfortunate, but overall an improvement over showing the most recent comment first.

  • Chris Kelbaugh

    No movies button Galaxy tab 10.1. Sad!!

  • Sammy

    I Just Installed it on my ACER A500 Tablet.. The Trick is to make sure you clear your data. And when/if it pops into the old market click your My Apps Menu, and then the back button and it reverts back to the new one. its got 2 market processes running. I dont think that is Normal. I dont think this was intended to run on a Tablet just yet.

    • Sammy

      There is also 2 Icons in your app.. run each one till you get it to pop up with the new google store.. Once I got the right App Icon it works like a champ. Looks like on the tablet it didnt "upgrade" it did a full install of a separate app.. and each market app was fighting for the screen.. and made it all weird. Works great now on the tablet.

  • someone

    Great update, but does anyone know whatever happened to the Just In-section?

    It seems to have disappeared completely :(

  • Marcus Peters

    Looks and feels a lot like WP7 tiles (one of the best features about WP7) going to have to try it out for a bit.

  • jeep

    Much much better love the dark theme now if they would change Google reader theme to dark

  • magqcc7

    pay for movies and books hah!!!. freebookspot.com, avaxsearch.com for any free book you can think of. just downloaded outliers by malcolm gladwell for absolutely nothing and watched transformers 3 for free.

  • nimerix

    Can you say "metro UI?"

    • Josh H

      Metro UI 5.0 maybe. Metro as it is today is cool for like a day, then boring as shit. This is 10x better implementation. If WP7 looked this good It would be the first time ever I would consider buying anything but android.

  • JtowN

    Nice, and thanks

  • iggy

    somehow for me facebook description is in chinese and twitter is in korean/japanese. anybody with the same problem?

    • roxor

      Yup i too have the same problem. Not only facebook and twitter.. skype, labryth lite game and a few other apps description is in chinese/korean too.

      One more thing that i noticed is.. i am unable to download more than 1 app simultaneously. The second app download starts only after the first app is completely downloaded. This is a little weird coz i used to download 3-4 apps simultaneously using the old android app store.. Any one facing the same problem..?

  • Umang

    One thing i didn't like is that now the apps are sorted in alphabetical order... Not in order in which they are installed or updated... and its more space consuming... 3/5 stars

  • lilhugo

    Noob question but how can you tell if movies are not working for your device or not?
    I currently have a Milestone running CM7 and it is rooted. I was able to access the movies tab and nearly complete my purchase. I didn't hit "accept & buy" because I don't want to buy/rent a movie.

    • roxor

      Just confirmed it from my friend.. Rooted devices currently do not support rented movie play back. That means you can still rent the movie and u will be charged but you wont be able to watch on your rooted device.

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Going to try it out.

  • http://hrsa.ru Anton

    Thanks! I love the new market.

  • Mike

    By any chance does the multiple account support mean I can finally consolidate my gmail accounts? Or does it simply mean you can have work purchases and home purchases and they will not merge?

  • Kevin

    When you rent a movie, how long do you get it for?

  • Luckbuckets

    it all works really well, but im not sure if i am completely in love with the look, but im sure it will grow on me in time, just a tad cluttered. id like to be able to choose what shows up on the homescreen cause i really dont care about the movies or books but thats a minor thing.

    one little detail i havent heard anyone else say or notice is that the icon now has a nice little green glow coming from the shopping bag, it wasnt there before, i like it!

  • amishra123

    Ok, so initially quite like the new layout! Just seems nice, a bit different like the tiles. But the languages of the apps are wrong ?!! Of several NOVA 2 the samurai one and others!! What gives??? What could cause this ???

  • Chris_TB

    New market killed my free music download......thanks.

  • Izuan

    have a lag because the loading....
    old version is better in loading speed...

  • Taylor

    I like the new interface. Graphically, it's pretty slick. The new layout takes a minute to figure out, but I like the new UI. The different app lists and categories add increased functionality and seem to load faster.

  • ?

    So its not working on my phone if I remove the updates to the market app will they eventually re-install or will I be stuck with the old version still and have to manually reload the apk again?

  • Dale

    Is that APK the official version, as if Google rolled it out?

    In other words, if you run the APK here, will you still get rolled out updates for the market from Google in the future. Is that APK the same as if Google pushed it to you?

  • http://www.veerit.com Abhay

    Install on my Galaxy S i9000 2.3.3, Works great..

  • Wr3ck

    I have .27 but it still has the problem of not showing all of my apps in the "my apps" section. I've tried to clear data & cache which did nothing. I never noticed this in the old Market but downgrading doesnt fix it either so i am back on the new 1... any1 know how to fix it?

  • S3nd41

    They couldn't make Market any uglier now, couldn't they?

  • KT

    It broke Market on my phone. Can't access it and the uninstall updates button is not there so I can't even go back to a previous version. Any ideas? Using TMobile MyTouch 3G Slide. Thx!

  • Javier

    The market always stays the same on my HTC Inspire ™ it never updates and there are missing tiles. Please Help!

  • Viry4110

    I dont understand why they dont have it in the new mytouch 4g slidee..! The galaxy s has it bt the mytouch 4g slide doesnt.! Sucks.
    Anyways thanks it did workk..! Now i have the new android market version (:

  • Viry4110

    I dont understand why they dont have it in the new mytouch 4g slidee..! The galaxy s has it bt the mytouch 4g slide doesnt.!
    Anyways thanks it did workk..! Now i have the new android market version (:

  • kwon

    Everthing is ok