Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

Inotia 3, at it's core, is a story-driven RPG where you use a party made of six classes to confront your destiny, yadda yadda yadda. Along the way, you'll complete quests, World of Warcraft style, to appease villagers, get loot and become stronger. The game's main story is actually quite expansive; I haven't had the chance to play through the entire thing yet, but the developer touts 230+ quests, 130+ maps and enough quest text to let you get right deep into it.


This is actually true: the game doesn't shy away from the text, and from what I can tell the translation is much better than the game's market entry. If you want a little laugh, go check it out - you can read about the heroes and their "guntlets", saving the world from evil.

Engrish aside, this game actually plays quite well; the on-screen controls are both functional and responsive. However, you don't necessarily need to be precise all the time; Inotia actually avoids the problem of other hack-and-slash RPGs in that the combat is actually functional.

I mean, what I've had trouble with in the past regarding games like Zeonia is the grid, or lack thereof; when hit detection is buggy, you can be left jumping in and out, wondering whether you'll hit or be hit if you try. It's a frustrating system, as no one really wants to be hampered by game mechanics.

So I'm happy that the game has both a functioning grid system and the ability to double tap the basic action button (which serves as a melee attack) to automatically lock on to the nearest enemy and start attacking him. This makes lining up special abilities all the more easy, and let's you feel rewarded when they land.

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Also included is a "skip cutscene" button, which I can't appreciate enough. The cutscenes in this game aren't terrible, but they aren't exactly anything new, either. I'm not a fan of the lack of placeholder sprites for town villagers, as seeing sprites along with dialog for some characters and plain text boxes for others just seems a bit lacking.

The graphics of this game have been dumbed down a little bit in the effort to be "universal"; while I only have one phone to test this on, the game's graphics are nowhere near taxing, as they're 16 bit sprites at least. There doesn't seem to be anything requiring split-second movements, either, so the lag is a bit negotiable. The game is free, so you're welcome to try it out, risk free - when you start paying for it is when you have to watch out.

Like its previously-successful title, Homerun Battle 3D, developer Com2uS has decided to implement a cash shop into Inotia in order to expedite the grinding process. I mean, why actually play the game when you can just buy gear, right?

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This is what kind of frustrates me about cash shops: in certain games, they can work to the benefit of the developer, giving users access to new content or present things in a way that makes things more appealing. However, you can argue that in an RPG, giving players the option of buying gear actually detracts from the experience, especially if it's story-based. Like it or not, questing and grinding are actually the bread and butter of RPGs - it's kind of defeatist to say "come experience our rich story!" then say "if you pay us, you can skip it if you want to!"

Ultimately, I can't control what a developer does, and if people buy weapons and armor to breeze through then game, that's their money out of their pockets. However, you have to think: what are you missing by rushing? The game isn't exactly so difficult that playing through without paid items is impossible, so I can't really recommend doing it. Instead, you should try Inotia out, mess around with the classes, find something you really like and enjoy what could be one of the most functional RPGs on the Android market.

Just learn to ignore the Homerun Battle 3D ads.

Matt Demers
Matt Demers is a Toronto writer that deals primarily in the area of Android, comics and other nerdy pursuits. You can find his work on Twitter and sites across the Internet.

  • https://williamting.com William

    Great review.

    Both Android and iPhone apps have been moving towards a micropayment format. I'm not a big fan as I'd rather just buy the app outright, but in the end companies do what makes the most money.

    On a side note, it is a great way to enjoy a game without having to buy it. It just depends on each game's implementation.

    If you add micropayments for cosmetic items or items you can obtain normally then I'm all for it. However if you have to spend money to get better items -- especially if you offer PvP multiplayer --then it detracts from the game (e.g. Zenonia 3).

  • Walid

    An absolutely brilliant review, I have yet to play this game myself but nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed reading that and I agree with your views on in-game cash shops.

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    Everyone's got to make a dollar, you've got a team of people to pay for the development etc..etc. Do I like micro-transactions yet free to play games - it depends. If you can just buy your way through the game, and choose to then that's your choice. I personally prefer free games with advertisements OR the first few levels of story/area are free and then I pay once to unlock the rest of the game. Paying for gear or stat enhancements or even double experience points for x number of hours isn't something I would personally subscribe to. I can see how it can generate small amounts of revenue that end up being large amounts over a period of time for the company.

    Great article as always.

  • archboy

    Great article and I'm torn about these in game payment and 'free' ads base game. I think they need to pick one or the other and not both. Like Bros where you can upgrade, buy weapon etc but no ads or like Words where there is ads. What annoys me here is that there is both! I know dev like the free/ad base since they make more money

    I personally rather just pay the $.99 for the game and get rid of the ads. This is why is stopped playing Angry Birds where they haven't not released a paid version on the Market. I know...there is one in the Amazon App store but for me...I only use one Market and seems like there are many like me out there.

  • http://www.gamecasa.net Triplebud

    This is the best free RPG I've ever played on the droid. I can't put it down and have sent word of mouth to every android user I know.

  • Wth?!

    As soon as I realized the game revolved completely around those micro payments and item shop I uninstalled it right away. Good riddance!

    It's a joke that devs nowadays are calling their games free to play when they're nowhere near free, it's completely misleading and consumer rights authorities should put an end to it once and for all.

    • Staci

      It actually doesn't revolve around them. I wouldn't even have known they were there unless I clicked on the blue gem icon. I've been playing the game for a few days without "real money" and haven't missed out on anything

      • Ken

        Staci, eventually you are going to find that you need rez scrolls if you want to do the ticket quests.

        I agree that the game does not revolve around microtransactions, there is lots to do without them, but if you want in on the high-end areas you really will have to buy some gems or jump thro some hoops to get free ones.

        This is a great game,but,in my opinion microtransactions DO utterly ruin it.

        I would rather just pay 10 bucks for a real "full version"

  • Arch21

    This game IS free to play. I beat it in 2 days using only items that dropped in game (not spending any gold whatsoever). So if you can't beat it, it's your own lack if skills. Don't resort to putting down the game. Great rpg!

  • Staci

    I love this game. I haven't had issues with the money seeing as everything you can buy are just upgrades and whatnot. This is an amazing game, I can play it for hours on end, and I'm still nowhere near done. I feel attached to the characters as well, which makes the story that much better.

  • Umbi

    There is a cash shop. But the game doesnt revolve around it at all. I have been playing it for a long time now. And I have not opened the cash shop (No internet on my month long vacation), nor do i feel like anything is missing. I get great items as drops, so even buying in game cash is a waste (if they shop lets you do that). I think the person who wrote this article. Just wanted to rant about in game shops in general, and its too bad he did it in a game, where they provided it only for those people that really cant live with out those things.

    Dissapointing for someone who has a responsibility to publish something fairly.

  • Gareth

    This is a great game, but the adverts are annoying, id rather pay a quid or something for the game to remove the adverts.

    Also theyve included some video adverts, and they occasionally crash the game... and it occasionally bugs and wont open, instead the screen goes black with music in the background, not sure if thts just me...

    (HTC Sensation)

    • Anne

      I had the same problem with it crashing mine. Try playing in airplane mode. That solved the problem for me.

  • adam


  • adam

    Its the best game ever but the kaiser permanente ads won't go away even after several restarts. It makes the game unplayable...

  • Eva

    My game was just updated, and now my saved game is gone. And strangely enough, i can't find it on the android market anymore. Totally sucks.

    • wayan

      when your account are not logged out and still loging in com2us hub it will chanced a deleted save file..i was same with you i was forget to logged out my account and then my save file (my priest lv 70) was gone..and so i started new game with rogue anyway ==

  • debrutsid

    I have been playing it for a while now. And I love it. The shop is not needed to play effectively. The 16 slot bag is nice for hoarders like me, but you don't need them. I have never bought any weapons or armor. There is nothing I have seen that makes leveling any easier either. And the emblems and either and other packs are as randonm as can be. Getting all the skills for your character is a pain in the butt though

  • miiluen

    Great game, but i can't defeat the final boss, God of Darkness. :( I don't see any ads while I'm playing. o.o

  • http://com2us dan

    Well I don't mind ads, everything in the game is still available, but seeing as I'm past the first playthrough, I want to do the treasure room and I need to buy those tickets from the store. I have a droid 3, and when I hit the shop button, a facebook like loading bar pops up then the game closes..... ne1 have any idea what I can do? Email me plz if u have an answer [email protected]...thx

  • Jubs

    Can I just agree with what Staci said, right now I have a level 52 arch mage in the game, I'm not sure if I'm halfway but I really find the game interesting. Though I'm tired from work I'll make sure that after my shift I'll get an hour or 2 to play it. I felt sad when Amelia was petrified and spent hours finishing the quests to bring her back to my bucket. I also felt sad when the other priestess left my party to sacrifice herself (I forgot her name). I even recommended this game to my friends. The only thing that somehow made this game boring is the repetitive item collecting quest which I think was designed to make your characters to venture in raising their levels but somehow since it's done in repetition I really find it boring.

    In Overall I would still commend those people behind this great game. I also love their OSTs. Another reason why I fell in love with Korean culture. Kudos to all of you!!!

  • epokski

    how to get free gems? fuck that  free gems cause it cant buy anything in the shop. haha

    • epokski

      can u make 10 free gems.. hehe

  • Yumi_Asaka

    I always press on the ads unintentionally (but I don't mind, I can just press the back button once and I'm back ^^), so I'm pretty "rich" in the game XDD
    *Ahem* Amazing game, totally awesome (^o^)/ not having trouble~!

  • http://www.ajibanda.com Aj Banda

    I'm starting on this game right now, being a fan of RPG, I think this should somehow eat my time ^_^

  • Master_tdk69
  • Kingnazad

    I love this game... But somehow it been formated... once I joined that freaking hub, it formated all my inotia data... I have to play it all over again... XP

  • Vincent Liew

    I love this game but I have a little problem about the fusion machine... I can't use the fusion machine... I don't know whether the game got problem or my phone... So, I hope the problem will be fix..

    • anonLoL

      need a recipe book