Last Updated: July 31st, 2011

Wordsmiths who like to take their vocabulary games with them no longer have to rely on Zynga's popular but super-buggy Words with Friends, as Electronic Arts has made good on its promise to release an official Scrabble app today.

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Coming in at the wonderful price of free, the app allows you to play Scrabble with your friends - be they iPhone or Android users - or with random online opponents. It also features Facebook integration for the social butterflies amongst you, and for those who like to socialize during their Scrabble sessions, the app also includes a chat feature.

Taking the functionality further still, this rendition of Scrabble not only lets you track your stats, but also shows you the best word choice from your last move via the "Teacher feature." This should be especially beneficial to those who are not yet Scrabble aficionados.

Sound good? You can grab the app via the link or the QR code below.

via Droid Gamers

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://tfoyle.com Tom foyle

    Geo Restrictions for the lose, Grrr

  • Danny

    I would have paid for this, but EA yet again show their incompetency by restricting it to US-only. What a load of bull.

  • mauaus

    Market Enabler app... no big deal people.

  • https://plus.google.com/113447234658420269519/posts Robert

    US only, when are devolepers going to learn that in this day and age restricting people from buying your product based on their location will only damage your reputation in the long run

  • thx84

    I will download it with MarketEnabler. I hope there will be support for French like Wordfeud

  • OFI


    Geo restriction is just insane

    Also in a search for a non-geo restricted version.. why does it appear there was already a release of this months ago?

  • Kurt Liget

    Won't let me install it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Huh?

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    Does not work right on my tablet, it only fills the top left of the screen.

    The updated tablet optimized Words with Friends or the old faithful Wordfeud are better options.

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    It may exclude the UK due to the stupid way the rights to Scrabble are owned by different companies in the US and UK.

    MarketEnabler requires root so no good for me, either.

    Ah well, I'll stick with WWF for now. Hopefully the UK will get a version of this at some point as I'd like a better client for AndroidiPhone wordplay.

  • Dave

    Geo restriction in this day and age is so LAME.

  • Phil

    Can't find it in market place. Tried market enable with t-mobile us and verizon.

  • Bob

    Wouldn't work on Samsung 10.1 tablet!

  • Jack

    Australia and other countries must be considered third-world or such by EA. Why restrict your games. Want money? Release internationally idiots! Great business sense.

  • Kevin

    Scrabble is owned by EA in North America but by somebody else (Hasbro?) in the rest of the world. Legally, EA cannot publish it outside North America. The Facebook and iGoogle apps work the same way: you can't access them outside the United States.

    • Ray2Jerry

      When you talk of North America, Canada and the USA are very much different things when it comes to Market apps it seems. Amazon, EA and a lot of other US companies treat Canadians like any other strange and distant backwards and scary foreign country. You'd think they'd be trying harder to get our higher-valued dollars ;) haha. None of the Amazon cloud services or fun new projects work in Canada either... hell we even have to use the US Amazon site just to buy Kindle books... so let's just say there isn't a ton of love for Amazon, EA, Hulu, etc north of the border. Google on the other hand at least eventually let's us in on the party, or at least behind a VPN ;) lol.
      You can't entirely blame the companies though, our version of the FCC is ridiculously stacked in favor of the major telcos...

  • strra

    so when are we getting a quality yahtzee game?

  • Vicky

    "purchase canceled" -- Xoom

    Really, no tablet support? Com'on!

  • Mark

    Geo Restrictions?
    18Mb download?

  • portnoyd

    We've been always liberated from WWF because we had WordFeud which continues to be superior to WWF and I'm sure EA's version.