The geniuses behind the AlphaRevX unlocker, which a few weeks ago made rooting, recovery, and custom ROMs possible on the Droid Incredible S, Desire (CDMA and GSM), Wildfire, and Aria just released an updated beta v2, with support for Droid Incredible 2 (aka vivow, the Verizon CDMA version) and Desire S (aka saga).

Incredible 2 owners, it's the day you've been waiting for, which now makes these possible: Exclusive Download + Video: Root-Friendly Flashable Gingerbread Update For HTC Droid Incredible 2 [Leak], [Video] DROID Incredible 2 Bootloader Unlocked [S-OFF] By AlphaRev Team - no more teasing!

Update 7/10/11: The Windows version of AlphaRevX, which was pulled for some bug fixing, is now once again available for download.

AlphaRevX is a software HBOOT mod, which is completely reversible and provides a software S-OFF. It lets you root, flash custom recoveries, nandroid back up/restore, and flash custom ROMs - basically, anything your heart and soul desire. I'm not positive whether this gives you write access to /system from within the stock ROM, but in either scenario, a custom ROM would definitely allow that.

As before, full credit for inception and implementation of AlphaRevX goes to kmdm and ieftm from xda.


  1. Head over to http://alpharev.nl/x/beta/ and download the software, currently available for Linux and Windows. Note: This is definitely alpha/beta software, so proceed at your own risk.
  2. Proceed to this thread after you are done for instructions on how to install su (root) and ClockworkMod recovery, although the rumor is the new version automatically installs recovery.

Good luck and feel free to post your experience below!

Thanks, Justin!

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Tyler Robb

    YES FINALLY! My girlfriend just picked up the Incredible 2 on Verizon and now I can put CM7 on it for her. Great work, the Android community is the best.

  • miguel

    is this the permanent root!! if so please post a video on how to do it

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yes, permanent and full unlock.

      • miguel

        can yu please post a video or some easier instruction i dont understand all the tech talk they have..

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    SWEET!!!!!!! But still no support for htc wildfire s :(

    • Aleks

      Shit! When will des Wildfire S be supoorted? Do we need to wait until HTC let it go? F*** up!

  • Rasmi

    Windows version was pulled because it's unstable. I got it working on a Linux machine, and I'm running CM7 nightly on my Droid Incredible 2 as I post this :)

  • Benvolio28

    Damn... I hope the windows version comes back soon... right now, buzzkill!! Props to the devs regardless!

    • http://www.skippyweb.nl Skippy

      1. get Linux Distribution (don't know wich one is better, but i think they all work. ubuntu is easy to find.)
      2. burn to disk
      3. put disk in computer
      4. ??????
      5. Profit!!!

      • Linch

        Did that work for you? I'm downloading the ubuntu now bc I'm impatient =s

        • Rasmi

          It worked fine for me last night, but I used a USB drive to run Ubuntu (I have no CDs and it's slightly faster). Use the Universal USB Installer to create a bootable flash drive if you have a spare 1GB+ drive available. I highly recommend it :)


        • Linch

          I have everything set up on ubuntu but I can not connect to a wireless network. i know this is off topic but I'm so close to root I can almost taste it. It says device not ready (firmware missing)

        • Skippy

          I did not tried it, it should work better then the windows version tough.

  • kevin

    Need it for Sensation plz

  • http://celsius.ws celsius design

    incredible! so close for windows users!

  • miguel

    can someone please post a video or easier instruction im not very smart please help me! ):

  • miguel Rodriguez

    How. Do I dont it on windows? I have come but it said windows is under review please help ):

    • Linch

      You have to wait for the windows version or download a linux os

      • miguel Rodriguez

        That sucks I have been waiting for soo long!! And now this!

  • Seb

    so...i'm kinda of new..
    1 - looking that Mac is unix based, can i use the same commands for linux in the mac terminal?!
    2 - ...also, i can't get the fastboot to work, i keep pressed "volume down" + power and it boots up normally...what shall i do!?


  • random joe

    anyone having issues with serial keys saying invalid/

  • noob

    i did this last night and it worked great. today i tried to do the official gingerbread update, and it fails and locks up. What should I do? restore my back up?

  • other random joe

    ya serial key isn't working for me either. :(

  • Navilluseoj

    The serial wouldn't work for me the other day either. I was planning on checking back and trying again, but according to a lot of things that I've been reading, it won't work if you have the OTA Gingerbread update. Is this true?

  • ChaoticTissue

    Bugger. I did the OTA GB update, and this is what I get:

    Aquiring root (method 2)...
    (if we hang here for a *long* time [15mins+], please reboot your phone and try again.)
    Failed to get root! :(
    Press (almost) any key to exit.

  • chris kirkman

    i build computers, use image software but know nothing of rooting my incredible 2 with 2.3.3 please email me or call me at 561 281-5098 have credit card for large donation if you can walk me thru rooting please

  • chris kirkman

    i did ota 2.3.3 update as well and want phone rooted to get rid of all the horrible programs installed and taking up my memory and battery.......have cash will pay for help

  • David

    Will not work on a HTC Wildfire with HBOOT
    1.01.0002..puts up a message to that effect
    anyone any help