Get it while it's hot, kids - the DROID Incredible 2 is officially merged into CyanogenMod, and the nightly builds are now being pumped out (direct link here). These nightly builds may contain bugs, dragons, and other potentially annoying/broken things - so flash at your own risk. Your Dinc2 will also need to be fully unlocked, meaning you'll have to use the AlphaRevX Beta 2 software, which you can learn about in this post. And you'll need a custom recovery, which you can find here. So, you do need to do some work before you can get your CyanogenMod on.

Wondering what CyanogenMod already brings to the table? Check out 13 Ways CyanogenMod 7 Makes My Android Phone Feel Future-Proof [Deep Review].

However, CyanogenMod nightlies have come a long way in terms of usability for all devices, so really, you're probably pretty safe flashing it. And hey, it's CyanogenMod, how can you resist?


Don't forget to flash the latest version of Google Apps along with the ROM - get it here.

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David Ruddock
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  • Chris

    Are these nightlies also listed in ROM Manager? Or is that not set up for the Incredible 2 quite yet?

  • Chris

    Also, I feel confident in my knowledge of most of this stuff, but what exactly are Dragons in relation to android?

    • Kane

      I believe that was a joke.

      • Chris

        It's a commonly used joke then I guess. I've heard it in multiple places in reference to potential dangers in android. It's in the CM7 settings menu as well.

        I guess I need a better sense of humor!

  • http://torrentleech.org James

    Just rooted my gf's phone. It's awesome. Thanks :DDD