A few weeks ago, we saw a leaked Gingerbread build for the Samsung Epic 4G and it looks like Sammy has been putting the finishing touches on it since then. According to SprintFeed, Epic owners could see an OTA hit their device around July 24th. This is a tentative date, so don't grab the sharpie and make it permanent on the calendar just yet (oh, who am I kidding - no one uses a traditional calendar anymore).

Further details are basically non-existent at this point, but we'll make sure we keep our eyes on this one and fill you in as we get more info.


Thanks, Mark!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Michael Medjesky

    I'm finally excited to get this update...I know most epic users will be. Supposed to enhance battery life and make the lag go away. Finally Sammy should have this right. Next summer, I will upgrade to the Epic 2. Thanks for the update and I will be watching for this OTA. yes!!

    • steve

      Upgrading to a epic 2 will be pointless and a total waste of an upgrade.

  • Jared

    Glad to finally hear an official ballpark date... even if that's all we have. Epic is a great phone and gingerbread will make it even better. Can theyvstart on Ice Cream Sandwich now?

  • John

    Is ice cream sandwhich android 2.4 or android 4.0?

  • pete

    I already went through with this possible update mess when froyo was getting pushed out... then the nexsus came through with gngerbread... I manually did mine to EE10 and it working fine... it gets good quadrant scores too.... but this is my LAST samsung phone ever... I'm going back to HTC.

  • James

    I hope this is true. There have been about six builds of Gingerbread for the Epic reported to exist, and Sprint/Samsung has been working on this for like two months now. I think I read that the later builds are pretty stable, so hopefully they are getting closer to a final build that's ready to release. I still think they're slow on the updates -- Gingerbread was released around 7 months ago -- but if this comes out soon, it will be better than Froyo. I'm not certain, but I might be with pete and go with HTC for my next phone.

  • David

    epic 2 seems like it will be the perfect phone, but if the iPhone does go to sprint...iono i think i might have to get that

  • mad as hell

    this is kinda pissy! im sorry but the samsung vibrant was out first...long b4 the epic... and these bas**rds want to drop us off????? wtf

    im sorry but this makes me want to break everything i find named from sammy....and to give ginger to sprint first! what an insult!

    this will be the last samsung device i ever pay for...maybe the north is right..kill them all

    maybe just maybe the south will stop f**king with the rest of the world they screwed out of they hard cash and get them to appreciate all of the protection they receive... but if they gonna screw the entire country that keeps them safe...well maybe someone needs to flush the handle!

    yeah we are pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DJ

      The Vibrant came out first due to Sprint, not Samsung. The Epic has always been the flagship Galaxy phone. That being said, I whole-heartedly regret not going with HTC. Less meddling with the OS, and not as proprietary.