Would you look at that - only hours after we leaked the long overdue update that, most importantly, fixes reboot issues, Verizon opened the flood gates and is now pushing the 74MB download over-the-air to HTC Thunderbolts all over the country.

wm_IMG_20110708_173935 wm_IMG_20110708_175028 wm_IMG_20110708_180308

The update version number is 1.70.605.0 and, unfortunately, it's not Gingerbread (remember how we told you that the June 30th Gbread rumor had to be fake?). The full list of improvements can be found in this PDF document, which I will include below for convenience:

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update,
Build Number: 1.70.605.0 Baseband:,,
for your ThunderBolt™ by HTC.

Verizon Wireless and HT C encourage you to download this update.
For step-by-step instructions on how to perform this download,
please visit verizonwireless.com/thunderboltsupport


  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth® Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • View App Menu in tabbed layout.
  • People search function enabled.
  • Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
  • Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape mode.
  • NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.


Perhaps this will finally make the Thunderbolt a usable device (connectivity and reboot issues killed it for me)? Feel free to post your post-update experience below.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • BJ P


  • chris

    Still nothing on mine.

    • Bishop360

      U have to grab it in setting n check for software update

  • Jerrod S

    Still no update... :-(

    • Gfunk

      You have to hit "software update" in settings.

  • bendennnis

    Nothing on my end in south carolina

  • jb4873

    Doesn't matter. The phone is an epic fail!! Update or not.

    • AC

      It's quite the 180 degrees from that. Maybe based on stock software that would make sense, but I can't say since I've never been on stock for more than 1 minute... But with today's official new radio, root/CM7, and extended battery, this phone is EASILY the best on market. Have never had any connectivity or reboot/brick issues, and mine has already been fully submerged in a freakin lake!. Higher end phones may out-muscle the TBolt, but don't yet sport all of the following at the same time: LTE radio, massive dev community, and as I said before: CyanogenMod! :)

      I guess what I'm saying is that if the phone is an epic fail for you, blame the manufacturers and carriers for being restrictive and slow, NOT the device itself.

      • Craig

        AC is exactly right. I have friends with Atrix's, DroidX 2's, Increadible 2's and Evo 3D's and my TB is better then them all IMO.

        • http://revelationusa.com Levi

          I agree with AC and Craig. Seems pretty solid, mine has survived garden hoses and water balloons. twice.

      • maxxmentum

        what build CM7 do you have? Does your camera stutter or have issues? Every time I leave rooted froyo sense 2.2.1, I either loose PC hardrive, camera issues, but on the plus my gps is no longer off by 2000 ft. I want to try cm7, but only found the alpha build

    • Randy

      amen to that HTC SUCKS and is THE WORST Provider hands down! Hello Motorola Droid Bionic

  • Charles

    We have three Thunderbolts at our place. All three have installed the update. Well have to see now if the reboot problem is fixed.

  • Leo

    Nothing yet Buffalo, NY

  • Fabulas

    updates available in Memphis. So far so good. I wish it helped with the GPS connectivity.

  • Jeffery

    Downloading it now. Had five reboots in the first week, none at all during the second week of ownership. Other than the random reboots and lack of GB the phone rocks. We'll see if my TB starts behaving.

  • jb4873

    update says "fail" sorry but the phone is a fail. I get a reboot at least 1 time daily. Yes part blame is the carrier and manufacturer's. Verizon is definitely pissing me off.

    • GT-Vader

      Don't blame Verizon... It is the equipment manufacture's (HTC) fault for software errors...

      Verizon has the most advanced/sophisticated network in the US, period... I know this is a fact, because I am an engineer in the wireless industry...

      Give the carriers a break, and get educated...

  • Biyobe

    I continue to get


    So just keep trying the manual update??

  • K Dub

    Got update. OK so far tho GPS still stinks.

  • NCX

    I would like to point out the rooted version of this ROM floating about on XDA so far has been debloated with many of the newer features removed.

    any chance there is a rooted version of the exact OTA without it changed at all? i hate it when devs mess with official roms and do what they want...

    • JBO1018

      Then do it yourself and quit whining.

  • sts

    I downloaded it 2 and 1/2 hours ago and mine just rebooted again.

  • http://www.whataham.com colin

    Got my update in Topeka, ks. Looks good. Removed free WiFi hotspot. Will prob root very soon.

    • Sadman

      If they are going to do an update why don't they do just that instead of also removing a capability that a lot of us use.

  • hawaiiman

    it says download field because this offer is not ready to be pushed out to your device they are doing so many at a time

  • apexpredation

    Free hotspot is no longer free!!! Plus more bloatwear. Oh well rooting soon anyway.

    • NCX

      even if you root, the hotspot apps are all blocked on the marketplace for ThunderBolt, only one that works is the official one which now checks your account to see if you have the service. I think since all they did was replace the hotspot app with one that checks the account like the 3G phones have, we can use the older hotspot apps from the MR1/ and older leaked MR2 updates to get free hotspot back, EPST has nothing to do with it this time around, DUN NAI still has no entry.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        You can always download the Wifi tether app from the web, no need to use the Market version. Just root first.

      • kkierii

        Quick trick to get all apps Verizon doesn't want you to have. Put your phone in airplane mode, connect to your wireless, then go to the market, you can get wireless tether, PDANET, etc.

  • peace

    No update yet. I'm in central Illinois. More bloateware? Ny times? Crud. I don't want that.

  • Sadman

    I installed MR2 OTA Update (1.66.605.2) from June 9th on this site and Love It. I don't have the reboot problems and from the sounds of it I will not be upgrading to this version. The only thing I can see different is NY Times, and horizontal clock. I can live without both of those. If anyone installed that version and then went to this one let me know what you think of this one. If it's worse I'll just wait for Gingerbread to be released. I'm not impressed with what everyone is saying so far.

    • NCX

      I don't recommend this update, once you use it, it must send a signal to verizon to turn off its hotspot for that line or something since it disables the hotspot even if I restore to my MR2 backup. I have nothing but problems with this new update, my phone doesn't show up on marketplace website now and the desktop app, and app drawer, they were not included in this update. that support PDF is either wrong or its merged wit hthe gingerbread features coming soon.

    • Tommy

      I have the MR2 update on my Bolt as well. Love it. This new OTA update seems like it's suckin eggs. I'll wait for Gingerbread as well. Then I'll root and roll!

  • jrock

    I've been reading the reviews about this new update. I still want my free mobile hotspot and I can care or less about GPS fix or the reboot issue. I just don't want to pay 30 bucks to get the hotspot. I'm keeping froyo on my bolt!!! If you still want the free mobile hotspot and can put up with the reboot DO NOT UPDATE THIS NEW FIRMWARE. IT SENDS A SIGNAL TO VERIZON TO STOP THE FREE MOBILE HOTSPOT. THERES A REASON FOR THE REBOOT ISSUE AND THIS FRMWARE IS AN EXCUSE TO END THE HOTSPOT PROMOTION. HTC MESSED UP ON THE THUNDERBOLT FIRMWARE AND VERIZON IS COVERING UP HTC AND USING THE PROMOTION AS AN EXCUSETO GIVE FREE MOBILE HOTSPOT TO ONLY THUNDERBOLT USERS!!!

  • jrod

    Everything will still be the same the update just fixes the reboot issue and blocks the free mobile hotspot. If you still want your free mobile hotspot don't update. That's if your willing to put up with the random reboot. I know I messed up and threw away money on this phone but I rather keep my mobile hotspot and save myself 30 bucks. I use my hotspot for my >Xoom. I will wait out for the gingerbread update then I can root it to get the hotspot feature. Just wait it out a little longer for gingerbread then u can root it after.

  • jrod

    . "Reduced number of power cycles and resets" this does not confirm that HTC and Verizon fixed the reset reboot issue. The reboot will still occur only that you won't get the free mobile hotspot feature. Do not update if you still want free mobile hotspot just wait for gingerbread update.

  • kimberly

    My free mobile hotspot went away on July 7th when Verizon updated its data pricing. If you read all along it was only a limited time promo for free mobile hotspot.

  • adam

    Why is everyone waiting for GB to root? There are great ported versions from das bamf right now. And with root, forget mobile hotspots, it was garbage anyways with constant disconnects. Use a rooted tether, much more reliable. Plus pick the radio you want.

    • JBO1018

      Not to mention there is a distinct possibility the root method will NOT work once the phone is on GB. Who knows when and if a new method will be developed for the official GB release.

  • Jon

    Since I updated, my Facebook doesn't load correctly. Anyone else having any issues with this?

    • Jason L

      My Facebook app still loads and works after this July 8/9 update.

  • Godearth85

    I'm not updating till I get gingerbread.

  • jodove

    good luck on trying to use the free hotspot app u know verizon going to block any use of it u might of will just update it dumbs

    • Sly

      Y can get wireless root off the web. They can't block jack.

  • Poma

    I use GINGERTH3ORY V4.5.1 and I am happy with my rooted phone with free hotspot working so far. You can have that update.

  • wtf

    Killed my market, nice one verizon.

  • chris

    An update that makes the phone worse? They would never so that lol

  • Alejovet

    I did not have any issues with reboot or gps, and I did have free mobile hotspot, video skype and less bloatware...my phone is a week old, and I like the root option, but I think it will just go back to Verizon and I will just keep my old good incredible already rooted and in perfect shape, another verizon corporate ripoff for the regular consumer, very unhappy with this phone, they could have make it better...

    • chris

      Why because they took away hotspots like they said they would? People think they should get everything for free. Smh

  • alejovet

    Free?!! I pay for the internet service for my phone every month, and this is a feature that comes with the phone itself and is blocked.by Verizon to rip you off, so yes, I will complain, I pay 200+ a month for my service and pay on time, I have been on Verizon for 7 years, so I think I deserve good treatment since I have been a loyal client who spent a lot of money in their company...yes, I can root my phone and get it, I know, but that's not the idea, and if that is their idea, then it should not void the warranty...I will not complain, they can have their.phone back...

    • chris

      You pay for mobile data not shared data so you aren't entitled to anything.

  • alejovet

    Indeed, mobile data, and if I want I should be able to share, is like not being able to get a wireless router in your house because you don't pay for that to your internet company, sadly is just the way is been sold to people, but a little internet research will show you the truth, is a phone feature, not a company service, if you already pay for the internet then it should be your choice to use it or not without having to pay for it...have a nice day.

    • chris

      You can share if you pay for it. That is the exact reason they charge for it they supply it to you they can charge you. You can't complain because a feature is on the phone that doesn't mean you can use it without paying.

  • alejovet

    Ok, then, I will let others pay for it, but I'm free, and I will not, and anyone is free to decide if they want to let corporate take more of your money for something that already belongs to you or not...that simple.

    • chris

      How does it belong to you? So how about they remove the feature altogether then ssince you are so entitled? What will you do then since you own it yet its no longer there? Smh

  • alejovet

    Well, I still have it...and the day is not there anymore, I will look for it somewhere else, or just go back to a very simple phone and service where I pay very little, no point on paying for something that does not work as expected or is being re-sold to you when you use it... for now I can do whatever I want with it, because is my right, and I pay for it.

    • chris

      Its not your right at all. You are a prime example of the reason the world is the way it is. Keep thinking you are entitled to all this. You have no idea how things work.

      • alejovet

        Ok, peace for you...

      • Ryan

        If you're on the unlimited plan then it makes sense for VZ to charge extra to tether since you're paying per device not per megabyte.

        For new users paying per GB or fraction thereof, it is absolutely un-ethical for VZ to charge extra. You paid for the phone and 2 GB. Data is Data.

        Does your local power company charge you extra for the air conditioner or TV? Mine doesn't since I pay for the quantity of electricity that I use. Communications providers are the same as power companies: just utilities.

  • TS

    I've been using wireless tether app 2.0.7 with no problem after update.

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Had a leak for the same device today. And now an OTA? That's interesting.

  • Jason L

    My Facebook app still loads and works after this July 8/9 update. I did not have reboot problems before; however, I did have connectivity problems where 4G and 3G connections stopped working randomly throughout the day. I rarely used the hotspot; without dependable connectivity, made little sense.

    Connectivity problems seem to be behind me.

  • Manny D Colorado

    All you thunderbolt people should come over to t-mob. Ive had my LG-G2x dual core 4G phone for over a month now and I love the free wifi when away from home, also tethering to my laptop and tablet is gr8. I just got back a camping trip to San Isabel and GPS worked gr8 accuracy within 4 meters with downloaded google forest maps. I know some say blah,blah,blah. But ck it out. Man in southern colo.

    • chris

      If tmo had better coverage iI'm sure lots of people would join but theu dont so that's why ppl choose vzw. I wish i could go to tmo but their poor coverage in my area I cant.

  • bolt

    For all of you whining about the free mobile hotspot, you are just whining.

    I lost mine without doing the new update. The promo ended. Get over it.

    I am still waiting for the update since Verizon is slow rolling it so the network doesn't get overwhelmed.

    It's okay for a company to charge for a service, especially if you can get 10Mbps download speed.

    • costner

      They can charge if you don't have a data plan. I didn't buy my tb to have the functionality limited by my carrier because of greed.

  • steven

    I have two tbolts, one rooted and one stock. The rooted i tether to xboxlive and netflix and use more than 10gigs a month, my stock uses less than 100 megs a month. I see it like this, if you complain. Cox communications im sure all of you only pay for one ip address on your bill, and use a router, when your home interner provider charges per ip, so if u think tethering is cheating then using a home router is cheating as well. Do your research people. Dont pay vzw 30 bucks extra. Vzw should be ashamed. Dont do this update.

  • chris

    Updated the wife's but not mine.....wmy mobile hotspot still working great, I can deal with the rest....no update for my phone.

  • jas

    I'm not updating till get GB...also still have free hotspot ..... :n)

  • Fabulas

    one glitch I noticed was my messaging tone has been affected. I cannot change it, and it is different than the selected tone. On the flip side, I now have different tones for email and messaging.

  • Robert

    Is anyone else having problems getting the OTA update...I have been going to settings and checking for new software updates but after a few seconds the dialog box dissapears...I even did a hard reset...please help!

    • mike

      I am also having this problem, i even check all the software to see if it automatically updated, but it is still the same. I do not know what's wrong or how to fix it, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

      • Stephen

        I commented on this below, it wouldn't let me re-post

  • Randy

    No damn update yet here in Seattle

  • Randy

    No update yet here in Seattle

  • costner

    Everyone saying you should not have to pay for WiFi hotspot, kudos to you. I got the phone the day it came out and it said nothing of free trials or promotions. I shouldn't be charged for a feature the PHONE has. The hotspot never really worked for me, and I'm not paying 30+ dollars for something that works 1/8 of the time on top of the network switching over and over again. Makes me want to cancel internet too. I can attest to being a lucky tb owner when it comes to the reboot and the other issues, its a great device.. no doubt about that. But the service hasn't been too good at all. Enjoy your phones everyone. ~c

  • h3

    No way I'm giving up my free hotspot without some other upgrades. 'Reduced power cycles...' I am a tortured TB owner, 5+ reboots everyday and until there's a guaranteed fix, I'll trade reboots for hotspot.
    Btw, it still works on mine, my laptop is tethered now.

  • Mike

    I did the RUU leak that was posted a little earlier before the OTA.

    Phone is running fine (I actually had done the leaked MR2 from here June 9th which resolved my reboot issues).

    No complaints...just want Gingerbread..

  • jon

    ok 1 thing u all think u still getting free hotspots so how you know they not charging you right now huh

    • Chris

      because they would have to send you to a screen to allow you to sign up for tethering they cant just charge you without informing you. Duh

  • high

    ive been on mr2 / plainjane3 since the first week they were released - and havent had a single problem... im not touching anything until gb official hits.

  • Vince Collier

    I got this on Friday and it has KILLED my battery life. Even with EVERYTHING turned off, EHRPD turned off, LTE turned off, it dies within 2 or 3 hours where it was lasting 8 to 10 hours. This is no upgrade, it's garbage. Sure, I'm not getting random reboots, and I'm getting better GPS locking, but now my phone lasts shorter than ever!

  • Matt

    I keep hitting the "Check New" on the Software Update and it give me the "Checking for new Software available now." message, then it disappears. Is anyone having this problem?

    • cguella

      Yes, I got this disappearing check issue and was unable to resolve. Verizon was sending new phone. Instead I used the manual download and that is the only way I know to fix it except it wipes your device to factory reset. Since that was the troubleshooting step from Verizon it really didn't matter...

      • cmalkiewicz

        What did you have to do to manually download?

    • Stephen

      Yep I do. I called verizon and they said to wait it out and if you have the same problem in a week they will try to push the update to the phone individually. They said keep trying to download it in the meantime. Just curious what area are you in? Because the update is released in waves. And idk if it's available in my area (NYC/Long Island is where I live) and they said that could also be the problem. But if that was the case wouldn't the "service unavailable" error show up? It doesn't make sense.

  • nelson

    Still no update here.. idk why.. but my TB has no problem anyways.. no reboot.. soo iguess idont need the update???

  • vval

    Will this update wipe out all my pictures and data off my SD card? It says that the update deleted everything

  • jaem

    Why are there so many idiots complaining about battery life? My bolt lasts me almost 12 hours with regular use. I got random reboots once in a long long while but nothing that was causing me to hate my phone. You have to be a complete moron to kill your phone in less than 8 hours with just regular usage.

    • Fabulas

      You sound like a fool...........A DAMN FOOL!

    • chris

      You have to be a complete moron to think just because your phone doesn't have problems that the 99% of other people are having problems are morons. Please walk away you are an idiot. Check out any forums you will see the long list of issues.

  • Bravo25

    Just downloaded OTA this morning at 630a
    no problems as of yet...waiting to see if the phone behaves...still love my TB...

  • JNelson

    I installed the update friday. Never had a reboot since i bought it. Nothing on MR1 either. After the update, ran fine for 4 days and now have 3 reboots in the last day. I think I am done with this phone. This is Bull.

  • Lacey

    My "leaked" Skype isn't working anymore thanks to this update... any ideas?

  • Dan


    You don't know how your phone works, you don't know how your PC works. Keep surfing the net, keep installing worthless software. Its novice tech users who should be locked out of their own devices. Deny them from installing and looking at crap and I guarantee your phone will work great. Like mine!

    anti-*ware and anti-virus are made exactly for people like you. The novice.

    • Chris

      I know how a phone works and what worthless software did I install? You are a fucking idiot I didn't install anything this update included so go play with your phone since you clearly have no idea what YOU are talking about. Smh