Ah, what a turn of events the HTC Desire has seen as of late. It went from not getting Gingerbread, to okay, we'll give it Gingerbread, to testing, and now, to will be released by the end of July.

2011-07-08 15h31_45

According to HTC's official Facebook page, the update should begin rolling out by the end of July - but we all know how these things work. I'm sure it's coming, but I wouldn't hold firm to any single date until you actually see the update on your device.

Of course, this also brings up one question: what has been sacrificed to allow Gingerbread to actually fit on the device?

[Facebook via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Barton

    omg, and what about desire z?? hd has it for a long time, now the old desire, and not a word about desire z...

    • http://www.gplus.to/moewhadiditellya Moe

      Yes. This, exactly.

      • phicube

        Yes +1! They said it was scheduled for the first half of june and now.....silence?

        Come on HTC, this isn't fair, you start acting like Samsung. And Samsung is getting fast with updates (galaxy s already has gingerbread)

        I'm waiting a bit more... but after that fuck off HTC

    • david

      still nothing! I'm getting angry!
      HTC: you forgot us??? just share some information with your desire Z users! or send the 2.3 update NOW!!!

  • Budorat

    and yet, me with my Desire HD that originated in the UAE still hasn't got the 2.3 update.... wtf are u doing HTC.

  • http://www.skippyweb.nl Skippy

    Hope they killed sense in most ways, i liked parts of it.
    Not that it was eating memory like a cookiemonster on the munchies.

  • Steve M

    Please give the G2 some love

  • Adam

    The G2 is the Desire Z right? I want that :(

    • Paul

      No, the G2 is the HTC Vision

      • Barton

        Both are HTC Vision. G2 is T-Mobile's version of Vision and Desire Z is HTC's version of Vision.

        • Mesmorino

          The Desire Z is basically the Desire HD with a physical keyboard, it really should have gotten the 2.3 update when the Desire HD did

  • tim

    This delay pushed me to root the phone and install oxygen rom which is 2.3.4 without sense. A great move. Installing alpha. Rev. Was the next step which freed a lot more space for apps. There are adequate market replacements for the sense stuff I liked the most (dialler and launcher).

  • tigger3

    Mesmorino.... the desire Z is a standard desire with a keyboard, a lesser screen and most of all a slower processor than desire and desire hd

  • Dave

    Any update on when?