In the ever expanding quest for root access on the EVO 3D and its T-Mo cousin, the Sensation 4G, another chapter has unfolded. XDA devs have achieved sticky-temp root on both handsets, which basically means that temp root will now survive reboot. This still isn't permanent root, though, as the SU binaries are not in the default path(s), but instead an alternate location which can lead to some root apps not functioning properly.

For the full skinny, including instructions, head over the this thread on XDA. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
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    This root actually doesn't survive a reboot. The root method using symlinks would eventually "wear out" this stores the binaries in /vendor/bin and they stick as long as the phone is running. It is still lost on reboot though.

    • Frank

      Nicely stated! Picard-lover!

  • Frank

    I don't think this article is exactly correct... I believe the sticky-perma-root obviates the time-domain problem of su, busybox being removed periodically - but does NOT resolve the reboot loss of root.

  • CrippleB

    It will NOT survive a reboot, but it will last until reboot. Previous scripts that used temp root Fre3vo would loose root after a while even without a restart. This method will not loose root till reboot. Just to clarify things.

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Will give it a try anyway.

  • Paul

    Thats not true eugene made it easy t sticks in the vendor/xbin they system doesnt go there it goes to the tmp file I lovehis discovery