Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

It's no secret that there's an update coming to the HTC Thunderbolt that should start tonight - but no one likes to wait, so - thanks to TeamAndIRC - we've got you covered with an exclusive download.

This update brings a number of fixes to the Thunderbolt, including the annoying reboot issue. Other notable fixes:

  • Improved data connectivity
  • Enhanced call history view
  • Improved Bluetooth discovery
  • People search enabled
  • Desktop cradle app
  • ...and more.




  1. Download the file below, and re-name it to (without quotes) "PG05IMG.zip"
  2. Place PG05IMG.zip on the root directory of your SD card
  3. Turn off your Thunderbolt
  4. Holding Volume Down and then Power simultaneously, wait until the phone boots into the bootloader - it should begin flashing the update immediately.
  5. Wait, up to several minutes, for your device to reboot.

It's worth noting that it is not recommended that rooted users flash this update, as it will break root. However, if you just can't live without it - our existing root method should still work.

Grab it, flash it, and enjoy.

MD5:  0e939335d3039a3723c095b33f8cc301

Cameron Summerson
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  • Frank

    This have a newer radio? Or same as MR2 / MR2.5?

    • Deltaechoe

      I believe its actually a newer build than the MR2.5 radio.

  • bri

    Update is live right now! 7:15 pm in NJ

  • TK

    Its live for me as well ... South Ohio here ...

    • http://urmom.com bobby

      Dude I'm from ironton

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii
  • Sadman

    I want someone to let me know if this update is better than the one provided on June 9th which is HTC Thunderbolt MR2 OTA Update (1.66.605.2) - Stock And Rooted Downloads
    Posted by Justin Case in Mods, News, Thunderbolt (Mecha), Verizon Wireless. Since I installed that update I have had no problems. How is this update going to change my phone compared to that one? Is it going to be for the better or is it just worth it to wait for Gingerbread to be released? After someone has tested this new version please let me know. Thanks

    • Josh

      I have the same question. I finally installed the 1.66 leak 2 days ago and I am happy with my phone again. Finally started playing my games etc instead of spending all my time reading forums trying to find a solution to the problems it was having.

      Also I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you install the update or not VZW will still charge you now for using mobile hotspot right? Surely it isn't just set to be unlimited by the OS alone

  • FX111

    I don't know where else to post this so I'm leaving it here.

    2 Days ago I went into a Verizon store to play with the tb (which is going to be my next phone) and when the sales person came up to me she did everything that she could to convince me not to get it?!? From saying that it is has the "worst battery life of any 4G phone" to "you would really be better off with something else".. Really? WTF is up with that? Why would a sales person go out of their way to talk me out of buying something that they sell? I don't understand, anyone?

    • Sadman

      First of all I'm not the smartest kid on the block but if you read the reviews on all the smart-phones that are being released with the larger screen they all have complaints about the battery life. I bought the extended battery offered by VZ for $20 and it was the best investment ever. There is a couple of apps you can get through the market to help increase the battery life also. I can pretty much use the phone solidly all day and still when I get home at the end of the day have 40% battery remaining. I installed the leaked version update which is 1.66.605.2 and have had no problems with reboots since then. It also installed pretty much the same things this new version install minus the clock in landscape mode and adding the Times to the browser. I really don't know why they would have done that. The reboot problem is the biggest headache that everyone seems to have had but the previous update and this one says it cures that. I love the phone itself and it's capabilities. I can just tell you to use the android sites to read reviews people have posted about all the phones available now and make your decision from there.

  • hawaiiman

    No the TB Is the best phone they got right now and with the fix its working good and the 4g is good too if you get any Droid phone it sucks the battery I have the extended battery and its good they also have a double extend battery of this phone :) but that's off

  • hawaiiman

    did you know the htc thunderbolt was supposed to have a dual core processor and hdmi output but they took it out because it wasn't responding with the 4 g network and they put in the snapdragon and that's when it got messed up I love my htc phones so I think it was well worth the wait still wish It had the dual core

    • NCX

      Thats absolutely NOT true. the ThunderBolt was supposed to be out last year and it was only going to be a 3G phone. It was going to be marketed as the Incredible HD, but along with the HTC Merge it was delayed. The delay eventually involved the replacement of the 3G antenna with a 4G LTE antenna since the phone passed through the FCC twice with two different radios each time. After many delays from February to late March, the phone finally launched on March 17, 2011. It was NOT ready for release still since it had data issues and horrible battery life. Which 4G LTE just sucked the life out of the battery when used. You litterally couldn't keep it charged while using 4G even with it connected to a charger at the same time, it sucked that much power out of it.

      The ThunderBolt's processor was the rumored Scorpion that was in development for 4 years, and is currently being marketed as the Second Generation Snapdragon. This processor has the capability of going up to 1.4ghz STOCK without overclocking. The Inspire 4G has the same processor just for GSM.

      It was NEVER going to get a dual core proecessor. That feature was exclusive to the EVO 3D/Sensation.

      HTC focuses on the international front first with its tech before it focuses on the US because of how stingy and demanding the carriers can be here. Verizon will get a dual core HTC phone, but it may not launch this year.

    • NCX

      also it has HDMI, just like the EVO 3D/Sensation/Incredible S/2 and Samsung Galaxy S phones, it uses microUSB to HDMI called "MHL"

  • Jeff

    i just installed this update exactly how the instructions above explained and everything worked fine except under Baseband Version my phone says, What gives???? Does anybody have an idea why mine is different than what is posted above ????

  • http://facebook.com/solacelost Solace Lost

    why is the leaked download over 400 mb and the OTA 34 mb??

  • Mechabolt


    Someone at Verizon goofed on putting the correct information on the documentation. The radio information you posted is correct and is the same whether you update via the OTA update or the full RUU.

    • NCX

      I take it some of those features also are incorrect too since they don't show up in this OTA? like the desktop app and the tabbed app menu (found in Sense 2.1) ?

      This update was just to disable free hotspot but is marketed to everyone that it fixes the reboot issues. Who knows when we'll receive Gingerbread now... unless this update was prepping the phone for that much larger update.

      Considering it also needed the new radio to be able to even use GB.

      sucks though, i hope we don't have to wait long to get official Gingerbread rather than that leaked test build which everyone tries to improve on.

  • Mechabolt

    @Solace Lost

    The leaked download is a full RUU (ROM Update Utility). It contains a full version of the phone operating system (including updates), whereas the OTA is just a package of updates only that is applied to the phone's existing operating system. Thus the difference in sizes. The RUU will wipe all data from your phone as it completely replaces the software, but the OTA does not as it just updates needed files.

  • Jeff

    sweet thats nice to know. Thanks Mechabolt

  • jrod

    Everything will still be the same the update just fixes the reboot issue and blocks the free mobile hotspot. If you still want your free mobile hotspot don't update. That's if your willing to put up with the random reboot. I know I messed up and threw away money on this phone but I rather keep my mobile hotspot and save myself 30 bucks. I use my hotspot for my >Xoom. I will wait out for the gingerbread update then I can root it to get the hotspot feature. Just wait it out a little longer for gingerbread then u can root it after.

  • oscar

    That file is not working

    • Sadman

      Which file is not working? The full RUU? Make sure you re-label it as stated. Do not add.zip or it will have two of them and it won't work. Make sure when you rename the file after the 05 you put a capital i not a one and the phone will load it just fine.

      • 520Rincon

        Didn't work for me either.

  • Zach

    No issues with the update...so far. Now I wish they would just allow me to delete Blockbuster, City ID, Footprints, Latitude and Let's Golf 2

  • tim

    Why is the baseband different than what verizons site says it should be., vs,

  • bigrob

    I was wondering the same thing myself about the baseband.

  • Dino Darling

    My phone just went through the update and I lost my Mobile Hotspot. I am NOT happy. Unfortunately I didn't even know about this thread until afterwards!

    I will be looking to tether again. No way I'm spending $300.00/month ransom to use my phone!!!

  • misca

    hi i love all of you

  • Andrew Collette

    Anybody got a working link?