Well look at what we found. It seems the Dinc2's Gingerbread update is on the way, and should be arriving soon - very soon. This update differs from previous leaks (though it is still Android 2.3.3), here's Verizon's breakdown of the new features:


We're not sure when this update's coming, but when Verizon tosses up these support pages, it's usually a good sign that an OTA update has been given the green light. Let's hope it doesn't take them too long. Please note, when this update does come around, it will remove root access from your phone if you're rooted - and there's no way to get it back at the moment.

We've also got some exclusive images of the OTA in action:




David Ruddock
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  • adam

    hope this fixes the signal strength.. but no mention of it. :(

  • shawn

    so... where's the incredible 1 gingerbread update?

    • TBolt

      +1 I hope the DInc update hasn't been canceled.

  • sgtguthrie

    Thunderbolt??? Can we get some gb love?

  • jason

    Why on earth is it looking like the incredible update is coming before bolt?

    • Sean

      Does the thunderbolt have the extra RAM like the i2. I know htc was having problems with putting gb on phones with only 512mb because of sense.

      • sgtguthrie

        768, mostly same specs just with LTE.

        • Sean

          The 4g or the battery life must be the holdup.
          Bonnie Cha did a great write-up over at CNET about how the OTAs work. One of the most informative articles I have seen in a while and the candid responses from the carriers and manufacturers without the "PR speak."

  • Asphyx

    Wouldn't take a posting of an OTA going out on VZW's site as gospel.

    Just ask all the D2G users who have been waiting now two weeks since the announcement of an OTA to GB for the D2G.

  • Mike

    Will this give me free mobile hot spot???

    • Frenchiefryy.

      doubtful. that's just wishful thinking...