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Ultra-popular iOS game Fieldrunners HD is finally making its way to Android as of tomorrow. The best part? It will be free in the Amazon Appstore for the first 24 hours - after that, the price will jump to $2.99. If you don't have access to the Amazon Appstore, fret not, as it will also be in the Android Market for the discounted price of $0.99 for the first 24 hours (it can't be free in the Android Market because once an app is listed as free, it remains such for the rest of its lifecycle).

Update 7/7/11: Like clockwork, both the Amazon link (free for today) and the Android Market link ($0.99 for today - use the widget towards the bottom of the page) are now up!

Fieldrunners HD is a new take on tower defense, offering rich environments and seemingly much faster gameplay, with a gaggle of awesome weapons and equally destructive enemies. Everything from air strikes to ground attacks, this game covers all the bases. Have a look at these screenshots from the iOS version:

screenshot-1 screenshot-3 screenshot-7

For more info, included a video of actual gameplay, head over the the official Fieldrunners website.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Joris

    I hate the amazon appstore...
    Why the hell is it only available in US?!
    What company doesn't want to evolve globaly?

    • pCulv

      Umm becuz...UK stands for U sucK...The K is silent!!!

      • Joris

        What has that to do with what I said?

      • Jon Garrett


        lol, don't torture the poor guy.

    • Vince

      Nobody gives a shit about lame ass UK.

  • http://myinternetcorner.com Steven

    Would this be playable on tablet also?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Since most games upscale properly, then I would assume so. However, we'll have to see when it's released tomorrow.

      • Oro

        it doesnt.. says incompatible with Asus Transformer

  • bobomb

    Oh look Amazon App Store.

    Um, no.

  • mnguyea

    Really....how many more tower defense games does the market need? Plus, it is on the Amazon App store so it really ensures that I won't be getting it either way.

    • Adam

      We need a lot more GOOD tower defense games. There's really nothing but garbage and silly simple things right now. I can't name a single quality TD game for the Android right now; some looks nice and some run smoothly, but none really have much depth.

      • David C

        Try Myth Defense LF. It is incredible, not only can you earn gold to upgrade towers but it has achievements that actually adjust the % of bonus gold you get. There is also a rune system. You win fragments of runes which you can combine to other runes (you can also separate the runes into their fragments again). These runes can be put into towers to adjust different attributes of the tower.

  • RaptorOO7

    I will be buying it from the Android Marketplace for $.99. I am tired of trying to balance my free apps from Amazon with my other free/paid apps from the Android Marketplace. For me its juts better to pay and move on.

  • ben dover

    For those who say android doesn't need another tower defense game, go check out the awards fieldrunners has won. This is more like the ONLY tower defense game you need :-)

    This was the last ios game that I was waiting for on android!


  • http://www.episode-alert.com/ Staba

    What a disappointment, the game does not work on my tablet :(

  • Umang

    @Joris: there is workaround for amazon appstore so that u can download free apps from anywhere in the world. Search it on google.. I am using appstore here in India

  • Alvin

    Game looks really good indeed but isn't this EXACTLY the same as Robo Defence?
    It'll load on a Transformer but text are all messed up. Currently running on my S2

  • Dustin

    Works well with my Dell Streak 7 tablet! Thanks Amazon!

  • shalafi

    waiting for a port of the Gemcraft series for Android ..

  • erik gaudin

    They call this application "HD".... not compatible with my tablet . Android 3.1, Asus TF101

  • Joe

    Available on the IPad - but it is $7.99 (Ouch!). I have it on my Thunderbolt and I give it a 6 out of 10 - Definitely worth a try.

  • Vince