All of Motorola's recent devices (save for the XOOM) have featured bootloaders that are locked down like Fort Knox, and despite publicly stating that they would be reversing that policy,  the company has yet to take any action. Although they stated they wouldn't begin making bootloaders unlockable until late 2011, many people held out hope for the newly-released Droid 3. An apparently lost hope, unfortunately, as a Motorola Support forum admin has confirmed that the hot new Droid is as locked as its brethren.

Motorola painted a big bull's eye on itself when it started locking bootloaders, and now the company is certainly taking its time remedying the situation. Hopefully they get to it sooner rather than later - and in the meantime, hopefully the hacking community can work something up.

[Source: Motorola Support Forums]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • jamezelle

    to hell with moto

  • Chris

    I really want this phone but if it can't be unlocked, I don't want to gamble that someone else will be able to unlock it for me.

  • mgamerz

    Kennethpenn of BriefMobile has a source saying atrix at&t 2.3 will not be unlockable with fastboot (still can with the hack)... sigh...

  • Sean

    Hell no moto!!!

  • sgtguthrie

    Ya, they lost me as a customer when it was time to upgrade my d1. HTC has seen the light though, THANKFULLY!!!! In reversing their recent bootloader policy, they have pretty much secured my business. Unless a Samsung nexus device makes it's way to VZW that is :-) I would likely jump ship for NEXUS...

  • DonnyDon


    Just for that im gonna pass on the droid bionic also.....and keep my Droid Incredible 2 untill the new iphone 5 is released!!!!

    • sgtguthrie

      iPhone 5? Really??? Apple isn't innovating anymore, they're playing catch up!!!

    • Marc

      You do know ios is a locked bootloader too, right?

    • chris

      The sensation and evolution 3d bootloaders are still locked. Just saying.

  • John

    Was looking forward to the Bionic but I'll just wait for a Dual Core 4G from HTC on Verizon.... It probably won't be as long a wait either

  • Asphyx

    The question to ask isn't if the bootloader is locked now but if you can unlock it ala the Atrix.

    I don't expect Moto to start shipping unlocked bootloaders from the factory but I would expect them to ship locked bootloaders that can be unlocked by the user at some point.

    Atrix requires flashing an SBF or using ADB to unlock. Thats all we really want them to include I don't care if they actually ship it unlocked for me.

  • darus77

    Well... In my view, it's official. "Nothing to see here. Move along..."

  • Elvis

    GS2 here I come!

  • RaptorOO7

    I guess the Bionic will fall victim to the same fate. That's Motorola, failure to follow through on a simple task earns you a ticket to dumpersville.

    Got the D3 arriving tomorrow, but I fully expected it to end this way. Perhaps they will hold true and push out OTA unlocked updates. Using the carriers as your scapegoats won't fly anymore.

    HTC and Samsung are both making their stuff unlocked and easily rootable.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Regardless, EVO 3D rules android just as it is straight out the box. It pimp slaps the Atrix 4g, Rips off the Lg G2x, Optimus 3d, as well as anyother dualcore device. Now if we ROOT IT......It will be KING.................

    • chris

      Of course it will dick. Keep telling yourself that lmao.

  • Marcos

    Went through the locked boot loader and subjected to Moto Blur and Verizon's bloat ware. I refuse to buy another phone with locked boot loader and then pray that there's enough interest in my device for some hacker to figure out work-arounds and keep ports coming.