We just got word that the Android 3.1 update is rolling out in the US for the Acer Iconia Tab A500. The update brings all kinds of Honeycomb goodies, like resizable widgets, performance enhancements, improved multitasking, USB host support, and more.

Other details are limited at the moment, so make sure to hit us up on the tip line or drop a note in the comments if you find other new features!

Thanks, Sergei!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • joey

    UK support soon I hope!

    • DrB

      Ruined wireless access here on Australian model of A500. After installing the 3.1 update wireless networks were detected as normal, but the unit can't connect to any network. The signal strength indicator falls to near zero as soon as the unit tries to make a connection. Has turned the A500 into a 'brick' at the moment. Absolutely disgusted at the moment! :-(

      • Wilba

        What a croc of an update I have the same problem, when optaining an IP address over wireless it just goes into loop and fails to connect. What's the fix ?

        • koda

          same problem here eveything worked perfect . but after update i lost wifi connection ?????? how to fixe ??

        • Yensid

          i got it to work for a while by doing a factory reset. I did a total of 3 resets and got it to work. I have rebooted my tab many times and still have wifi. Hope a better fix comes out soon.

        • omega

          I got it to connect by typing a fixed ip. Seems it cant get an ip from the dhcp server.

      • AngryNerd

        Same issue here. US- A500 Wireless loops.... "obtaining an IP......"

      • drjp

        Yep. Same in London, my A500 is also a doorstop at the moment. Detects IP address then can't connect. Been very happy with it so far - but they had better sort this out soon. Apple will be howling with laughter (though still couldn't force myself to get as iPad).

  • Dave W.

    Yep, just installed 3.1 on my Acer Ionia A500. Very sweet!!

    • Brian

      Hi Dave, I let my Iconia do the automatic download, but after it finished downloading the progress bar vanished and nothing happened. I repeated the process and the same happened again. How do you actually install it after the download completes?
      Thank, Brian.

      • Brian

        Ignore my last post, third time lucky :-) The dialog box popped up letting me click to install. It's almost finished installing now, just rebooting itself....looking forward to testing it out soon.

  • Jim T.

    Thanks for the tip, downloading now

  • froyo

    these things are at costco, I go there so often but see no takers. same as xoom

  • ttgrules

    Yay! It has lock screen rotation lock! Used to flip the lock screen regardless of weather or not the rotation lock was on...

  • Armando

    just installed and works flawlessly! even a better performance, this is a great tablet

  • skabby

    I am in Australia. Got mine this morning. loving it. couldn't figure out the widget re-size though.

    • DrB

      I'm in Oz too. The 3.1 Android update stuffed up wireless access. Better test yours out. 3.01 worked perfectly. See how fast your GPS can find your location.

  • john

    My unit won't update for some reason. Says I hav the latest version.

  • Leslie Ellis

    Rec'd the notice, plugged in, hit Install and immediately got a popup saying Invalid update. Anybody else?

    • Leslie Ellis

      Amended: Download, not Install.
      It never downloaded. My concern is whether the download will be sent to my tablet again. ??? Thanks to anyone who can answer this or steer me in the right dieprection. Acer and Android websites not helpful in this regard, at least not yet.

    • DrB

      Received "System Update Available" message. Hit install. Installed without problem, then found that wireless wouldn't work. This has happened to others as well. Any fixes for this out there? MAybe this is why they included the USB ports (knew that we'd need to somehow get software 'fixes' onto the machines if they managed to 'stuff up' the wireless systems). Nice forethought :-), but shouldn't have been necessary.

      Quick fix is reuired for Acer Iconia A500 as these units are hardly useful without wireless access.

  • john

    So should I be connected to my desktop computer to get tbe update? Normally I am notified of other types of updates when I am connected via WiFi.

    • skabby

      No you don't need to connect to the desktop. You should get the update just like before on wifi. My update failed the first time like others here but worked the second time so keep your fingers crossed and make sure the device is plugged in during installation.

  • http://www.couldushoulduwouldu.com Matt

    I got the update about 5 hours ago. It does have a lot of new features, still working through it. It does not appear to fix the ad hoc network connection issue that keeps it from connecting to some phones available wifi hot spot. Don't want to have to root it just for this reason......

  • skabby

    The update did not fix the problem of tablet waking up from time to time in standby mode. I read somewhere it is related to the WiFi. Any experience with that?

    • Fredrik

      I've heard of several having that problen after locking the orientation lock.

  • DrB

    Ruined wireless access here on Australian model of A500. After installing the 3.1 update wireless networks were detected as normal, but the unit can't connect to any network. The signal strength indicator falls to near zero as soon as the unit tries to make a connection. Has turned the A500 into a 'brick' at the moment. Absolutely disgusted! Feels like a beta version. The least I expected from the new version was that things would stay the same. There's no easier way to scroll through lengthy screens full of apps (by using quick-jump A - Z keys, or scrollable tabs. Would be nice to have a quick way of having 2 apps open on the screen at once. I keep having to open one app, try to remember what is written in one PDF or scanned file, them jump to another app to jot down notes, etc, etc). Very cumbersome! Little things like the Americanisations, such as grouping the first 3 digits in a phone number, show little consideration for other users overseas. We don't group mobile numbers like that 'Down Under'! I hope the GPS finally becomes useable as it takes 20-30 minutes to get a lock here while driving. By that time you;ve already got to your destination, or are hopelessly lost! Oh well... guess we wait till 3.2! :-(

  • Geoff

    I have the same symptoms DrB is describing: post-update, the wireless won't connect to routers that it would connect to before the update. Signal strength indicator falls to near zero as soon as it tries to connect, and it then goes into a cycle of trying and failing to connect.

    The problem exists with two different routers. Other machines can connect to the same routers. I've tried rebooting both router and tablet. I've tried turning all security off on the router. None of these attempts made any noticeable difference.

    I'm running an Acer Iconia A500, Android v3.1, Kernel, build Acer_A500_4.010.24_COM_GEN1

    If anyone has a fix or a workaround, or can explain how to roll back to previous version of Honeycomb, I'd be very grateful


    • Dutchnode

      All, can this have something to do with a post that I read earlier somewhere , that when a router is submitting on channels 12-13, the Iconia TAB A500 does not pick up the wireless network? I was looking forward to the 3.1 update, but reading those stories, I start to doubt. Currently running 3.01 with also having problems now connecting to the FREE WIFI in a nearby pub due to the channel issue. @Home, all is still normal and NOT looking forward to create connectivity problems :-(

      • Geoff

        The two routers I'm failing to connect to are on channels 1 and 6

    • Pete

      Also have the same issue. Tablet was on wi-fi last night after the update and connected fine at work. Later in the morning, it dropped off the network and will not reconnect. I've got multiple networks I can connect to and see the same "signal strength dropping to zero" when I try to connect and see it come right back up to full once I decide to try another network.

      I found this link which might be helpful for some (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1138905) but won't help me as I hadn't yet downloaded Astro (or another file viewer) and now, without a network, I can't.

      • Pete

        Talked to support. Sounds like they know there's an issue.

        The only fix right now is a hard reset (unless you've got your tablet rooted and can delete that lease file mentioned in my previous link).

        They said to "keep my eyes open for another update" that might not be today or tomorrow but soon.

        • DrB

          Thanks for letting us know about a possible fix on the horizon.

          This actually brings up another issue. I have not been able to root the Australian release of the A500 (Build No. Acer_A500_4.010.24_COM_GEN1). Any ideas?

  • http://www.im4uproductions.com Ioannis

    Be aware of the update! My wife's Iconia tablet turned into an unresponsive brick after the update. The screen is locked and unresponsive and the tablet will no longer charge. After overnight on the charger it still shows only a 15% charge. The clock runs and I can go through the boot sequence but that's about it. A 'reset' and reboot have not helped. Off to the ACER tech support now...

    • john

      how did you fix? same thing happened to me, 15% battery and everything!

      • john

        i just got off the phone with acer. you need to press the reset button with the volume button depressed (the side next to screen lock) and then when it vibrates you toggle the screen lock button for 3 seconds. it should say in the corner - erasing user data... erasing cache... then you wait 40 minutes. i will post again if it works.

        • john

          its been stuck on this screen now for an hour. back to drawing board.

    • stevie

      Hi mate, i have exactly the same problem, 15% charge (even though its been on charge for hours), Frozen screen. Did you manage to resolve this problem.

      • john

        no. i got a new iconia from the seller as it was still under the return period.

  • Sue

    After updating to 3.1 in Australia my Kobo app no longer opens. Also note that extra goodies, eg the app fo renting movies not available in Australia.

  • Olivier

    Always no update for french user ...

  • Geoff

    Have just found a workaround for the wireless issue. It seems that the problem is with its ability to cope with DHCP, so if you change your wifi network to a static ip address all works fine.

    Settings->Wireless & Networks; press and hold on the name of your Wi-Fi network then select 'modify network'. Change IP settings from DHCP to Static, then fill out all the fields below the IP address line (just copy the default entries in there) then hit save.

    Hope this helps

    • Pete

      That's a good workaround if you're on your home network (or another network you're very familiar with) so this may help out many people. Unfortunately, not so great if you're changing networks frequently or need to connect to a network where you aren't familiar with the IP range.

    • AngryNerd

      Where do you see the option to change from DHCP to static??? I do not have that option if I follow your steps nor any other fields.

      • AngryNerd

        nevermind - I see... hidden/scroll down.

    • http://blog2riches.com Klan Klareaux

      that wouldn't be convenient if i'm accessing a public wifi where i don't know the network details like GW and DNS.

  • http://www.spotteddogtech.com Jeff

    Took the update, the nook daemon started complaining on restart. Also seemed pretty slow...
    Did a factory reset and things seem better. Lost my facebook app(!?!, perhaps that's for the better) and the market says the app is not for my device (perhaps it knows that the app force closes alot on Honeycomb)

  • mike

    After 3.1 update on A500 it several reboot before the screen responded again. Now all typing is painfully slow, device is slow in responding to everything including rotation. It now takes 4-5 seconds to rotate compared to the 1-2 seconds before update. Also lost sync to exchange contacts. Native mail support was fine before. WTF!!!! Maybe I should've gone for the I pad after all....

  • trevor

    Got 3.1 no issues to spesk of feel bad that other users have had issues hoping they do send 3.2 out before years end

    • DrB

      So does this mean that your wireless works after the upgrade? Have you tested it? What platform are you running on (Acer Iconia A500?)

  • Dan

    What about the A501 - anyone know when that gets updated?

  • beau

    downloaded but after that I had to install. it told me "invalid update" and when that was it. it hasn't prompted me again and when I go into my menu it still says I'm on a 3.0.1. and it says I'm up to date. anyone know what's up with that?

  • criss

    Update just popped up for me but on reset it came up with an Android guy and a ! Around a Triangle. What should I do?

  • Yensid

    After the 3.1 update, my tab stopped working with wifi. I did a factory reset wich fixed the problem for one night. Then I rebotted my tablet and that killed wifi again. It is good to know that a factory reset will wifi so you can update it again when fix comes out. Still mad.

  • Yensid

    I got my tab to work again. I have done a total of 3 factory resets and the last time seems to hold. Ihave restarted my tab 5 times and still have wifi. I am running 3.1 and am up to date right now. I still hope a better update comes out. My typing is slowed with this update.

  • criss

    Well I think cause I rooted my phone I can't update. Guess ill wait until the next update comes out. I don't see anything useful in this one anyways.

  • jttb

    My update worked fine and the tablet is much more responsive and no Wi-Fi problems.

    I did a factory reset before the update though.

    Maybe that helped?

  • Mike

    I updated mine (A500) 2 days ago. The tablet is more responsive. The wifi works fine. I have found 2 problems: my GPS is slower than before and I have a hard time connecting to the app store. I can surf the net just fine, only the app store that I have problem with. All in all the update is great. The netflix still does not work. Can any get it to work?

  • Mann, Indonesia

    Thx Geoff for your info.
    After upgrading to 3.1, mine always stuck in 'Obtaining IP address' when trying to connect to Wifi.

    But after setting IP to static, my Wifi works fine again.

    Thx Geoff

  • Eric

    I do not know if this will help anyone else, but I was having the wifi issue at home after the upgrade. I ended up doing this:
    1) I reset my wifi router (basically I unplugged it and waited for 1 minute then plugged it back in)
    2) On my desktop, I went in to the network settings and disconnected it from the network, waited for 1 minute, and then reconnected it.
    3) on my tablet, I went in to settings, then Wireless & networks. Under Wifi settings I tapped and held my home network and selected FORGET.
    4) Then I went back and turned off the wifi
    5) While the tablet is still on, I reset the it using the reset button. I used a small paper clip (reset is next to the USB port)
    When everything reloaded, I reactivated the wifi, and was able to reconnected to my home network with no issues.
    At this point I have not tried to connect to any hotspots since the upgrade, so I do not know if it will work with them. I will wait until they upload a software patch for the WiFi as I really do not want to do a factory reset and have to reconfigure my tablet all over again, as right now it is just how I want it!

  • pat

    I wish I had been so fortunate as to have wifi be the only problem. My husband hit the update and then came out asking me to recharge it because he couldn't get into anything right after he told it to update. So, I plugged it in to recharge because it would open up and I'd get the little circle on the opening page...the wifi was at 'o' level at first, but then went up to full five bars. The batterly level was at about 15% though so I plugged it in and put it in it's protective carrier and let it charge for a day. When we tried again the same thing happened as before and the battery said it was still at only 15%. I figured it was my fault that I hadn't plugged it in properly, so I tried again...no joy. What happens is that the little circle will not expand like it did before, it just vanishes and there is nothing on the screen but the wallpaper. There are no icons to navigate...just nothing at all that I can do, period. The wifi takes a second, but it reaches full capacity, but even after my second attempt at charging, the battery stays in the red warning mode and shows only 15% charge. I'm going to try reaching tech support with acer tomorrow, but not sure what they are going to be able to do but have me return it at this point since I couldn't do a factory reset if my life depended on it right now.

    • Kathy

      Same problem here with the 15% power and still seeing the wallpaper but totally unresponsive. Reset....rebooted several times....completely useless...still under the warranty but so disappointed!

  • alvin

    you can do a factory reset from the privacy tab but you will lose all downloaded apps and your data. Once you do this you should connect again but ensure automatic updates are disallowed till they fix this stupid bug.

  • Brice

    Update 3.1 Done but no more Wifi dhcp. I'm in france. It's a really bad joke from acer. What a shame.

  • gadgetgirl

    I don't recall getting 'System Update' message recently...my current version is 3.0.1 and when click 'System update' get message that 'device is up to date'. However, like many of posters that have updated to 3.1 I noticed that last week I'm no longer able to connect via Wi-Fi if I'm not right on top of my router...when before had no issues...now it's spotty and looses connection if upstairs.

  • Tommy

    I have yet t receive any notification whatsoever about the 3.1 update. Is there any other way I can just dowload it manually? I don't get why they have to do this roll out thing and not just upload it to a server somewhere....

  • john

    I checked this afternoon and was offered update I don't know if this corresponds to ver. 3.1, but seeing that many of you are having problems, I did not take the update.

    • laine

      I have the exact problem and I can't find anything on the internet about it

  • Brian B

    I tried to install the update it loaded then said unzipping, then option to install.
    I selected install and moments later popped up Invalid install and it aborted the whole thing.
    I am trying again now.

  • Brian B

    well I ran the install a second time and all went well. 3.1 Yeah.
    All works even WIFI.

    Android 3.1
    Kernel Version
    Build Number: Acer_A500_4.010.11_com_GEN2

  • Christian

    i ran the install only about 7 times!!!! each time it would either freeze at one point or finish downloading but then fail to unzipp!!!! what should i do?! im thinking of returning this

  • kevin

    I notice since the update to 3.1, that starting by examp. The browser from the home screen seems terrible slow when the tablet is rotated in any other positin then when de volume buttons ate on the top-side. So when the tablet is facing volume buttons down and then starting the browser it is terrible slow... rotating it back to the previous position solbes the lag in starting the app. This is the same withnthe mail app or any other app you try to start. Even the vertical position has the same problem.... anyone with the same issue?

  • TimG

    Constantly being told that is available - IS THAT 3.1 ? Cannot find any release notes. Have tried downloading several times but no 'Install' button !! Probably a good thing given the comments above. WHERE ARE ALL THE PROPELLER HEADS WHEN YOU NEED THEM ?
    Good luck to those in trouble with this.

  • Daren

    Can someone tell me that why My Acer A500 always turn off my facebook automatically when i am surfing it ?
    Please ~ Many thanks

  • damian

    Chris, i had the same problem and almost gave up. Later i found that the problem was due to the wifi too slow. You need at least a connection speed of 1056 kbps during update. Check and see. It would work.

  • muzamil

    i lost my all backup during upgrading and my acer tab stuck ob acer boot screen plz help me plz plz

  • muzamil

    i lost my all backup during upgrading in ics but after install ics firmware my acer a500 tab stuck on boot screen