Exactly one week ago we told you that Words With Friends dropped Honeycomb support. At the time, there was little explanation as to what happened (even Zynga support staff was completely clueless), but things are starting to make a bit more sense now (albeit not much).

Zynga pushed an update to Words With Friends today that brought something new to the table: full Honeycomb support. I'm still not entirely sure why they decided to drop Honeycomb support for one week - but it doesn't really matter now, as WWF is now fully playable on your Android-powered tablet.


Ignore those two losses on the side - I forgot I was playing and lost by default. I swear!

At the time of writing this, the Web Market hasn't been updated, but you should be able to pull the update directly from your device.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Keith

    That sounds great but have they fixed all the crashing bugs? This had to be one of the buggiest apps I have ever used several months ago, and on the phone not tablet!

    • Yvette

      OMG it sucks really bad. It never updates correctly and trying to get past the ads is impossible...it often locks up my Xoom. It was not ready for Prime Time....

  • Steve

    Great news, but how about a paid version with no freaking ads. drives me bonkers.

  • Chris

    Wish they would fix how it force closes all the time and the poor notifications. This app is soo buggy.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's a feature!

  • Codexx

    I tried this app and the first thing it did was get my e-mail address. I'd never have played it if I knew Zynga made it. Their games are a marketing scam and I refuse to play into it.

    Wordfeud is a far better alternative. You can't say you worry about Facebook's privacy flaws and then trust Zynga not to send your e-mail to everyone paying them for it.

  • bobomb

    I will not play this until they fix the horribly intrusive ads. I will pay a reasonable price if needed.

  • wackadroid

    I actually think the HC version is great except it doesn't push notifications when people move like the ios version. I'm sure it will be fixed in a year or so....

  • Ted Lovejoy

    And BTW what happened to DroidWords? Are they dead?

  • jefft

    It's crap, mateys.

    Version 3.59 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. There are plenty of bugs, it doesn't update well, notifications seem to be random and not related to events in your games. The chat feature itself is very buggy.

    That said the layout is quite nice. Once UI bugs are worked out, the honeycomb version will be GT.

  • http://gmail.com melissa

    I just got a Acer Iconia 7inch. Sooo in love with it, however can't get Words with Friends on it. When will Honeycomb fans be able to be online Wording. Soo addictive.


  • cara

    I have an Acer and the Facebook portion of the app isn't there....will there be a fix soon?

  • http://wordswithfriends anecia wall

    The upgrade logo will not let me play the game.

  • Tek-Head

    There is also no Facebook integration with the tablet version / I have that on my Bionic, but no option on my Xoom - what gives???

  • Trillion930

    It doesn't seem to have a way to connect with facebook! What's the point if I can't play with anyone online?!

  • Eagle1

    I have a Vizio with honeycomb and cannot play words with friends on it.  The scrabble board occupies 3/4 of the screen it was intended to fill.   When I move a tile, it does not go where I want it to go.  I have to click on recall to get the tile back.   I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and it did not help.  Any suggestions?  I am currently playing words with friends on my android phone and it works fine.  There might be some incompatibility issues.  Not sure if this is a Zynga software or Vizio Honeycomb OS problem.  I just want it fixed.  

    • Korrin12

      Having the same problem here!! Tried contacting Zynga and Google play market with no response from either. Game is unplayable!!

  • dinah

    I have a nook tablet, purchased wwf app this august. Today, 11-07-12 it updated. Now it is unusable! Cannot see letters due to reduced size and letters wiil not go on board!