Last Updated: February 8th, 2012

To say the HTC EVO 3D has a lot to live up to would be a colossal understatement. Its predecessor, the EVO 4G, ushered in a whole new smartphone era - one replete with 4.3-inch, 4G-capable Android behemoths.

And at least on paper, the new EVO is a marked improvement over the original, packing a significantly crisper display, a processor with twice the cores, and of course the much-ballyhooed stereoscopic 3D capabilities. But early reviews have been anything but glowing, and the kickstand - one of the EVO 4G's most unique features - is nowhere to be found on this new version of the handset. So is it worth a look? A purchase? Read on for a quick list of pros/cons, followed by our full, 2000-word review.

At a Glance

As with its antecedent, the EVO 3D's specs are state of the art:

  • 4.3-inch qHD (960x540) SLCD display with stereoscopic 3D capabilities
  • CDMA/WiMAX radio
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB of ROM (though much of this is taken up by the OS)
  • 8GB included SD card
  • 1730mAh battery
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • Dual 5MP rear cameras
  • Android 2.3 with HTC's Sense UI
  • MHL port
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2.6 x 0.47
  • Weight: 6 ounces

The Good

  • The ginormous silver camera button - if the kickstand was the original EVO's ace in the hole, this is without a doubt the EVO 3D's. It's super easy to press, has two stages (meaning you can press it down lightly to focus before pressing it harder to take the shot), and is generally a super handy feature.
  • The screen is simply excellent - in 2D mode, that is. Sure, the Super AMOLED Plus display technology seen on the Galaxy S II is far superior, but the EVO 3D's qHD SLCD display can't be beat for clarity, and it's hardly lacking for color fidelity or brightness.
  • The 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8660 CPU is as future proof as it gets right now, and general performance on the device is screaming fast.
  • Quite a few of the pre-installed crapware apps can be removed. Not all, to be clear, but it's certainly a start.
  • The MHL port combines the microUSB and HDMI jacks into one easily accessible port. Note, however, that while it's not hard to hook a traditional USB-to-microUSB cable into the port, you will need a special adapter to connect the EVO 3D to your HD TV or other HDMI appliances.
  • It's possible to use the phone without ever viewing a single 3D image or video.

The Bad

  • 3D is nauseating unless you view it from a very particular angle.
  • Sense 3.0 - the latest version of HTC's custom UI is the very definition a love-it-or-hate-it thing, but regardless of your views on manufacturer overlays, it's hard to deny that if the Taiwanese manufacturer had to be so excessive in its Android skinning practices, it should have at least provided a "turn it off" option. 
  • The speakerphone is next to useless due to its inability to produce adequately loud sounds.
  • Battery life is downright awful.
  • Questionable ergonomics - both the camera button and the glass protecting the rear shooters jut into your palm when you hold the phone in portrait mode.
  • Equally questionable aesthetical choices - the rear cover, for instance, is certainly unique - but not in a good way. The camera button looks out of place, and I'm puzzled over why HTC got rid of the original EVO's alluring red interior. And let's be honest: this phone is T-H-I-C-K.
  • Locked bootloader (though HTC has promised to unlock it in the future).

In a sentence: Repulsive 3D effects aside, the EVO 3D is a praise-worthy Android device that I would recommend in a heartbeat.

You should buy it if: You want the latest and greatest in the smartphone realm and don't care if it comes with an insanely useless gimmick.


Design and Build Quality


The EVO 3D's GSM cousin, the Sensation 4G, sports one of the sexiest and most comfortable-to-hold designs ever to grace a smartphone. Covered in premium materials like aluminum from head to toe, it is arguably the first Android phone that comes close to matching the iPhone 4's build quality.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of the EVO 3D. Its build quality isn't a complete train wreck, but it can't hold a candle to the Sensation 4G or even the ThunderBolt. The glass covering the two rear cameras extends much too far out - so far out, in fact, that holding the handset is made uncomfortable. Similarly, the camera button cuts into your hand and occasionally catches on to your skin. Finally, the plastic construction still can't touch the premium hand-feel of aluminum.

But it's not all bad - although I thought I'd be bothered by the handset's comparatively formidable weight (it weighs about 6 ounces), I actually found myself enjoying the substantial feeling that resulted from the extra junk in the trunk. And unlike some other 4.3" devices (*cough* DROID X *cough*), the four standard Android buttons - home, menu, back, and search - were easy to access while the phone was in portrait mode.


The battery cover consists of two varieties of plastic: a diagonally striped piece that makes funny noises when a fingernail is dragged across it, and a small matte part at the top (it feels a lot like the top section of the Motorola XOOM's backside).


The device's sides are made of the same matte material and are punctuated by a smorgasbord of buttons and ports: the power button and the 3.5mm headset jack on top; the volume rocker, the camera button, and the 2D/3D camera switch on the right side; and the MHL port on the left.

On the front, you'll find the four aforementioned Android buttons as well as a pair of logos (one for HTC and one for Sprint), the front-facing camera, and the plastic speaker grille. Sandwiched in between is, of course, the star of the show: the 4.3" SLCD display.

Display and 3D Playback


And what a star it is! Though it can't best Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus displays for brightness or color, it is big and incredibly crisp (and hey, it's one of the few non-PenTile qHD displays on the market).

And, Super AMOLED comparisons aside, I highly doubt you'll be lamenting the brightness levels or the color fidelity of the EVO 3D's display. When the brightness slider was cranked all the way up, the phone had no trouble illuminating a pitch-dark room, and text on the display was readable even in direct sunlight. As for viewing angles, I found that colors here (which are very realistic when viewed head-on, by the way) look good even from oblique positions - though not quite as good as, say, the iPhone 4's screen.

Ah yes, and then there's the three-dimensional elephant in the room. As its name implies, the EVO 3D is capable of displaying 3D video and images. The good news? You don't need glasses... though I suppose that's to be expected since this is, after all, 2011. The bad? Unless you look at the 3D content from a very specific angle, you'll be confronted with a headache-inducingly blurry picture with very little to offer in the way of actual 3D. To be fair, when you do find the right angle, there is a visible and even somewhat enjoyable three-dimensional effect - but frankly, it's not worth the time you'll likely spend looking for said angle. I don't see this as a major issue, though, as you're never forced to view anything in 3D.

Camera and 3D Recording/Picture-Taking


I'll be the first to admit that my photography skills are virtually nonexistent, and when it comes to cameraphones, I'm pretty forgiving of less-than-stellar quality. That said, the EVO 3D's camera was more than adequate for the occasional shot or two, and with just a smidgeon of extra effort, I was able to get some more than acceptable results.

IMAG0026 IMAG0038IMAG0034

Video was a similar story, though I should note that unlike most other dual-core devices, the EVO 3D isn't capable of shooting in 1080p:

So what about 3D? After all, there's a reason this phone has two rear cameras, and it's not because some engineer on HTC's design team came in to work drunk out of his mind. It's true: for better or for worse, the EVO 3D is capable of taking 3D stills and video. You can have a look at the resulting .MPO images here, but be aware that you'll need 3D glasses and a program like sView to view them on a regular monitor.

And here's a 3D video, courtesy of YouTube (again, you'll need 3D glasses to properly view this on your monitor at home):



As should be expected from a non-Nexus HTC device, the EVO 3D comes with the latest iteration in the company's series of over-the-top Android overlays: Sense 3.0. And as should be expected, some will praise its looks and point to the functionality it adds as proof of its "excellence," while others will bemoan its in-your-face animations and possible glitches (though I only encountered one very minor bug - after the phone failed to connect to Sprint's data network once, it repeatedly gave me error messages, even when it had 3G/4G signal).

Personally, I don't mind the skin - there's no denying that it adds some incredibly useful features, such as the super-customizable lockscreen and the quick settings in the notification bar. That said, it can get a bit excessive at times (do we really need to see flying clouds every time our phones are turned on?), and having the option to just turn it all off would certainly be nice.

Of course, Android 2.3, the latest version of Google's mobile OS, is hiding somewhere under all those clouds and raindrops and windshields. That means you'll be able to access all the latest apps on the Android Market, and the software remains zippy despite HTC's customizations.

One thing you should be aware of is that, as a result of the high-resolution display, the pixel density here is insanely high. That means text will be significantly smaller than what you might be used to seeing on a WVGA screen, though due to the sky-high pixel density, it won't be any less readable. This may be frustrating to those whose eyesight isn't what it used to be, but if it's any comfort, once the phone is rooted, the pixel density settings will be easily changeable with the aid of an app like LCDDensity.

I must also recount an intriguing story about the bloatware on this device: some of it can be uninstalled at will. Of course, Sprint, being one of the four major US carriers, would hate for you to forget its presence, so some apps - such as the now-infamous Sprint Zone - are there to stay. Still, it's nice that removing apps like NASCAR is an option for us nerdier types.

While we're on the topic of pre-installed apps, I'd be remiss not to mention some of HTC's more desirable additions (or at least those that appear to be more desirable), most notably the HTC Watch movie rental/purchasing service. To be honest, I can't ever see myself using it - its selection is diminutive compared to the "big boys" (Netflix, iTunes, etc.), lacking classics like The Terminator. What's more, the movies that it does feature are outrageously overpriced ($15 for The Karate Kid? Forget about it!), and attempting to find a film in the store can be even more difficult than searching the Android Market. Seriously.

The only other item of note here is the included Spider-Man 3D game, simply because it utilizes all three dimensions of the EVO 3D's display. As a result, text in the game's menus is blurry and low-resolution, but its graphics are, at least in theory, more realistic. And, unbelievable as it may be, the gameplay really was given a whole new dimension - though said dimension didn't feel quite natural. Also, touching the screen feels very odd - it seems as if your hand were passing through the third dimension. Nonetheless, it's included, it's cool, and if you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

All in all, Sense UI and HTC's other additions are by no means intolerable - on more than one occasion, I found myself wholeheartedly enjoying them - but for all the functionality they bring, they're still missing one essential feature: a "switch to stock Android" option.

Performance, Call Quality, and Battery Life


Seeing as NVIDIA's Tegra 2 chip and 700MB-1GB of RAM are now table stakes for a high-end Android smartphone, it'd be hard for HTC to truly wow us where raw horsepower is concerned. That said, the EVO 3D is definitely a cut above the rest, with a top-of-the-line Qualcomm MSM8660 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz and an entire gee-bee of RAM.

And indeed, everyday performance was among the best I've seen on any smartphone, and even after a week of downloading and playing graphics-intense games, the EVO 3D refused to get bogged down. Benchmarks reflected this: it got an overall score of 5190 from CF-Bench, which compares favorably to all pretty much all competing dual-core devices, with the notable exception of the ARMv7-powered Galaxy S II (which got a score of 6442).

One downside to the EVO 3D's Qualcomm CPU is that, because it isn't supported by NVIDIA, it won't be able to access the latest wave of Android games (e.g. Dungeon Defenders and Galaxy On Fire 2). On a related note, games that utilize the Unity 3D graphics engine aren't supported, meaning that applications like Samurai II: Vengeance are out of the question.   

I was astounded by just how good calls sounded. My first test involved calling an EVO 4G, and the EVO 3D passed it without issue - in fact, it was the best-sounding call I've ever made... on any smartphone. I suspected that the spectacular quality might have been a result of the call's Sprint-to-Sprint nature, so I then continued the test with a call to my landline and a few more to some AT&T-subscribing friends. But the results did not change: the quality was excellent, even where signal strength was somewhat lacking.

Speaking of signal strength, I have some less-than-awesome news to report. The EVO 3D consistently got less bars of signal than other Sprint phones (the original EVO 4G and the Epic 4G, thanks for asking). It was but a marginal difference, to be fair, but it was perceptible nevertheless, and it worries me. Not a deal-breaker, but certainly something to keep in mind.

Again, the call quality is nigh flawless. However, the speakerphone is, quite frankly, an abomination. For some unfathomable reason, HTC chose to drop the speaker on the original EVO 4G (which was actually not half bad) and instead went with some irrationally quiet unit that is barely audible at full volume. 

And then there's battery life. In a word: ugh. You'd think that after the media backlash surrounding the first EVO's battery, HTC would have learned its lesson, but apparently one round of crappy reviews wasn't enough to get the message through to Taiwan. Although the cell is a beefy 1730mAh unit, the phone essentially failed my daily usage tests. After spending a full night on the charger, the device was used for a quick game of Words with Friends, a few rounds of email-checking, and several text messages/calls. It was dead before 3:00 p.m. (I might add that 4G and Bluetooth were both turned off during the test, making these results even more pathetic.) And that, my friends, is what I call bad battery life.

Many of you have posted significantly more impressive battery life figures in the comments. My unit couldn't and still can't stay off the charger for that long, so perhaps I just got a lemon (or, as Aaron notes, it could be a result of the mediocre reception I get at my house). I'll see what Sprint Customer Service can do.



The EVO 3D's namesake, the third dimension to its display, is a downright embarrassment for HTC. But it's not like you're ever forced to view 3D content, and the other aspects of the device hit (almost) all the right notes. Sure, battery life isn't quite ideal, and sometimes we'd like to be able to turn off Sense UI, but all things considered, the EVO 3D is a great phone and an excellent option for current and incoming Sprint subscribers.

That said, the EVO 3D is hardly the same quantum leap forward as its predecessor - and what's more, there's little doubt in my mind that the US versions of the Galaxy S II will run circles around the EVO 3D. You should also take into account the upcoming launch of the Motorola Photon 4G, whose specs are similar to this handset, only with the addition of a global radio.

At the moment, though, there's nothing truly preventing us from recommending this new EVO... just get ready to stare at an awful lot of clouds over the next two years.

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • http://www.nakedcleaner.com Ashleigh

    Just a quick note, most of the full screen weather animations and sounds can be turned off rather easily. If that's your biggest issue with Sense that is.

  • Jeff

    the 3D has better battery management then the original, if you utilize it. It will shut off radios, etc when not in use, etc.

    Yeah battery life will be horrendous if you leave bluetooth and 4G on, but that's a given with any android phone. Android phones are a battery hog, period, I don't know why every review of an android phone has to harp on the battery life, it's a given. If you are at your desk, in your car, etc, I am sure you have it on a charger anyways.

    In short, my 3D's battery life is as expected, I get a good 12-16 hours off charger most days, and thats all I really expect from a phone, get me through my day...and it does that with amazing speed and an awesome display, too.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      As stated in the review, Bluetooth and 4G were both turned off during the test. Sense 3.0 might well have better battery management - I hear the Sensation's battery life is fantastic - but the results just don't show on this device.
      And bad battery life shouldn't be a "given" - plenty of Android smartphone (e.g. DROID X 2, Galaxy S II, etc.) last much longer than the EVO 3D.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        +1 to the latter point. The claim of "bad battery life" is made against other Android devices, not against all phones and all OSes.

  • Ben

    It might also be worth mentioning that almost all non-system apps can be moved to the SD card (freeing up space on the phone, of course). This applies to apps that are not "App2SD" enabled. I'm not sure if this is exclusive to the EVO 3D, but I know it wasn't so for my EVO 4G with its frustratingly low internal memory that precluded me from downloading most any app that was not App2SD enabled.

  • Danny

    Awesome review! Thanks. Seems like you're very thorough, balanced and fair (some reviews on android sites come off as cheerleaders for this device). I think I'll stick to my Evo 4G, as it's still plugging along just fine with CM 7. Hopefully, the Galaxy S II will come out on Sprint in some form.

    Also, once this thing is rooted and flashed with a proper rom (i.e. CM), I think battery life and other things may be better as I can imagine Sense 3.0 is very battery intense.

  • steve

    The 3d is not as bad as stated. It is actually pretty awesome. If you make sure the picture is focused before the shot it will be pretty easy to view. I didn't think I would like the 3D but I was wrong. My only beef is I wish there was more internal memory.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      In my experience, it's alright (not great) when you view it from a good angle, but it takes far too much effort to find said angle. Then again, to each his own.

  • http://www.lateseptemberdogs.com dontbenotrock

    It really surprises me how hard the EVO3D is being bashed for having actual glasses free 3D. 3D is a novelty, for sure, but it's definitely a really cool one, and when you get it right, it's great! Everyone I've shown it to has that, "oh WOW" moment when you get it into focus. From the reviews, it would sound like they advertised 3D and then provided two moist towelettes at slightly different angles. Yes, it requires a sweet spot, but, that spot, once you hit it, is pretty sweet. An embarrasment? Hardly.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      See my reply to steve.

      • http://www.lateseptemberdogs.com dontbenotrock

        "far too much effort"??? Literally every single person I have shown this phone to is able to find the sweet spot for 3d in under 4 seconds. How is moving your arms back and forth briefly "far too much effort"? Either way, "far too much effort" does not equate to "completely useless" or "a complete embarassment" for HTC. It equates to "lazy".

  • http://twelveblackcodemonkeys.com Levi Wallach

    I agree with the previous commenter. I guess it's not too surprising: Evo 3D is billed as a 3D phone, the actual title has 3D in it. So it's to some degree Sprint and HTC's fault for marketing it with such an emphasis. On the other hand, as noted in this review, it is one of many aspects of this phone, and one has the choice of using it or not, and not using it the phone is just as capable.

    And while some may consider 3D a "gimmick" I don't. I consider it a feature that still is has more potential that real usefulness. My main issue is being able to transfer the image or video to a larger screen so more than just one person at a time can view it. When we all (or a big chunk of us) have monitors or tv's that can view this stuff natively, then it will be much more useful But even without that, it does add a great deal of visual interest to both stills and videos. Sometimes it looks a little cheesy, but sometimes it just adds to the reality. I'm wondering if this is something that our eyes simply need to get used to. I'm sure that the early color TV's and even photos were scoffed at by purists for adding colors that were not true representations of real colors, but rather garish faximilies, making the image less artistic and more of a "gimmick." This was probably due in part to an immature technology but also due eyes that were used to seeing things in black and white, and I wonder if there's similar phenomenon here, where our eyes still need years, perhaps even a decade or more to adjust to one that carries more depth. I also wonder if it's a very subjective thing. I've heard a lot of people talk about how it makes their eyes or head hurt, but I've never had that experiece, even watching 3D video for upwards of 20 minutes streight (the Green Hornet movie that comes with the phone).

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      As I told steve, to each his own!

  • Cairoh

    While I will agree that when you take pictures or video with the 3D camera it can be a bit nauseating if viewed at the wrong angle, if you watch a 3D movie on it (green hornet that ships with it) it is downright amazing and is crystal clear from any angle.

    • http://www.Nitebreedonline.com Guyver

      People that talk about the 3D being Nauseating need to understand that doctors have already said that when 3D causes that problem for you then you have a problem with your eyes and 3D is a great indicator that you will need vision correction in the future.

  • Jaymoon

    I'll be the first to admit the Evo 3D is far from perfect. It certainly has a few downsides like Sense, which don't help much in the battery, or software compatibility departments.

    But on Sprint it's the best there is right now. It's more than fast enough for casual use, and does extremely well in the gaming department. Rainbow Six HD and NOVA 2 are as smooth as butter on this thing.

    On paper it may not stack up against whatever is yet to be released (there's always something better coming, no matter what phone you're reviewing), but once this bootloader gets unlocked, the devs will have their way with this hardware. I think I speak for most Evo enthusiasts when I say I can't wait for the possibilities in the near future!

    • Jaz

      Exactly! I hate all these comparisons of this phone with phones that aren't even out yet. Its common sense that a phone that comes out later will have better specs. Its always going to be like that. Just like an 2011 toyota will have something thats better than the 2010 version. Stop comparing these phones until they actually come out with the sgs2 cdma version.
      As far as 3d, out the 7 people that have seen it in action on my phone 7 of them love it. ONly complaint on 3d is the 3d pictures but the video they love it once they get the right angle which takes seconds to find. As for the 3d movies and games people love them.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        I think the issue is mainly that the devices it's compared to are already out in many parts of the world and right around the corner in the US. It's not like it's being compared to something that's coming in 6 months, or in your automotive model year comparison, an entire year.

        Making a comparison to a device that's already technically out, available, and has been used hands-on (CTIA and the like) before certainly seems fine in my book, especially when you consider that waiting a month may get you said device - which you'll then be stuck with for 20 months.

  • aj

    The only thing I just don't understand is how everyone is talking about the incredible 'speed' of the Evo3D. I've used both of my brother's Evo3Ds and they feel like they're only chugging along at 30fps. I'm assuming it's just a Sense thing because my Nexus S runs silky smooth at anywhere between 50 to 60fps. I understand that the Evo3D may be doing everything fast under the hood, but the disappointing frame rate doesn't show it well. Everything about the UI just feels smoother on my Nexus S 4G. Everything about the Evo 3D feels sluggish in comparison. WHICH IS INSANE considering the specs on the Evo3D. So I'm guessing it's just a Sense thing. My brother even noted how disappointed he was while scrolling through the Evo3D's UI after playing around with my Nexus S 4G. Are my bro and I the only one's noticing the subpar frame rate (which makes the phone feel slow) on the Evo3D?

    • Jaz

      Yes, only you and your brother are noticing the subpar frame rate. So far this phone killed my evo4g and my friends epic4g. This phone hasn't been sluggish once for me. Maybe your brother should check his phone since it might need replacing.

      • aj

        It was both of my brother's Evo3Ds and another friend of mine. So in all, I've used 3 Evo 3Ds and all three felt like they were running at a lesser frame rate than my Nexus S, or any Nexus S I've used really. Even watching people on youtube doing walkthroughs of the UI, it looks like it's running surprisingly slow, especially when sliding from screen to screen or using the carrousel thing. And none of these phones were running live wallpapers or anything graphics intensive. I'll bet that when people can put CM7 or some other similar rom on it, you'll see a vast improvement in performance.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Hrm, haven't noticed that at all; I actually found that scrolling on the EVO 3D was, if anything, faster than on other Android devices (and yes, I have used the Nexus S 4G)...

    • http://www.Nitebreedonline.com Guyver

      You do realize that the human eye can only process at 30fps? 60fps doesn't make a difference. It's a selling point but your eyes can't tell

  • Chris

    I think htc capped it because they did it with the original evo and then issued an update to remove the 30fps cap

  • Lee

    Given a choice, I'd rather play games in stereoscopic 3d. I tried going back to 2d and I really can't. That's why I bought a 3ds and have like 16 games now.

  • Todd

    I have really got to question the agenda of some of you guys that review these phones. I have used nearly every big named Android phone there is, and I go to many sites and read what the real users have to say about these phones. Now you get some users that would never admit there was a problem with their purchase, just because they spent their money on it. But I find most to be honest.

    To list battery life as a negative for this phone is a joke, its getting double the life of the original EVO, and people are posting some great numbers. I don't know how long you used the phone, but in my week with it, it was incredible. Then you say in your comment that the Droid X and SGS2 are much better. Well I've used them both and i have to disagree. Neither was much better at all. And its funny because quite a few users are not happy with the battery life because of people like you telling them how great it is.

    Then the other part of your comment (really lol'd at this one). "I hear the Sensation is getting good battery life". It's basically the same phone and Having tested both, I found the 3D actually lasted longer, but both phones performed very well.

    Also to list Sense 3.0 as a negative, well... I'll keep my comment to myself.

    Here's the problem, people that don't know any better, let you and these other reviewers choose which phone they buy, not knowing that they're not getting a fair assessment. Because Joe Blow over hear has a thing for Samsung or this guy is an HTC guy so he'll let his bias get in the way of giving you an honest review. There are very few honest reviewers on these Android and Tech sites and its a shame because people are missing out on some great devices, just because they were steered towards another one because of a bias towards a manufacturer or Carrier. What's really bad is your pushing people away from Android and over to iOS, which really sucks.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      While I can't agree with Sense 3.0 being a negative at all, Jaroslav pointed out that his phone died before 3pm without being on 4G and noted what he was doing. That's kind of on the sucky side as far as battery lives go.

      • Yianni

        My EVO 3D lasted over 3 days with minimal use this holiday weekend. I made a couple of calls, sent 10 text and 20 emails. I also went to a couple of websites and played a game, but not for long. My EVO 4G would last less than a day in the same conditions.

        My EVO 3D last all day during heavy usage today, meaning; 45min of phone calls, 50 emails, 35 text, an hour of web browsing, 40 minutes of gaming, 2 hours of Pandora over stereo Bluetooth, 10+ 3D pictures and 15-20 minutes of Youtube. My EVO 4G would last 4-6 hours with that usage.

        I do not know where a lot of these reviews are coming from, or why they pick such trivial points to knock this phone down. The user reviews are all great. Ask somebody with this phone, I promise you they love it, even more than they thought they would. Why are the "pros" getting hung up on the 3D? DONT EVER USE IT, PROBLEM SOVLED! The phone still cost $199!!! The Verizon 4G phones cost $249-299 without dual core CPU's or 3D screens. On a plan with only 2gb of that super fast LTE data (unless your a grandfather) for more money per month. This is a 2 year commitment for your readers, do you understand that? Does value (in terms of phone or plan) mean anything? What about value that delivers a superior experience to all those phones. If you don't like Sense use a launcher, this is a super-phone with 1GB of ram, it can handle it! The boot loader is locked, but HTC will fix this one day... oh and there are some nice looking games that don't play well with the GPU/CPU, so a Tegra II device might be better for a gamer. The speakerphone is terrible and the camera placement is weird, but that's being nit-picky now isn't it? Can I get a job reviewing phones? I promise to do it with more knowledge and less bias!

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

          See the update I just posted - it's possible that I got a defective unit or that the bad battery life is a result of the mediocre cell reception I get.

      • Jaymoon

        I do have to applaud Jaroslav for reviewing this phone after it's been out for a week.

        Most "review" sites give off the impression that they've played with the phone for 10 minutes, and have written their be-all-end-all review, just for the sake of being first.

        Does sound like he got a bad battery though, or something. The first day I got mine, it lasted from 12PM to around 10PM without ever being charged ...and that was with me installing my apps and playing around with it!

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

          Thanks, Jaymoon! I must note, however, that I actually had to purchase this unit myself, as neither Sprint nor HTC had any review units to send us.
          As for the battery life, see the update - as I told Yianni, it's possible that I got a defective unit or that the bad battery life is a result of the mediocre cell reception I get.

      • http://www.Nitebreedonline.com Guyver

        The only people that seem to have poor battery life are the people who write these articles. Actual owners of the phone don't seem to have the same problem. I keep everything on all the time. 4G, FB, BT, Twitter, email etc.... and I go a full day. Playing angry birds, making phone calls, surfing the net, texting and playing music. That's what I hear from everyone so why is it only the writers of these articles have problems?

  • BoB1673

    i just got 24 hours battery life thats with using it pretty much 18 hours

    txt emails data calls facebook google + twitter some gaming ..

    for a stock battery i can't complain

    • Jaz

      Same here. I actually now get around 12-18hrs textin all day, using the browser here and there, playing words with friends and letting my daughter play a game and checking my email all day. The other day I didn't play any games and I got around 22 hours. I didn't think it was possible but with bluetooth and 4g off and using juice defender this phone is awesome. I love this phone all over again after almost returning it due to battery life. Also once this phone gets rooted it will be a whole other phone.
      I also understand that the galaxy s2 will be a better phone but the question is, how will samsung handle updates on it? At this point htc is faster at releasing fixes or upgrades which in turn makes htc phones better. I would never buy a samsung phone due to that fact alone.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      As I've said in other comments, it's entirely possible that I got a defective unit or that the bad battery life is a result of the mediocre cell reception I get.

      • Al

        There was a trick in the EVO 4G to "restart" the battery, it was posted on XDA a while back and supposedly helped a lot of people that had really bad battery life vs. other users (like the review is stating). I will try to find the link, however the basics of it were charging for 8-10 hrs while off, turn it on, then off again and charge for an hour and turn it on again, or something like it.

        The link with instructions below:

  • jamez

    This is such an ANGRY review!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Care to explain?

  • poweruser

    Unity games work I have been playing samurai vengeance 2 for days

  • Paul Atreides

    Sense 3.0 is completely awesome and the best android skin I've ever used personally, only thing I wish they would revamp the launcher some what. It doesn't need to extend the length of the home screen. The 3D effects are cool and didn't leave me with any sick feelings, but like you said you can enjoy this phone without ever using those features. Battery life is better than the EVO 4G. I think overall this is a great device, and I don't believe i will return it for say the S2 or Photon. Now give me root and ICS asap

  • Lou

    I too was surprised by this review as I am thrilled with my EVO 3D in every way. Battery life is phenomenal - better than any smart phone I have owned and while I guess it is personal preference, I love HTC Sense. The 3D is a cool fun feature - I find it works well once you figure out how to view it, has tons of wow factor and although it was not the reason I purchased this phone, I am really enjoying it. I have never been so happy with a phone. I am finding the "expert" reviews to be somewhat mixed but read the user reviews and most owners are over the top in love with the phone. If you campare the ratings to other phones on Sprint, it is clear that reviewers are being honest as they have no problem bashing other phones. For those of you questioning whether or not to purchase this phone, I would not hesitate one bit to purchase again if I had to pick a new phone again - and it is rare for me to have no buyers remorse so that is saying alot. I also looked at other carriers for other options out of curiosity and see all kinds of fees for data usage that Sprint does not charge - I was shocked at how expensive other carriers are. So bundle up a great phone with great coverage at a great price (and no I don't work for Sprint) and the EVO 3D is a killer package that I hope more people get to enjoy.

  • Josh

    I absolutely love the phone. It's a monster step up from the EVO 4G. The only thing it's missing is root.

    And how can you not like the 3d vid and pictures? It's something new and different. I applaud HTC for trying new stuff. The specs on the phone are top of the line without the 3D.

  • http://www.microsoft.com Bill Gates

    Just checked... no Netflix for this phone

    • Josh

      I have working netflix on mine. Get the apk at xda or ppcgeeks.com.

  • http://www.Nitebreedonline.com Guyver

    The writer reminds me of of a fanboi. This article makes complaints about features you don't have to use. I personally think that's idiotic. if you don't like 3D don't use it. Do you really have to complain about it. No one shares your opinion on that. As far as the battery life....it last longer than the EVO 4G, and I have a sneaky suspicion that you already know that but would like to get a response. No kickstand? really? so what! buy a case with a kickstand. What is wrong with people no a days? You get sick from the 3D? then you would get sick from 3D movies also. Don't blame it on the EVO 3D. You're just going overboard. You're saying the same exact words that I've seen in other articles. I mean the SAME exact words verbatim. Your review is not from your heart. It's just a copy. btw...how is the EVO 3D T.H.I.C.K.? it's slightly thinner than the EVO 4G. lmao!

  • RedCloud

    I think you were far too hard on the 3D. I find the only problem with the 3D is the movie that came preloaded on the phone. Anyone who has jumped on the 3D bandwagon will tell you that The Green Hornet is one of the worst examples of modern 3D. What you have to do is get AVATAR on their, then you will be blown away. And i find that the people that complain about the "sweet spot" you have to find for this phone or the 3DS are the never satisfied losers of the world that think everyone owes them something. Keep in mind that 3D tech has been around nearly 170 years, and we have just begun to embrace it, give them a little while to play with it and see what happens. Panasonic is working on Autostereoscopic screens right now that have multiple viewing angles for the 3D effect, just give it time. Oh, and THE EVO 3D IS F'N AMAZING!!!!

    • J Rush

      I understand I'm late for the party but...why rant about a feature you don't have to use? You said it yourself: "if you don't like 3D don't use it. Do you really have to complain about it."

      He used the 3D and didn't like it. Then he said he didn't like it. It's YOU who sound like a "fanboi".

      As for a kickstand, I agree with Jaroslav, the original had it, the new one doesn't. Yes, that is pretty important. It's one of the features that made the original EVO. And why waste money for a cover with a kickstand when the makers of the phone should have already included it? Exactly.

      And there is no doubt that when the Galaxy S II comes out, the EVO 3D will be as useless as the Thunderbolt. A high dollar paper-weight if you ask me. I don't prefer any phone over the next, I just go on what I know. And I know the EVO 3D isn't that great.

  • Josh

    Good review! I think you were honest and i like that. I used the 3d like five times and then i've never used it again. So it is a gimick to help sell the phone. Why i upgraded to this phone from my evo4g is pretty simple. It's the same phone only better. I'm more into the specs and what under the hood by far. I had the evo 4g for a year and loved that phone so much in fact i almost backed out of the upgrade cause i was sad to see it go. The 3d is far better than the 4g. Battery life is almost double, and the smoothness is amazing. Sense 3.0 is great and doesn't seem to lag or freeze like on the 4g. The only bad thing i have to say is i really don't like the 3d. I wish sprint would have not choose this as the selling point but they did. I really would have like to have seen the Evo 4g+ instead. Same phone but with a 8mp camera. Sucks that Korea gets it and we don't.

  • LONG

    3500mah Extended Battery + Cover for Sprint HTC EVO 3D


    2X 3500mah Extended Battery + Charger For HTC EVO 3D

  • LONG
  • omer

    Can someone please tell me how is the samsung galaxy s2 better than evo 3d?? I just dont understand how its better... Ive got sensation nd galaxy s2...galaxy s2 is faster but sensation is so much better in calling..smart dialing contacts etc.. nd it hasdesktop browsing turned on as default..also not to forget the wrap text at any zoom level...i gave my wife galaxy s2 nd she dosnt like it just cause wen u clik on a number it dosnt dial but opens another menu to press call button...sensation lags a bit but evo3d doesnt nd wen it cums to uk ill buy it...plz just someone tell me how is the galaxy s2 better plzzzz... Nd im least bothered about battery its likw saying a ferrari has ridiculous fuel consumption

  • coppertop

    RE: J Rush - So, in following your logic, every phone that doesnt come with a kickstand sucks. I dont miss the kickstand that I had on my EVO 4G. It was useful every once in a great while, but not a make or break feature. Your "...useless as the Thunderbolt..." and "high dollar paper-weight..." comments make you sound like a samsung fanboi.

  • Will

    rear cameras make holding phone uncomfortable and the camera cuts into your hand? maybe you need to ease up on the hand lotion and/or this is a wake up call that you have really soft hands...and why that is. Agree on the 3D...would have preferred a single 8MP camera.

    Battery is about average of all Androids...do wish you cold turn off Sense. Can't wait to see what ICS will bring.

  • Joey

    I love stereoscopic 3D, it actually allow me to view the screen or play the game longer hours.

    2D my eyeballs fix at one aperture and it strain it more than stereoscopic 3D.

    What i discover is like normal 3D Games, the user can adapt if he/she choose to do it. When i play Quake 2, a lot of my friend say bad things about it and refund to adapt. So no First person gameplay for this group of gamers.

    Their no right or wrong, the reviewer has state his preference strongly.

  • Joey

    I love stereoscopic 3D, it actually allow me to view the screen or play the game longer hours.

    2D my eyeballs fix at one aperture and it strain it more than stereoscopic 3D.

    What i discover is like normal 3D Games, the user can adapt if he/she choose to do it with technique. "Arrows keys represent body movements, mouse movement represent head movement. When i play Quake 2, a lot of my friend say bad things about it and refuse to adapt. So no First person gameplay for this group of gamers.

    There no right or wrong, the reviewer has state his preference strongly.

    The technique i use for stereoscopic is remind myself what the world would look like thru a fish tank. The depth stereoscopic 3D give has a bit of fish tank effect for smaller screen. Not necessary good for everyone but there a groups of us that like it :)

  • Serge

    This is the worst review of anything I have ever read. This write shouldn't be writing. The 3D is neither difficult to use nor useless but the camera settings for photography are crap. Don't even consider photographing a white car in the sun. You'll get a black photo.

  • GBanks fuck iphones

    Only faults..battary life and depending on your jackass level 720p instead of 1080p

  • joe

    i have the evo 3d and it is the biggest p.o.s. electronic device i have ever owned. i have recently gone back to my old blackberry with the trackball to have something to use while my fifth replacement evo is being shipped. in the 1-2 month span between replacements i can count on 1-3 factory resets. at least i have found a decent sms back up program and use dropbox so i can stay current when this piece of crap breaks. i have had it since august '11 and have never gone 2 months without a replacement. have had it in a padded case with screen protection the whole time and every returned device looked brand new. who cares about the gimmiky camera. the phone sucks balls.