Last Updated: October 10th, 2011

The Toshiba Thrive showed up on our radars back at CES, though back then it was still known as "the nameless Toshiba tablet". The 10.1" tablet took pre-orders in June, and looked towards mid-July for a shipping date.


Well, it looks like those reports were on the money, as an anonymous Engadget source is reporting that Best Buys around the country will be selling Thrives as early as July 10. However, these reports are only extending to the wifi-only 16GB model; I highly doubt that these will be the only ones available at launch.

While the tablet was running Froyo back at CES, the tablet will be running 3.1 Honeycomb at launch. It also feature dual front and back cameras, a USB, mini USB, HDMI and SD card slot.


Source: Engadget

Matt Demers
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  • BigBBL

    Just one question: is Toshiba one of company of the Android Alliance promises timely Android OS updates for 18 months after device launch??????
    I don't think they are because I didn't see their name on that list..
    I'm saying this cuz after my bad experience with Toshiba folio100.. I can't trust them anymore. so be careful guys if you ever gonna buy it, and wait until toshiba clarify their position about android alliance

    • Ryuuie

      Toshiba isn't a part of the alliance, no.

  • Guitar

    Yes, it will be available the 10th. I can confirm it. The 32gb version for sure.

    • linda miller

      Do you think pre-orders will ship by July 10?

      • Guitar

        I have no idea. The estimated arrival date is anywhere from the 11th to 17th or so for shipping to my area, so I'd assume so. We already have 10 or so of the tablets in stock, just can't sell until the 10th - which I HATE, because I want to buy one so bad.

  • Hank Mishkoff

    What's the screen look like in comparison to, say, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 screen? I'm definitely leaning toward picking up a Thrive myself, especially because of its connectivity, but I was hoping to first get some feedback on how good the screen looks and well it responds to touch. (The demo units got rave reviews, but I don't trust demo units.) Have you been able to look at one, or all they all still boxed and tantalizingly out of reach?

  • Kappadon

    This Tablet is a Beast, Apple IPad is done, can anyone say KILLLLLLERRRRR, The specs on this monster will have people trashing their IPads and Lining up to get this Caged Lion, Great Day for Android Fans, finally a Android Tablet that will live up to the PROMISE.

  • http://ThriveForums.com alan27inla

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