Users that have been testing out Dolphin Browser's newest private beta received a somewhat alarming email this morning: a message containing the email addresses of thousands of other beta testers. The email also included some rather interesting "keys," but it hasn't been determined what the keys represent at this point, or if they have anything to do with the leaked addresses.

dolphin6 337845966

If you're a part of the Dolphin Beta and you didn't receive this email, you need to be aware that your email address may have been leaked as well.

The Dolphin team has yet to comment, but we'll keep you posted as any new information arises.

Update 7/11/11: The Dolphin team posted an official statement and apologized for their mistake.

Thanks, JzaSlice!


Cameron Summerson
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  • strra

    i got this email this morning.... i was kind of wondering...

  • Mgamerz

    Nice to know I didn't sign up.

  • Nigga

    Posted all the emails to 4chan, have fun if your on that list.

    • Rob

      Living up to your name, at least.

      • Yes

        your name might as well be "I'm an asshole bigot." Then YOU would be living up to your's :)

        • http://androidpolice.com Megro

          You might as well be called asshole yes because you probably smell like one :D

      • btod

        racist asshole.

  • Matt

    Ill go delete that email now, cuz I'm a nice Guy.

  • su

    glad i use Dmini ... much better anyway

  • Ian

    Good reason to *always* use disposable e-mail addresses.

  • Joe

    Well that just sucks

  • bobomb

    Way to go doofuses. Dolphin has been getting worse and worse lately. Still the best of the worst though, there is no good browser for Android.

    • me

      What's wrong with skyfire? It owns opera n dolphin for sure.

  • Tyler

    Wow I'm glad I didn't sign up ..

  • mskks64

    Someone needs to upgrade to google chrome haha

  • Jimmy

    I sent them a nasty email this morning about this, but no response yet. Class action anyone?

  • http://www.reeladvice.net Reel Advice

    Luckily I didn't sign up yet. I was going to a couple of days ago!

  • arunasena

    definitely class action!!!

  • Elvis

    *click click* deleted!


    They don't even encrypt your backed up data on your sdcard. It's a simple db file with all your user names and passwords. I emailed them about this and they brushed the issue aside. Wtfffff

  • djembeman

    Opera Browser has been working better than Dolphhin for me lately.

  • Jimmy

    This is the sad,sorry excuse for an apology I got. It sounds like a 12 y/o foreign exchange student wrote it. I'm really pissed off:

    Hi, *******
    Thank you for letting us know about this issue.
    We sincerely sorry about this incident through an unfortunate error by one of our colleagues. Some recipients were able to see the e-mail addresses of others who are also our beta testers.
    We did not collect any of your data, and we are handling your privacy with confidentiality, care and respect.
    We sincerely apologize for this error. We promise this will never happen again.

    Re: unfortunate error by one of our colleagues --> Um.. we are stupid

    Re: We did not collect any of your data, and we are handling your privacy with confidentiality, care and respect. --> Um.. u collected my email address... and you obviously DIDN'T handle it with privacy because you leaked to everyone.

    Re: We promise this will never happen again. --> What are you, 12? Like you got busted for climbing out the window? Why would I trust you? Maybe your "colleagues" will screw up again?

  • http://www.dolphin-browser.com Dolphin Browser
  • jassyfr

    thanks for your prompt apology and honesty, guys. accident happens.