CoPilot, a popular navigation and mapping company, released Live USA Standard and Premium v9 offline navigation apps to the Android Market on Monday, June 27th. While most people immediately think and resort to using Google Maps, CoPilot apps could come in quite handy for those without data plans (such as phones disconnected from service or Wi-Fi only) or in areas of poor data reception (I felt the need for something like this just this past weekend on a trip to a remote lake).

During the promotional period this week (until Sunday, July 3rd), the Premium version that usually costs $29.99 is going for $9.99 and the Standard version which is usually $4.99 is on sale for $2.99.

The Standard version is missing a bunch of features, which can be added à la carte, but at this point, I would suggest purchasing the Premium version with all features included, as buying à la carte makes little sense during the promotional sale.

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Both CoPilot Live apps include:

✔ Clear, non-distracting 2D maps
✔ Voice guided, turn-by-turn directions door to door
✔ Directions only guidance views
✔ Offline walking mode
✔ Route recalculation
✔ Detour feature to avoid unexpected delays or specific sections of your route
✔ Millions of useful Points of Interest (POIs) to navigate to or call from in-app
✔ Powerful pre-trip planning and unique multi-stop itinerary optimizer
✔ Bing™ Local Search
✔ Wikipedia to search and learn about interesting places nearby
✔ In-app Facebook Places check ins and Twitter status updates
✔ Real-time weather forecasts at your location or destination
✔ Complete map of USA stored on-board your Android device
✔ Exclusive ALK MapSure™ service that provides free monthly in-app map improvement downloads and full quarterly map updates for 1 year

The following features are included in Premium and are available for purchase in Standard:

■ Personal Routes - Unlimited Use for $9.99

Features include: Alternate Routes, Drag Routing, Route Preview, RV Routing, Motorcycle Routing and Bicycle Routing

■ 3D Advanced - Unlimited Use for $14.99

Features include: Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance, ClearTurn reality view, Lane Indicator Arrows, Real Signpost Info, 3D Maps, Speed Limits, Premium POIs, Parking and Navigate to Contacts

There is a subset of features (below) that doesn't come for free with either apps:

■ Map of Canada – Unlimited Use for $4.99

■ ActiveTraffic™ – 12 Months Use for $9.99

Use real-time traffic conditions information to intelligently calculate the fastest route to your destination, provide an accurate ETA based on traffic and automatically avoid delays.

■ Live Fuel Prices – 12 Months Use for $4.99

Get real-time gas prices to find the cheapest gas station nearby or at your destination and navigate directly there.

One word of warning before you proceed - both CoPilot apps have quite a lot of negative 1-star reviews, so tread carefully and be sure to read them first. And remember, the introductory sale ends July 3rd, 2011.

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  • Denbo

    I use version 8... it is nice to use on a wifi only tablet.

  • JLishere

    I'm definitely turned off by this feature: " Bing™ Local Search". I tried it and unless you're in a major urban center in the US, local search results on Bing are simply not as good as Google Maps. Even for major cities in Canada, Bing frequently returns places that have been closed for months.

    Also, for those who use Google Maps on Android and who miss offline navigation, I would wait a bit longer. Google is reportedly working on full offline support, hopefully for a release this summer.

    • Kane

      Indeed, can't wait until they bring that and destroy all these lame money-hungry navigation companies/apps with their yearly renewals.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        I don't envy these GPS companies right now.

  • OFI

    Thanks for covering this. It still seems a little too limited to me, the Traffic updates look good but not at an extra premium :-/

    Wait it out for TomTom or the Google nav mentioned above!

  • Skillit

    Who on earth has a smartphone without a data plan, and even if you are on a WiFi only device Google Maps already allows you to cache your route and navigate offline.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      If you have older Android devices or tablets, they can very well be without data plans and still function.

      And while Maps now does cache a little bit, it does not work well enough to navigate and route offline. I should know, as I was on a trip last weekend and Google Maps crapped out as soon as I lost data, so I was left without navigation 45 minutes before the destination.

    • OFI

      data plan or not i've frequently been in places where my data signal has dropped off for large distances.

      Or you know.. when travelling abroad :P

  • Frankenstein

    I use virgin mobile - and it occasionally has some data outages (always seems to be when I'm traveling too!). I always keep copilot installed on my phone. If you liked version 8, you'll definitely like version 9! For under $10, you really can't complain.

  • Scooterman1

    The earlier versions through ver 8, did not require any fee for yearly map updates. I don't think this will do too good with the earlier version users. And I haven't found what the map upgrade fee will be. So, I didn't buy it, sale or not.