Yesterday, Skype with video was officially released to the Android Market. There was one problem, though: it was only supported on a small number of seemingly random handsets, like the Nexus S (but not the Nexus S 4G), Desire S, Xperia neo, and Xperia pro. Thanks to the ingenuity of skilled Android modder 0mie, that's no longer the case.


With 0mie's modded version of Skype 2, video chat should be fully working on a number of recent phones, including the Thunderbolt (running Gingerbread), Sensation, EVO 3D, Galaxy S II, and Droid Charge. In theory, this should work on any phone running Gingerbread (as long as it has a front facing camera, of course), so if you test it out on any phone that we haven't already mentioned, drop us a line in the comments with the results.

You can grab the download from our mirror, here.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Chahk

    On my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (running Froyo) this hacked version is highly unstable. Whenever I try to make a call it locks me into landscape mode, and doesn't actually call out. When I receive a video call it FCs quite spectacularly. The logcat gets filled with "buffer overflow" errors.

    • YourLocalInternetGuru

      did you read the article?? Gingerbread :duh:

  • Don Matthews

    umm when are we getting it on the htc evo 4g?

  • mobgod

    Does not let me install on 3d

    • Cameron Summerson

      Did you have a previous version installed?

    • http://hollercentral.com boomdraw

      Works on my EVO 3D!

  • Jay

    Works on the Evo 4G too.

    P.S. what is the trick to turn on the speakerphone in Skype?!?

  • maz

    works on samsung galaxy s

    • Sam

      do you have a tip to rotate or avoid auto rotation of the front cam during video calls ?

  • smx

    work on incredible s

  • Michael E

    Does it work on Dell Streak 5?

  • jodie

    doesnt work on transformer :(

  • Fpietter

    What built are you running? because I couldn't install it on mine

  • http://graesen.com Eh, just some guy

    Just saw Skype has an official update now to "support more phones." Me thinks Skype needed a little development help? Put it out there and let the hacking community fix it for them?

  • Chris

    New update of skype now supports Nexus S Europe and Nexus S 4G on Sprint.

  • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

    I can confirm, it works on the HTC EVO

    Fresh EVO
    Android VS 2.3.3

  • nana

    does it work on sensation. new to android. need alot of help

  • http://www.btechpcrepair.com B-TECH

    Anyone tried on a honeycomb tablet?

  • DJ suMo

    Won't even sign in on the G2x running CM7 - says connecting for like an hour. Hope they update it.

  • ramiz

    Works like a charm in sensation

  • eldentista

    Works great on EVO 4G!

  • hodiemeister

    Works wonderfully on my sensation 4g! TY!!

  • Salem073

    t mobile Sensation 4g works great handset to handset AND handset to desktop!!

    Tmobile sidekick 4g, no dice. Coudnt even download. Sidekick is 2.2.1, but I thought id try.

    Thanks for the sensation tho!!

  • Motorola Atrix 4G

    Doesn't work on this phone.Damn ;(

  • Motorola Atrix 4G

    Doesn't work on this phone. Damn :(

  • Miyuki99

    Has anyone tried it on HTC Wildfire S?

  • http://www.sniperspyreview.org sniperspy

    Skype is going to be SUCH a trojan horse my Microsoft...lol. I wonder how long it is before Apple and google places the clamps on it!

  • dimple

    why i cannot use video call for skype.my phone is galaxy s i9000.

    • Sam

      maybe you don't have upgraded your phone to android 2.3.3 Gingerbread; video doesn't work on froyo system ;)

  • gmoney

    Works on my HTC Thunderbolt...yes

  • Smooth3d

    Works on mytouch 4g with Unity Sense rom 3.0

  • zimbros1

    Although a couple of people here confirmed working on the EVO 4G it didnt work on mine as far as video calls goes...

  • zimbros1

    Guess what...it works on my EVO 4G 2.3
    for video calls...great..sorry for the ^..thanks for the download..


    I absolutely hate that I just forked out 500 bucks on this Charge and I can't freaking Skype Video with it -- Waste of my time and money!!!!

  • Guihero

    Doesn't work on HTC CHACHA ! Damn'd !

  • maytea EVO 3D

    Had to uninstall Skype before I could get it installed on my EVO 3d. So far works.

  • elissa

    Nexus S. Orginal Skype does not show video function. So downloaded this. Video option available and I see it appear, but once I'm connected with the other person it stops and continues being a normal call. ????????????

  • bps

    Works on samsung galaxy S2 as stated..thank you!

  • rob


  • Don

    Works perfectly with my HTC Sensation 4G running 2.3 Android. Smoking phone: dual core; 8mp rear cam; vga front cam; downloads at between 1700-1800 kbps and uploads between 600-700, faster than my 'high speed plus' computer downloads. Who needs iphone?

  • Mike Brooks

    ever since verizon updated my TB on 7/8/11 it fixed all of the issues but stopped my skype from working(the one you guys released on 4/11/11) every time i would load it and try to run it i would get a message sayin that it was the wrong version or something.
    NOW with this release it actully works, runs, IM and everything until you press the video button. NOW I KNOW ITS FOR GINGERBREAD, i read that. but its real close to working. any chance to get that on forclose issue worked out for the TB still running froyo?
    i appreciate all the effort, thank you. :)

  • Mike Brooks

    oh, and this one doesnt keep that mystery dim lit LED on about a 1/4 inch to the right of the notifacation LED when skype is logged in...

  • Jus

    Unable to install on Galaxy SII :(

  • Ron H

    Works OK on EVO 4G (only tried in 3G mode) but so far only in landscape. I would appreciate an answer to a question.
    Once I uninstalled the old Skype and installed this one, I got it to work. I then got a message that I had updates, one of which was Skype. If I install this update, does it kill the hacked version and go back to the official version? I usually just "update all" but I'll have to avoid that if that's what will happen.

  • austin

    works on incredible 2 as long as its updated to gingerbread

  • Kriss

    Download link not working?

  • christine

    So u have to have a front facing camera to video chat