Long have board game geeks awaited the Android debut of the most popular and inventive board game since, arguably, Monopoly. The Settlers of Catan has finally arrived on the Market, but it comes with an admission cost - approximately $4.31. But, given the game's immense popularity worldwide, something tells me fans won't have a problem coughing up the bucks.

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In the game, you'll find all the classic Catan gameplay, spruced up with sound effects, game statistics, interactive tutorials, and new scenarios - as well as a choice of which board art (US, German, or Classic) to use. You can also download the Seafarers expansion via in-app purchase, which adds 10 more scenarios.

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Multiplayer is operated via a hot seat system (aka, there really isn't any multiplayer to speak of). But, the developers have told us it's coming:

Online multiplayer is definitely in the pipeline and is scheduled for later this year.

You can get Catan on the Market now.

David Ruddock
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  • DingieM

    Enhanced mode for honeycomb?

    • http://www.williamting.com William

      No, this game is broken in many ways.

      The buttons are scaled for a phone, and many of them do not work on a tablet.

  • ABTBenjamins

    For under 5 bucks, it really is a steal compared to the actual board game. Too bad the multiplayer is less than enthusiastic.

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    $4.30 doesn't seem outrageously expensive to me, though I've never got into the game so won't be buying it myself.

    I hope this encourages someone to do a good Android port of Carcassonne. I must have sunk days into the Xbox 360 version and it should work well on a touch screen (though the Nintendo DS port seemed a bit whack from what I saw; haven't tried the iOS port).

  • ryan

    My life is now complete. I have been waiting for this since I got my DInc - had it before on my i*od Touch and was getting tired of toting both around with me.

  • http://www.williamting.com William

    I love Catan but this is a horrible app.

    I've purchased the app but can't download it, therefore I can't refund the app either. My situation is not uncommon if you read the app reviews.

    The app won't download or install for many users. First two reviews seem like astroturfing while every other reviewer can't get the game working.

    • Adam

      If you can't download it, then you haven't played it; if you haven't played it, then how can you credibly say "this is a horrible app"?

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Aww man, I guess I'll have to start saving now. Maybe within a few months I can afford it.

    Looks cool. It will create a lot of tension in our house though.

  • Skillit

    Put some online multiplayer on it and I might go actually get it

  • Epsilon

    Small World for the iPad is $9.99 so at $4.31 it isn't bad, but if it doesn't support honeycomb then what is the point?

    Bring Small World to Android!

  • Foo

    This is the sort of game that would run brilliantly on a tablet. How does it look/run on one?

  • Mike

    I can't find it on my Fascinate, however the computer version of the android market says that it is compatible for my phone. I don't want to buy it if it might not work. Any ideas? (The QR code says "The requested item could not be found.")

    • Adam

      Ideas? Yes. Buy it, try it for 14 minutes, if it doesn't work, get your refund. Easy peasy.

  • Tony Miskin

    Does not work on my 2.3.3 Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy Tab 7".

  • Tony Miskin

    Does not work on my 2.3.3 Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy Tab 7". It will not load so I can not use the under 15 minute uninstall & refund option. :-(

  • yow

    This is nothing but a scaled up phone app. Buttons don't work. The buttons close to the bottom of the screen near the status bar, will pull up your tablet menus ( batteries, date, download menus) instead of the in-game buttons. You have to press the button 10x off center to get it to work properly. This app still needs a lot of work to function properly. Although the picture quality is good.

  • jacco

    Can I play it on the HTC Wildfire?

  • Juzzy

    gsettlers was much better no stupid animations that made roads and settlements etc hard to see...annnndddd it had Wifi multiplayer capabilities... The board makers threatened to sued the guy so they could make thier game. i saved the APK and still play it to this day...

    once it has wifi multiplayer... i'll be there

    • thieskek

      Hi can je send me an .apk of gsettlers? I'd like to play this game

  • zeonos

    This game is terrible. The diced are rigged, and the AI is insanely bad.

    I had games where i had the fields 5-6-8-9-3 and somehow the dices manages to roll everything butt those fields, so i can go upto 10 turns without getting a single resource, not to mention that if i do get one, the next player will either have a knight card, or roll a seven, and take my one resource... The AI also trades insanely with eachother, but almost no matter what i offer, they wont take a trade.

    I got this game from the humblebundle, and im glad i didnt pay full price for it.

  • Benjamin P

    I've been smashing the shiznit out of this.. its really good! But you do have to pay 2.99 for the Seafarers and the same again for the Knights campaign extensions.. and with only (well thats as far as I have gotten) 4 campaigns is a bit of a pain.. Online multiplayers is pretty good if you get serious players... as is with any game I guess.. I imagine this would be really good on a tablet as well, but haven't got around to trying it yet.. I also have Catan for the Mac and its exactly the same, albeit with the possibility to have the tiles in 3D...