Users participating in the private beta of Google+ have probably noticed the direct connection between G+ and Picasa for photo and video storage. Considering this, Google revamped the storage plans for Picasa, allowing G+ users to have unlimited storage space. Well, almost unlimited, that is. Up until recently, Picasa Web Albums had a 1GB per-user data cap, but now, G+ users can upload any photo smaller than 2048x2048 or video shorter than 15 minutes without it counting towards to the 1GB cap. Fortunately, if you upload your photos with G+, they are automatically resized, so they won't take up any space in Picasa, whereas photos uploaded directly to Picasa will be unaltered, regardless of size.

If you aren't part of the G+ private beta, don't fret - you're also getting unlimited storage, albeit not under the same circumstances. For photos, you're only allowed to upload photos up to 800x800 without taking up any of your precious Picasa space. Like G+ users, though, you can upload videos up to 15 minutes in length.

If 1GB still just isn't enough space (or you have tons of huge photos and large videos), then you have the option to buy additional storage from Google starting at $5 per year for 20GB.


Cameron Summerson
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  • OFI

    Flickr just shat bricks

  • Klap

    When uploading a picture from Android phone to Picasa thru share -> picasa, the pic also gets resized automatically to 2048 max. only way to upload bigger is by using a browser or the desktop app, it looks like

  • Steve Chandler

    This is very interesting, seeing as they can't get Picasa web albums working for paying customers. After a certain amount of usage (2gb for me) it becomes impossible to upload full res images. "Storage Unavailable", takes hours to upload 1 photo. Sad part is that they've known about it for years.

  • Sxeptomaniac

    I was playing with it a bit as well. I use Digikam for image sorting, so I can upload directly to Picasa and just tell it to resize them before sending.

  • http://www.williamting.com William

    I was unable to duplicate this behavior.

    I uploaded 12MP files via Google+, they appeared as full size on Picasa Web and counting against my limits instead of being resized.

    • OFI

      Does it only apply when uploaded through the app?

  • Chris

    Most 5mp camera phones shoot at 2592x1936, why doesn't Picasa/G+ use that? 2048x2048 seems like a lazy coding limitation.

  • CG

    Does Google really think most people want to pay to upload their photos, even if it's $5 a year? Sounds like a Facebook advantage here. They seem to have unlimited storage . . . and for free. Maybe I'm not understanding something, but this article turns me off Google.

    • Bruce Le

      This article is saying that Google+ users will have unlimited photo and video upload for pictures under 2048x2048 and videos of 15 minutes or less. For bigger things, you get 1gig free. This is better then what facebook offers. Facebook resizes photos to a lower resolution then that, and does not include all the extra features that Picassa does.