If you've ever done a Market search for the term "dictionary," then you probably know that there is only one good choice. Fortunately, the folks behind the Merriam-Webster Dictionary have swooped in to save us from our word-defining woes by delivering their own app into the Android Market.

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Touting itself as "America's most useful and respected dictionary," the Merriam-Webster Dictionary brings some nice features to your mobile device. Have you ever wondered what a word means, but had no clue how to spell it? With this app, you can do a quick voice search and have your answer easily. It also offers synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, Word of the Day, and audio pronunciations, offering an excellent way to enhance your vocabulary.

This app is free in the Android Market, and you can grab it by hitting the widget below.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Foo

    Does it have UK English and US English or just US?

  • Adam

    19 Mb?! I think I'll pass on this one until they make it smaller

  • Foo

    Woah...that's huge! I hope it can be moved to SD Card!

  • DJ suMo

    Curse words not supported. Lol.

    • Kane

      Well !@#$ that then! :P

  • sam_cap

    the dictionary can be used offline. that's why it's big.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Definately great to have beautifully made. This will move to the SD card on my EVO 3D. Great addition.

  • Mc65

    This is app horrible. It says the plural of "bacteria" is "bacterias." Really?!?!? Ummm... no. "bacterium" is singular. "Bacteria" is plural. No such thing as "bacterias."

  • orski

    Looks like they fixed that, bacteria defs
    are fine. What do you expect for free?