Last Updated: July 12th, 2011

To help aspiring Android developers get off the ground and develop our next dream app, and after having massive success with our O'Reilly partnership, Android Police has partnered with informIT to give away a multitude of Android books to our readers. Each week or so, we're going to be giving away a different informIT Android book, asking for nothing but a minute of your time in return.

Android Wireless Application Development, 2nd Edition

To start things off, we're giving away Android Wireless Application Development, 2nd Edition, which was written by Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey and published by Addison-Wesley Professional in December 2010.

The book is very comprehensive and contains almost 800 pages (!), so those of you after detailed guides which double as weapons that can kill medium-sized animals will be quite happy. For the hands-on types, the authors have included a ton of example code as well as more tips and tricks than you'll ever find need for.

You can take a gander at the first few pages via Amazon, look at the table of contents on informIT's website, or read the book's full description below:

The start-to-finish guide to Android application development: massively updated for the newest SDKs and developer techniques!

This book delivers all the up-to-date information, tested code, and best practices you need to create and market successful mobile apps with the latest versions of Android. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder cover every step: concept, design, coding, testing, packaging, and delivery. The authors introduce the Android platform, explain the principles of effective Android application design, and present today’s best practices for crafting effective user interfaces. Next, they offer detailed coverage of each key Android API, including data storage, networking, telephony, location-based services, multimedia, 3D graphics, and hardware.

Every chapter of this edition has been updated for the newest Android SDKs, tools, utilities, and hardware. All sample code has been overhauled and tested on leading devices from multiple companies, including HTC, Motorola, and ARCHOS. Many new examples have been added, including complete new applications. This new edition also adds

  • Nine new chapters covering web APIs, the Android NDK, extending application reach, managing users, data synchronization, backups, advanced user input, and more
  • Greatly expanded coverage of Android manifest files, content providers, app design, and testing
  • New coverage of hot topics like Bluetooth, gestures, voice recognition, App Widgets, live folders, live wallpapers, and global search
  • Updated 3D graphics programming coverage reflecting OpenGL ES 2.0
  • An all-new chapter on tackling cross-device compatibility issues, from designing for the smallest phones to the big new tablets hitting the market
  • Even more tips and tricks to help you design, develop, and test applications for different devices
  • A new appendix full of Eclipse tips and tricks

This book is an indispensable resource for every member of the Android development team: software developers with all levels of mobile experience, team leaders and project managers, testers and QA specialists, software architects, and even marketers.

Android Wireless Application Development (2nd Edition) is on sale for $31.17 on Amazon, but we're giving away not one, but five free copies - read on for complete instructions.

How to Win

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them here.

In the vein of past book giveaways, this contest does not involve social media. To enter, simply leave a comment here in this post (not on Facebook) and tell everyone what kind of app you're thinking of making as your first project.

The winner will be selected by the Android Police and informIT panel after July 8th 11:59 p.m. PT. Make sure you use your real email in your comment, as that's what we'll use to contact the winner.

Oh, and we try to fight for this every time we do a giveaway, so I'm happy to report that this contest is open to anyone in the world!

Good luck, and may the best aspiring developer win!

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • Xochitl Sandoval

    I want to make a night owl app for people who are noturnal and can share they're favorite open locations. It's hard to find a good 24 hr chinese place!

    • http://www.mdknight.net Ish

      I'm sold on that idea already. +1x100

    • chromazone

      I would like to convert some interactive movie games I developed for the defunked bubble console for kids. the teletubbies on your android... hope this doesn't disqualify me straight away :)

    • http://www.chasemenow chase tinsley

      Want to write a US made "phone as a blackbox" version that utilizes the adk or ndk and can connect to other small cams around the car as well as possiblly some cars computer systems, esp since all these features address the DOT s worry about safe commercial contract driving, saves tons in possible traffic, legal, investigative, and soon mandated.fees for logging prevailing wage truck.drivers electronically - and it saves lives, would have ployd features with auto uploading to gov sites for small businesses that a Google apps marketplace developmentwould be done, as well as optional car dock/limited features, one eye beta or byte me phone spy features, and employee and fraud optional and subpoenaes services - lot of happy people can be easily done to offer cheaper with more than current things there goes my nda

  • JayMonster

    Want to write a decent Twitter app, because the bunch that are out there all suck.

  • Christo

    I'm interested in beginning with some simple school organization app... Obviously, it'd pretty much be tailored just for me, but it'd give me practice with setting up things like alarms, notifications, a simple database, etc. Basically, a useful learning experiment :)

  • Brian

    The first app I have in mind is a soundboard game for toddlers. Locks down all of the hard and soft buttons and puts from large, colorful shapes on the screen that change and make sounds when pressed.

    • rTiGd2

      Perhaps want to ensure the users have gorilla glass phones ;-)

      However, a damn fine idea there.

    • Smak_60

      An application that had the ability to copy your contacts from your fone our your google acct, and be able to mass message more than ten contacts at a time, there is a need to be able to send out mass messages to larger groups and ten at a time is very time consuming

  • Brandon G

    I'd make an app for my favorite podcast ON!VG! I really want those guys to succeed.

  • http://www.kovdev.com koveleski

    For my first project, I'd like to make an app that allows people to create and share their top 5s. You choose five categories and list your favorite selection.

    Results would be collected and you'd be able to see trends worldwide of what is most popular at any given moment.

    Interested to see the top song in the world at this moment? What is the top movie to see this weekend? What is everyone's favorite food?

    The list of possible categories is endless.

  • Adrian Lorenzana

    I was thinking about writing a nice terraria guide and publishing it to the market with things like animated previews of weapons and such, or a rift talent calculator

  • tehsusenoh

    I was going for a IP Camera program. I made one in Java, might as well on Android.

  • Jesse

    A better project management app (time manager/ invoicing / group collaboration, etc) and sync everything to the cloud.

    • http://quirijngrootbluemink.com Kiwi

      yes please! been looking for one of those for aaaages

  • http://www.brentmichaelkelley.com Brent Kelley

    I've thought about developing an app where you summon creatures from other realms to battle those summoned by other wizards. Possibly a campaign through different worlds (earth, limbo, hell, valhalla, etc.) to conquer all. Or maybe you contract with a city to provide defense.

    I envision mini-games within the main game where you'd earn currency and stuff. And, of course, you'd want to be able to play against your friends.

  • http://twitter.com/keysmack Keysmack

    I'm an aspiring developer. I know a little bit, but this book would really help me make that final step to actually doing something productive.

    My first major project is probably going to be fairly ambitious. I want to make a note-taking app that is designed for taking notes in a fast, simple, user-friendly way, especially with regards to taking notes during a class/lecture/meeting. It'll also be good for just jotting down a quick phone number or the like. I don't want to write out my entire design document on here, but I have it all planned out pretty specifically :P I really think I can bring something to the table that is different from what is already out there, and if not better, at least as good in its own way.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!


    • rTiGd2

      Might want to check out 'Catch' before you start that by the way.

      • http://twitter.com/keysmack Keysmack

        I've used Catch. It's nice, my favorite of the currently available note apps, but it doesn't fit my needs as well as I'd like. Maybe I'm the only person not satisfied, but even if so, it'll be a good learning experience.

  • rTiGd2

    I've been thinking about an app for Meetup.com.

    Using your meetup account and gps, you can find out when you are close to another person at the meetup, making it much easier to get the group together when in places like pubs/parks etc.

    Perhaps even have an augmented reality feature that can link names to faces just by looking at them with the phone camera. Oh wait, that's an app in itself, after all, who doesn't find it hard remembering someone's name 20 seconds after being introduced! :)

  • Afdzal Aamirus

    Was thinking of developing a pet menstrual cycle monitoring app.
    Help pet owners keep track of their pets' cycle.
    Works similar to a diary, except is geared very much towards pets.
    Useful for those who have multiple pets and haven't stayed/neutered their pets.

  • Chris Ford

    I am planning on writing an email app to be used with CM7 that will allow you to zoom in and out in HTML email.

    • rTiGd2

      Gahhhh! PLEASE write this! The CM7 email client sure does suck. Especially the really clunky scroll for HTML email, takes forever to move left/right.

  • goukisan

    an app that teaches you how to make apps!!!

  • Jason Smedley

    I want to make an application that is both web and android based. The application will be like a online classroom. Using Google+'s API which is hopefully released soon. Classes would be managed through circles. Circles will be able to be locked down by instructors and sub groups created. The application would also link in with live video in the classrooms for when you are not able to make it. As well as a dashboard for the instructor to ask questions during presentations. Basically I want to revolutionize the classroom.

  • Erik C

    I want to develop an all in one photo sharing and uploading app with which you could pick and choose which of the sites that you're on with the check of a box. Rather than having to go into an app for Flickr and then an app for Facebook. This way it's all in one place and you know which at the exact moment which photos have already gone where.

    There's so many databases out there that people can upload to these days and if you're like me, you've got your finger in most of the bigger ones.

    So what my app would allow you to do is snap your photo with your favorite camera app (it's possible I'd add this as a feature too) and then literally just check the boxes for which sites you want to upload to. (i.e flickr, picasa and even social sites like facebook and twitter) It would also give you an option for comments or descriptions of course.

  • Matthew

    I just finished my first app today! It doesn't do much but having a great book to help me out would be fantastic. I plan to make an app that is like a maze of doors with an objective to obtain items that are in some rooms in a specific order. Nothing that hasn't been done but a great way to learn Android! Thanks Android Police.

  • Paul Downs

    The app I have in mind is a cross between a family tree and a medical history - This would use both Bluetooth and Wireless to update your tree and medical history with family

    • rTiGd2

      Not too sure why the family tree element but that could be because both my parents are adopted so it wouldn't get too much use for me :)

      However, as someone with two chronic sicknesses, an app that details and tracks your own (or children's/partner's) medical history could be REALLY useful, especially when travelling.

  • Hector

    Because just once I'd like to win something.

  • http://esausilva.com Esau Silva

    I'm thinking on developing a P90X app. Currently there are not that many options on the Market. I would be making a Free Ad-Supported app and one paid Ad-free app.

  • http://www.droidgamers.com regor412

    i had this idea a while ago and I've yet to see it on any market. its one of those apps that you really don't realize you need it until its out there. i would make an app that lets you take a picture of all of your loose change, all on a flat surface, and then you would select which coins were in the pile and then it would calculate how much total change you have. i would start with just American change and then i would try to move on to different countries and allow their change to be counted, and also possibly put in an automated exchange rate that lets you see how much it is in other currency's

  • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

    There are 2 apps I want to develop, one being a music app that is expandable via plugins. the idea is to allow it to be used with gmusic, amazon, and other cloud service combined with local tracks. This way the program adapts to the user

    second app is a comic/manga reader that will allow the user to control the app with multi-touch gestures to turn pages, zoom in, etc...

  • Rodney

    I would like to make an application in which one could use their own sharing features. For example, one could send videos, audio messages, or posts by email, text, facebook, etc. You could then subscribe by rss or share within the application. It would also have an events section. Sort of like an all around business application.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/RigWig Tim

    I'd like to make an app for playing magic the gathering and possibly other table top card games. I think that having something like this on a touch interface the size of a tablet would be pretty cool.

  • Mengineer

    This would help me a lot. I want to make an app that connects the atmega1280 controlled outdoor weather stations I make. This way, won't have to use pachube or a server page to monitor when away from home . Unfortunately only c++ is all that's needed for mechanical engineer masters so I've forgot all java I learned in hs almost 10 years ago.

  • Ben

    I would make an app to help RIM employees make the transition to Android and Google service's.

  • Tom

    I would like to develop an app for finding/reviewing social spots in my hometown and evidentially expand it outwards.

  • TK

    My ideas are closely guarded secrets but I NEED this book ... you understand!

  • http://www.mdknight.net Ish

    Given the knowledge, I'd write a realistic app for syncing assorted data. Most of the syncing apps out now kinda suck and I refuse to use them. I'm happy with doing it manually. Well, as happy as I can be until I find a genuinely better way. But now I'm rambling. Hmm...maybe I should design a STFU app with settings for self, wife, gf/bf, and drunk friend.

  • jmc

    I would like to make a personal assistant app

  • Jason Taylor

    I would like to make an all in one Facebook, Twitter, RSS app that allows you to see everything in one application.

  • http://tresebrothers.com cory trese

    I would make a sweet rpg with no bugs. I want this book to learn Android development!

  • Zigmar

    It wouldn't be true to say what I'm doing now is my "first app". That's because my first app was started way back in a days of the first ADC (Android Developers Challenge, a developers competition for than-newly-announced platform, for those who don't remember). But I was only working part time on Android projects, writing some stuff for other people mostly, doing a bit consulting, etc.
    But now I'm finally free to do whatever I want! I've quit a full-time job to become a full time independent Android developer, and already have few project in pipeline and hopefully will able to release my first own Android apps to the Market soon. I'm currently working on two games, and one productivity app using finally implementing "for real" the idea that have been conceived during ADC - a universal tracker app, which allows to track borrowed disks, books, money, remind people and you about the time to return items, catalog items and keep track of their history.

  • Mark

    I'd like to make an app that helps amateur sports players make playing fields more accurately.

  • Christopher Banks

    I'm not sure why I've never seen a solid movie editing application on Android but I'd love to make one. It would definitely get a lot of attention.

    • rTiGd2

      What about Clesh?

  • http://plus.google.com/113974181374058734489 Sherman

    Honestly, I have several ideas running through my head. First though, I would like to write a couple of math related apps. One would be a conversion tool. Second I want a tool for more formulaic math, eventually I might even add in graphing capabilities, though that would probably be added in a later revision. After I get those going I would most likely move on to some of my more complex ideas.

  • curt

    I want to write a money management application which anyone can use regardless of their level of money management skills and allows them to speak commands that manage their money for them as an option, thus also allowing the blind to use it to manage their own money.

  • Psylink

    I plan to write an app that will take the work out of buying a new phone for those people that don't follow phones as closely. For example, prices from carrier, swappa, ebay, etc.

  • Kevin Caridad

    I want to write an app which would be filled with links and resources to help other future developers create their own apps, plus write about my own experience as well of developing!

  • Joel

    I'd like to create an app for the public library system. You'd be able to check the whole system's catalog. Location and availability. An 'ask the librarian' section. Maybe with a voice input option in it, with voice feedback. The ability to stream the whole system's movie and audio catalog. Which would also be great for school teachers as a tool. Community schedule of events calander, i.e. Polling sites during elections, kids corner, etc. With maybe a widget added with reminders for when your books are due back. It'd also be cool because the app could be used by university libraries as well. Something to make libraries more interactive.

  • Germán

    I'm working on developing a social networking resource sharing (tools, hardware, skills) application

  • bedwa

    I would write an application for new parents of preemies where you can track the feedings and weighings of bodily functions so that you have detailed information for your preemie's doctors reports.

  • Kyle

    An app that can compete with Zen Brush. Nothing on Android is any good...

  • Sanjoe

    I'd develop an application that could transfer all my calendar and bookmarks data to other devices.

  • mike

    I would like to make a calendar that can have different colors for different events. That's all

  • http://tridentcase.com E.J.Su

    I would like to develop an app geared specifically for industrial designers and concept artists.

  • LAmdroid

    make an app for food.

    plug in ur available ingredients and it'll search a database of recipes to return possible dishes that coincide w what u have.

  • Aaron

    My idea is very simple. I want to make a todo application where you set a start date for a task, and it remains completely invisible to you until it becomes relevant to you. I need to remember it, but I get anxiety with it being there in front of me but I can't do anything about it. So that's all I want.

    In the future, I might add some other features, but it would be pretty basic to start.

  • israfil48

    Thanks for this giveaway.I am novis in android development.This book helps me to improve my skill in android .I am thinking for good mobile manger app that helps me to manage my data stored in my mobile and cloud storage.

  • Jared

    I would like to make android games mostly. Particularly, i want to make a first person shooter type game. Naturally it would have its own unique features, but it's not quite fleshed out yet.

  • Chris

    Ive been dreaming of making an application that would do voice commands for anything in and out of other applications. Many a times that I have been cooking listening to music and want to change it but have no free hands. I want to just say "Android!" And it would respond "yes sir?" And I would say " next song please!" And it would change. The apps now are pretty cool but I haven't found an app that would change a.song for you with a voice command.

  • Javier

    I would make an intuitive social network widget that would merge all the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ into one scrollable widget. Not just the basic functions, but all the functions the full app has.

  • Raunak Chopra

    i m thinking of making a game called "angry dad" and it is not like angry bird...

  • Mohan

    Want to develop an App which converts whistling to tunes"

  • Larry

    I would love to make a Yahoo fantasy baseball widget. Would be cool to have live scoring right on the home screen.

  • Dhaval Yoganandi


    I am planning to make a CRM system on android as my first application.

  • James

    I would design full functioning ad-free apps ... donation only apps ... Music, photo editing, camera applications.. the more effects the better!!!

  • Jordan

    I want to make a Speech Recognition App kind of like Dragon.

  • OnlyZuul

    FourSquare meets SimCity

  • Matteo

    I want to develop an application that allows you to synchronize bookmarks directly with the default browser, and an application for travel ... that allows you to plan a trip by giving the goals and he will calculate the cost of hotels and transport immediately ...

  • mgamerz

    I plan on starting a cryptology app that works only in a certain group. Can't give too many ideas cause I don't want it stolen but I have plans laid out!

  • zach dasher

    I have been wanting to develop for android for a while. I have this idea that has to do with junk files on the sd card... I hate when apps make files on the sd card but doesnt delete them when the app is uninstalled. So that would be the first project definitely. Then I would move on to widgets, perhaps a scrolling rss reader? Thanks for the opportunity to win a great looking book

  • BigJay517

    I would like to develop an app that interfaces with a arduino. My current plan is to make a small control panel for my motorcycle. I want to have preset messages that I can send out/reply with if I get a text message. I will also allow it to share my GPS data with the microchip so I can get local weather or gas prices. I will be able to know if I need to turn around an head home so I am not caught in a big storm.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/ubipiel Stefan

    I'm planning on a result display app for all kinds of motor racing (RC, bikes, GT, F1). It will display available vehicle information, current laps, standings and visualize live racing data. Aims to enhance the experience of the race spectators at the circuits.

  • varudh

    Thanx.. i want to create an exam app?
    wondering what ??/
    i want to change the present scenario of pen and paper usage of android in phones i want to make an app which enables a student to attempt an exam from whichever place he is sitting after the lecture...

  • Azlan A

    I am planning to making an app for where it counts your heart beat every minute.

  • JamesM

    Planning to write a service that allows creation of notifications from anywhere by anything. Will require some web-service development which I am already familar with, but the Android app development is what I am looking forward to the most!

  • 6GhosT9

    I think about an app that takes data from the biggest apps out there so that newcomer knows which one of them (ie. 4square, gowalla, Twitter, blip) is the most popular among his FB/G+ friends... :)

  • http://workingbinary.com/ Alam

    I want to create a home replacement application that designed and to be used by senior citizen. Thought I'm not sure if the book suit to my need, but I supposed it can help me a lot.
    And if anyone already known if such apps exist please comment. I would like to install it on my mother's phone.

    Thanks for the giveaway BTW.

  • OJ

    I would really like to learn the Android Platform and develop apps for teaching and learning exercises that can be used in tablet's to assist children with learning disabilities.

  • Lenny

    I am interesting to rewrite the SFA (from the client/server desktop/laptop to wireless/tablet). That is not a small project and first thing that I am looking for is a database connectivity/synchronization if it possible.
    The best thing is to make it works with the SYBASE ;-))

  • Ary D.

    i want to make a mood based activity suggestion app.
    once you define your profile - age, gender, hobbies, etc.
    then the app will ask your for your current moof and based on your location, time (work/free/ night/day...) will suggest you an activity.

    Activity could be anything harvesed online: buy a book just published or on sale that matches you hobby or interest.
    go out to a movie that is playing near by and can get u out of the blues.
    watch a youtube that is marked funny, or discusses a matter related to your interest.
    and etc.

    later it can hookup people with similar moods or interests that happen to be not far from eachother (based on location)
    even thinking how it can connect strangers in facebook or google+

    i am no stranger to code, just need time and a good guidebook. in many cases a book like this giveaway can help be the initial trigger.

  • Elviss

    I have already made my first project ( Swapper ) and some others ( LCDDensity for root, Shark for root), but I still would like to have this book.
    I'm interested in creating OpenGL version of my game prototype (unreleased yet, made using SurfaceView :) ) as next project. Other interesting things I would like to dig into are communication with other devices (WiFi local network, Bluetooth, new "gadget" usb protocol...), like Arduino based gadgets and NDK (have done some projects that required NDK but debugging native code is still painful for me :) )
    Other reason why this book is useful is to help others learn Android development.
    I hope I'm qualified for this giveaway even if I already have "first project" :)

  • Justin T.

    I am actually attempting to make a Social Geolocation app specifically for Skaters to share skatespots and what not. And this book will help so much with making that app possible

  • Justin T.

    I am actually attempting to make a Social Geolocation app specifically for Skaters to share skatespots and what not. And this book will help so much with making that app possible.

    Oh and It's my birthday on July 7th so this would make a great present! ;P

  • Martyn

    I'm going to make an app that allows you to speak to dolphins.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mhluciani Mark

    Well, I can see there are some amazing suggestions already!
    For me: I just really want to get started in Android app development as the idea of creating something of your own you can share with the world boggles my mind.
    So as a complete amateur, I was thinking of starting with a web-comic reader for Scandinavia and the World but from then on: who knows! My passion is tech and Infectious Medicine, so when my skills improve hopefully I'll make something awesome combining those two :)

  • Matthew

    I want to make an app that uses your phone's LED or screen to transmit Morse code that you type in as regular text.
    If that's done already I'll try to do something else...

  • Scot

    As an attorney, I'd like to develop an app with information about our judicial system. As a dad of 2 little kids, I'd also like to create a cleanliness rating app for public bathrooms.

  • ajay

    I want to work on reality recognition software & Physical Social Networks
    so next time we are in an unknown place
    or in front of unknown elements such as a tree we can know from Wikipedia about the name,type & all necessary information by just pointing out mobile in front of that tree.
    & from Physical Social Networks app we can find our friends in any specific place just as physical tagging.

  • Rami

    Oh, my list of "wanna-code" hobby projects is endless! Currently I am working on my first real Android application for viewing local bus timetables that also uses Google Maps API. It is mostly for learning purposes and probably will not be published (even though it is starting to be fully functional and usable).

    Then there are a handful of simple games. But what really interests me is that I have few microcontroller development platforms with I would like communicate with Andoid ... perhaps some sort of measuring or home automation application. Or maybe some sort of a bluetooth game controller...

    On tablet side, if I ever have one, I would perhaps work on board games (net / bluetooth / hotseat multiplayer) as that platform would be ideal for that sort of thing.

    Too many ideas too little time. :|

  • bhm

    Godfather/Mafia like game in Noir setting, with controlling the territory over the real world. Using MtG like fight system.
    How about fighting for a turf, over bluetooth, while waiting for a bus?

  • Jordon

    I want to make an app for android that scans someones face or your face (front camera use) and tells the mood of the certain person. I want the book really bad.

  • http://www.twitter.com/stewart_wallace stewart wallace

    i want to create a really good quiz app with achivements and score uploads to google+ facebook twitter etc and an option to create a profile

  • Antonio

    I'd like to write an application that lets you see, manage and add to calendar all the courses of italian university. You can select your own class, add some courses to fav and stuff :D

  • ta ki pa

    i want to write an app that can break through the great firewall of china, an app when open, tethering or wifi hotspot to computers will be able to visit any websites on earth!

  • satikris

    A translation app which will be voice enabled can be used in any country irrespective of the place ur and u dont get lost

  • Vivek

    I want to code an app that can be used to change phones ringtone profile according to the current time. For example, I will be able to configure it so that phone goes to silent or vibrate for sleep time. Also, it will set vibrate profile as soon as I put the phone in pocket.

  • Shoshana Becker

    I want to create an rpg for android that rivals those on iphone (etc). Non of the android rpgs or for that matter regular games are worth playing like on other os's.

  • http://brajn.org Martin

    I want to make a math game to help my niece learn basic math :)

  • http://Www.moochwebdesign.com.au Stephen hill

    I would love this book to develop the app I think would change the world, however secret squirrel. All I promise is that's it's not another fart app.....that's going to be my second app

  • Islam Youssef

    Thanks for the givaway, I'd like to develop a social aggregator which include G+ feeds

  • Jordon

    I also want to create zombie games that compete with those on the ios.

  • http://www.post-polio.org.uk ChrisS

    Why would anyone who has a seriously good idea for an app want to publish that idea before development? Not that I have any such ideas at the moment but if I did they would be worth more than $31.17!

  • Defiant

    My first application will be a comprehensive profile switcher that will allow you to do complex profile changes based on things like: physical location, time of day, etc.

  • Graham Hood

    I want my first app to fill a gap in the music discovery market. I saw an app on the iPhone which linked you from one artist to another in a really intuitive way, but there is nothing like quite like that used quite so simply on droid at the moment.

  • SuperArn

    TrafficApp/Greendroid/GoDroid - calculates optimal speed to approach traffic lights to basically ensure catching the green light. Way back some traffic lights (called `robots` here in South Africa) had displays along the road and if you followed the shown speed u`d be guaranteed not being stopped by a red light! This will help traffic flow & congestion too - - a bunch of cars parked at a red robot cause extra delays - less road rage. Also to really make it work EVERYONE needs an android :) Green sticker in vehicles rear window, to promote its awareness (also then iPad users know who to follow) & finally - to replace robots with androids - cool. Could work alongside map/nav apps & could `learn` light/traffic patterns from existing users © me 2011

  • Rahul Dhaka

    I want to write an app for my local bus charts. Since i live in india and net connectivity is not very good it would be handy to have a bus travel planner which works offline using a database. Choosing the current area and destination will give you a list of routes with all fares included.

    • SuperArn

      cool idea! ..and if each bus driver has his android GPS u know exactly how on time its gonna be too, or if it reads from fellow commuters on the bus you're planning

  • Mindreich

    An proper android version of something like CCleaner on the PC

  • http://vitamix.com gary holsopple

    I would like to make an app that would be able to take sales orders from remote locations

  • Iulian Arcus

    I just got an offer to port an iPhone game to Android for simultaneous release! This would be of great help!

    • SuperArn

      have a look at http://xmlvm.org/overview - a toolchain for byte code level porting mobile apps using xml, they have some example games successfully ported, good op-port-unity

  • http://www.thelatestpheanom.wordpress.com Bhavick

    I actually want to try out developing Wifi and Bluetooth related apps.

    i do have an idea. ever seen those video games in arcade arenas and malls where a single game/video is being played on 2-3 screens combined to make it look like a bigger video

    Like a single advertisement being played on 6 tv's combined..

    i want to make a similar app for android where you can combine 2-3 phones via Wifi or bluetooth and have them play a movie combined.
    For example you take four 4.3" phones and display them in a 2 x 2 square tile format. so as a whole the screen size is 8.6"

    Using this app you get them connected via bluetooth or Wifi and have a video play on the four screens combined.. it would be like watching it on a tablet :D

    it can always help if a group of friends hangout together they can use their phones at anyplace and anytime and watch a movie together :D

    • SuperArn

      +1 love it, even have the keyboard & toolbar over on a 2nd phone/pad would be awesome, mmm if the simultaneous wifi connections between 2, 3 or 4 phones are shared (distributed) would they download x4 times faster?

  • SpikedRed

    A very nice contest.

  • Jay W.

    I have been toying around with a concept for a restaurant reservation related app, and I think I'd like to take a stab at it.

  • Darrell

    I want to make an app that allows a user to snap a picture of someone and then uses a complex algorithm to calculate how many goats they are worth as a dowry.

    I expect it to be a big hit in countries that don't actually have smart phones.

  • http://www.gedzis.net Gedzis

    I am thinking about creating app for Eurobasket 2011 in Lithuania

  • http://Rasifranks.com Adam

    Im interested in creating a gps app that can inform you of predetermined criteria before you start using it. Such as restaurants within 2 miles of your route. Or hotels, etc.

    This would be especially useful for taking trips and being able to decide when to pull over and when to keep driving.

    You may even be able to set up an account with local merchants near highly trafficked roads/highways that want their businesses to pop up while users are using it. ;)

  • http://www.der5er.com Greg Epps

    I want to make an app that automatically starts my corporate VPN if I navigate to certain domains in the browser (or maybe even my own browser).

  • Mohd Zahir

    i want to develop M-PC ( Mobile Pregnancy Care )

  • Dan

    I've been working on some home automation software that integrates with sensors, cameras, power controls, etc. I'd really like to make an android app to work with it.

  • Kie

    I'm looking to get started with android app development

  • Brandon Bradley

    Don't have anything in particular that i'd like to build.. but i'd like to learn.

  • John

    I want to make a medical app for parents with special needs. Something to track medicines, dosage, last time taken, and set reminders for next dosage. There is so much more that it needs to do beyond this simple description.

  • Ben
  • https://plus.google.com/111910121745988243943 Henson

    When the G+ API comes out, which I'm hoping will give me just enough time to hone my skills, I'd like to create an App that allows you to manage your ring-tones for different Circles. Right now, Circles don't (yet) translate into Contact groups.

  • http://www.bencallis.co.uk Ben123

    I would attempt a HoneyComb optimised IM client.

  • Todd

    looking to make an app that makes adjusting/disabling sounds easier

  • Josh Ayto

    I'd like to make android version of Barcodas from iOS. So something to scan bar codes and make music from it. Kinda simple and fun.

    And be being on android it will be 100 times better.

    As a side note I've been meaning to start really learning android coding for while, maybe this could be the catalyst!

  • http://www.geekswithguns.com Wil Dobson

    I'm hoping to bring an app which I can tie into an M$ Exchange system and a custom web-based help-desk, change control and approvals app to offer notifications for appointments, waiting approvals, inbox, voicemails, change-control and other alerts so I can show the power of android to the corporate world I work in, where they think an iPad is a 'business tool'..! HAA!

  • Jason

    First I'm making my own Twitter app that also has GOOD tablet support. The ones out there suck. Then I have another few ideas that shall remain mine for the time being.

  • Diego

    I want to make a cooking app, more like a recipe book, that can tell me based on the thigns i have what can i cook, show videos, or/and pictures of what i am cooking etc

  • Ajai Gopal

    Hi Team,

    I would love to develop an android app which will backup my entire phone data on a click and restore after a crash (or) an upgrade.

    Personally searched android market for such an app, but either it was spread as multiple applications (or) not available for FREE.

    Hence I would like to contribute back to the android community.

    Ajai G

  • http://jel-sg-life.blogspot.com Jel To-ong

    I've got a couple of ideas for APPS that i like to develop:

    1. Android app that can be used to report crimes specifically in my country which has all the emergency nos. and auto uploads video, photo or audio to government or police department database. This is to help citizens report crimes, corruption and abuse. It has an ability to timestamp, watermark and users may opt to be anonymous or not.
    2. Another app is a simple one to be used by amputees or those driving. When a call comes in one has to only speak anything. The app detects audible sound and answers the call.

  • Hernán Erasmo

    Perhaps it's very ambitious for someone with an intermediate knowledge of Java (hello!) but I'd like to make a puzzle game for my first Android app.

    I think it would be cool to add some kind of cooperative multiplayer over bluetooth. Like the cooperative challenges in Little Big Planet where you need a partner to complete secondary goals. (Although I know that the second that I'm able to produce a pice of code runnable enough to be in the Market, I'll upload it. Just to know what it feels like to be an Android developer :P )

    I've got a copy of "The Android Developer's Cookbook" and I think it's very useful for people with experience programming for Android and at least some basic knowledge of the APIs. I'm sure someday it will save me a lot of time because it's very to-the-point "So you want to do this? Here's the code. Oh, this other thing? Here you go."
    Unfortunately being a newbie to programming for mobile devices I'm eager to make a great top-selling game, but I'd like to learn in the process. Not just copy/paste code. And I think this book can help me with that.

    Sorry if I made my comment too long. Thank you for reading it.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  • Ritesh

    i want to make a news paper app.as we all know most of the news papers are connected with facebook.i have to take the rss feed of every news paper.i will collect all the data of famous news paper country wise and then comment and like of the user will we shown on the post of news paper page on facebook.its a good idea because no one want to go to more than a few papers page and read the article and then come back go like and comment on facebook.

  • http://www.anthonyrmiller.com Tony

    I want to develop a timer applicaiton with set times included and the ability to set your own time durations. Usefull for both cooking and dining out.

  • M. Slampak

    I have a couple apps in mind, but don't really want to divulge any details :-x

  • Chris

    I definitely want to make some nice, smooth Live Wallpapers, there are a lack of simple minimalist ones.

  • Scott

    I want to make an awesome free game for the community :)

  • Aeefire

    I'd make a tiny database application including a QR-Scanner. Just to improve my Android knowledge!

  • David alvarez

    I want to make an fm transmitter app for the htc evo. =)

  • Zepius

    i'd like to write an app that hooks into the different states traffic information (in TN its tdot) to pull real time traffic data

  • stastik

    go to library.nu, enter android wireless and download the book.

  • http://NaitoOfNarnia.Xanga.com Michael Miller, Jr

    I'm already in pre-production of a 2D space shooter game which will use the built-in gyriscopic senor to change viewing perspectives to navigate through mission enemies and obstacles...ultimately incorporating 3D elements similar to Super Paper Mario for the Wii. My team and I are writing the gameplay to develop via a "choose your own adventure" style of story telling. The weapon systems will also have advanced customization not normally seen in classic 2D space shooters.

  • Mark

    I'd like to make a note-taker that links to Google tasks and Google docs.

  • http://O_O palmer nyako

    haha, as a aspiring developer, ill be honesty, ill take all the help i can get
    lol. I would definitely appreciate this gift on my path to android market conquest

  • http://twitter.com/stewart_wallace stewart wallace
  • http://Constructing Corey R. Chrysler

    I have both a CDL and pilots lic. I bought the first g1, still have. I have worked on it, modding,ect. Got new g2x. Keeping stock. Id like to build more apis that help me do my jobs easier. I really wish I had these when I drove.
    Already have some material. So either way, I plan to continue.
    Thanks. CrC

  • Jane E Blackford

    I don't know where to start writing apps, but I would like to, I used to write programs for my VIC 20 about 35 years ago! I would love an app that you put in where you are going (any country) and your interests, and it will tell you places to visit.

  • Kevin Wedderburn

    I recently returned home from the middle east where I worked for a private company as an Environmental Engineer for the past 8 years. As I am currently unemployed at home (NYC) hanging out every day and enjoying the summer I have more time than I've ever had to learn and create.

    The app I want to create is a better way for friends to automatically connect cellular devices when in near proximity to each other while tying in local resources and social features.

  • Eric

    I've been working hard on learning how to develop android apps, but I still have a good ways to go. I'd love this book.

    As for what app I'd like to make, I'd really like to work on honeycomb apps. A few apps I'd like to work on include twitter/facebook apps, Read it Later/Instapaper client, and the one I'm most interested in, my twist on a flipboard-esque rss reader.

  • http://www.thoughtspark.org Jeremy W.

    I'm working on a DirecTV remote app that could evolve into a cloud-based media delivery/management system.


    I think a easy to use witless sync or an app that makes shortcuts for movies on the home screen similar to the inception pp for the SGS4G or avatar on the vibrant

  • bz

    An Arabic TTS news reader from RSS, twitter and intelligent suggestions..

  • Afzal

    I have been developing an Android GTFS Reader app. Well I decided to scrap it quarter-way through because almost everyone has a data connection now.
    Instead, now I want to make an app that displays the next bus time of the nearest stop. That's it, no frills, just a fast nearest next bus time display.

  • Yang

    I want to develop a conference app whereby the user can host conference directly from his android mobile and others can access it via a web link.

  • Dar

    It'd love a copy of this, I'd really like to write an app of my own.

  • mskks64

    I want to make a few tablet specific apps. I would love to give you more details but you have to wait until i get the book and finish get it made.

  • Taylor

    I'd love to start developing Android applications as a hobby, but I need a book like this to help lower the learning curve. For my first app, I'd like to make a better job search application.