While Sony broke the news of its upcoming S1 and S2 tablets back in April, there has been little info surrounding the pair since then - until today, that is. German blog Golem got some hands on action with the duo, and even took the time to grab a really quick video of the S2. Before I go any further, have a look:

As anticlimactic as that is, it does give a better idea of the form factor of this dual-screened oddity. Golem compared the feel to a Nintendo DS, and noted that it includes an obvious Playstation logo, suggesting that this device is designed for mobile gaming.

While they didn't take a video of the S1, it was noted that they were able to play Crash Bandicoot on the device, and it worked "surprisingly well."


Both devices are said to be running a heavily modified version of Honeycomb, but Sony wouldn't allow any pictures of the UI to escape just yet.

[Golem via Electronista]

Cameron Summerson
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  • mskks64

    NOT a good start haha!

  • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com Brandon

    Not impressed? Trying to figure out how any judgement can be made from 18 sec. Am I impressed? No. Am I not impressed? No.

  • Cody

    What he said. From the title it seems as if Android Police got a hands on and was not impressed. You can't draw such conclusions from a few seconds of video. OMG he Launched the web browser, I'm not impressed.

  • Alex

    Yeah I don't get day what's so unimpressive about this.Care to elaborate?

  • arunasena

    Hmmm Sony is realy pushing it scopes in terms of form factor. Gotta admit S1 looks sleek

  • http://davidtheinsane.tumblr.com/ David

    The clam shell design is just terrible. This isn't 1999 or a Nintendo DS. Who greenlit that curve design?! Yikes. Not to mention it will be way overpriced with Sony tax.

  • bryan

    personally i cant wait for the s2, makes it easy to throw in a bag if the screen is portected all the time... can open sideways kinda like a book.. and cool gaming interfaces. cause lets admit it.. the games on the market are about all the creativity you can come up with for a flat screen. now here is something new for developers to use to make small time waister games with