Good news for those of you in the UK (or anyone else that likes to keep up with UK news): The Times for Android has finally hit the Android Market! The app brings The Times and The Sunday Times to the palm of your hand, with "the latest stories on your screen almost as fast as they are written," according to the Market description. It also allows you to customize the layout for quick access to the news that you care about, full picture galleries, and the ability to save stories for later.

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Unfortunately, it looks like this version is more of an open beta, and will only be free for a limited amount of time. Once the trial period runs out, you'll have to be a Times subscriber to continue using it.

The Market description also notes that this app is in on-going development (hence my suggestion that it's basically an open beta) and encourages you to send your feedback.

You can grab it from the widget below.

Cameron Summerson
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  • baley

    Well The Times is owned by Murdoch, I wouldn't expect it to be free anyway.

  • http://scotsvoiplog.blogspot.com/ Scot

    "Good news for those of you in the UK"

    Have you actually read the Times?

    News? yes. Good news? not so sure.

  • edd

    The prices of their paywall are ridiculous - Murdoch's biggest mistake since cancelling Arrested Development...