Every once in a while we get a humorous tip that is just too good to pass up. Check out what happens when you translate "Android 2.3.4" from German to English with Google Translate:

2011-06-30 14h56_33

Whoops! It looks like you'll get the same result when you search for any version with 3 digits, from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4. Hit the link below to see it for yourself.


Thanks, Josh!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Epic lulz. I literally lolled when I saw this.

  • Jim

    It's actually german to anything. It doesn't have to be german to english. I still find it strange that it's only with the X.X.X after it..

    • Coldman

      And not with all Android versions either - only some work.

  • Zack

    HAHAHAHA epic lulz indeed that is awesome

  • kr

    Considering how google translate works, it's not completely out of the blue...


    Still embarrassing, though.

  • stevenet99

    It doesn't do it if you type it the proper way with a capital "A".

  • Alex

    That is brilliant. I also actually lol'd

  • Mark S

    No wonder the stats for how many Europeans buying a smartphone were heavily skewed toward iPhone. All of the Germans actually said Android but it translated wrong. :-)

  • DevilDogVIKING

    I think this has been fixed, doesn't work anymore!

  • freddy

    translated: if you're dumb enough to translate 'android', you should get an iphone.

  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    Makes sense: after all, Android is constantly playing catchup with iOS.

  • Buddy

    if you're dumb enough to translate "android" you probably own an iphone! :D

  • Dendi

    дану неочень