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EVO 3D owners: want to be able to use the HTC Watch app and have access to The Green Hornet in full 3D, but wary that the system update may not be easily rooted? Well, you aren't alone. XDA user str8upx has extracted the updated HTC Watch .apk from the system update and has made it available to download for anyone who has not yet updated. This will enable users to use HTC Watch to its full ability, including watching the pre-loaded Green Hornet film.

Also included is the HTC Watch .apk itself (not the update), though it shouldn't be required. Both can be downloaded at the source link below.

Source: XDA

Thanks, Joshua!

  • richardyarrell

    I'm loving my htc evo 3d the best aspect about this device is the battery no other android device is better that's for sure...

  • http://none mdtyler

    Thanks a lot. Loving my Evo3D

  • http://Jun Jun

    Griselis flored

  • http://Jun Jun

    Griselis flores

  • RichN

    How do you install this. I accidentally uninstalled the Watch app. I still have the Watch widget though

  • james braselton

    hi there what about lg thrill 3d android for now i am useing 3d mspot 3d movie service why not add htc watch movie app too 3d tvs and nintendo 3ds as well

  • Brooke Taylor 76

    how do i download from Watch App if NO Wi Fi connection. Frrustrated

  • hi all

    Yaj tataj awah we heleed zaagaad ogooch