Update: If you're the type that likes your games to be ad-free, then you'll be glad to know that Cut the Rope just landed in the Android Market sans ads. Of course, this mean you'll have to pay for it, but at $0.99, it's probably not going to break the bank. Hit the widget for download.

Today is just getting better and better with all these early presents. Only a few hours ago Atrix owners got their bootloaders unlocked a good couple of weeks early, and now one of the most anticipated games in recent history, Cut The Rope (don't be confused by the clones), got released a day early as well.

Expected on Friday, at least based on a series of peculiar tweets from the @CTRAndroid Twitter accounts, this iOS hit is available for download immediately via one of the top alternative Android Markets called GetJar. Having downloaded and installed the 14MB package, I can tell you that it runs very smoothly on the EVO 4G, and outside of the ads on the bottom, I can't tell the difference between the iOS version and this one. Well done, Zeptolab!

And now, without further ado, download away: Cut The Rope on GetJar

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Thanks, Paul!

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Rob

    Hmm, some graphics, namely the stars and snake/frog don't load. I hope they fix this because I had the same problem with Plants vs.Zombies.

    • Mark

      It would probably be helpful if you mentioned what handset you're using.

      • Rob

        Probably not as no one would be able to help.

        • Chris

          Rob, it might not help you, but it would inform others who have the same handset as you, since they'd know of your troubles.

  • aj

    Runs super smooth on my Nexus S

  • http://android.net wicked

    Sweet! Thanks Artem! Downloading now.

  • Alex

    pretty weird, it like speeds up and slows down on my g2x...

  • Pip

    Not been on getjar in ages! Plays fine HTC Desire.

  • JanK

    Galaxy Spica - nicely playable.
    (Only intro animation of CardBoard cutting is not smooth, which doesn't matter)

  • torsrex

    Thanks for writing this! I would never have thought it would be on getjar, and would propably miss this one if you hadn't written it. The game works extremely good on my desire HD! No blur, and the graphics are better than any of the clones out there!

  • John

    Crashes on my OG Droid :(

  • ErsMerz

    Super smooth, looks very very good!!!

  • gring

    very very good on my galaxy s2 :-)

  • ttam

    force closes on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 4G.....what's up with needing to read contact info????

  • me

    Its won't play on galaxy s.
    Stuck in various screens.

  • http://asdf.com asdf

    crashes and is slow on original droid

  • mar

    slow loading time on my samsung galaxy i9000... but when loaded plays flawlessly

  • Vivec

    Runs smooth on my nexus s.

    Btw, cardboard cutting animation is not supposed to be smooth, it represents loading bar.

  • Laurence

    If you already installed the .apk from GetJar, and then you install the paid version from the Android Market, will it overwrite the original and save your progress through levels etc?

  • Chris

    Crashes on galaxy s2 when I get to the levels that require me to rotate a ships wheel

    • Jimbo

      Same here! Great game, but when turning the wheel it crashes unless i do it slowly. Galaxy s II

  • Guest

    Crashes on Galaxy S2 when you try to rotate a ships wheel :-/

  • Lookatthemonkeys

    I only clicked because I wanted to see OP video review it.....