While the US patiently waits for any of its carriers to announce the Samsung Galaxy S II, our neighbor to the north just got itself a heaping helping of awesome. Not just one or two, but three Canadian carriers - Bell, Virgin Mobile, and SaskTel - announced that they would be carrying this superphone in the coming weeks.

The only carrier to provide any worthwhile info was SaskTel, stating that the GSII will come in for $79.99 with a three-year agreement, but no official release date was pegged.

While both release date and pricing are completely lacking for Virgin and Bell, you can sign up to win one at Bell's GSII landing page.

[Bell, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • L boogie

    Wtf!!!! How long does it really take for one phone to come to the u.s? Let me guess a certain phone has to come out first before samsung releases it or the phone carriers are implementing their usual legion of garbage on the phone before release and God help vzw if they ruin the function with Bing in addition to their atrocious bloatware.

    • Jim

      By the time it is released in the US the 1.4ghz version will be released in Asia. Is the US not that important to Samsung?


    this really sucks. But in the end you are better of if you import the international version anyway. Updates will be faster

  • wp7isthebest

    hahaha man samsung hates making money i guess

  • Eggcake
    • new gsii

      Got mine 5 days ago. no issue with display. have to say the phone is even better than it was hyped to be... wow!

  • L boogie

    At this rate, By the time it ACTUALLY arrives in the u.s, the hopefully exynos-powered, quad-core gs 3 would be ready to rock the masses, not to mention, a new legion of smartphones that would be also coming out to party

    • Jim

      By the time the Galaxy S2 comes to the US the Nvidea quad core phones will be out. By then it will be way faster than the 1.2 or 1.4ghz Samsung dual cores.

  • Skillit

    I guess you all can blame Apple patent trolling for the delay lunch o Galaxy S2 on the US.

  • Ranmaniac

    Um... They leaked late July for Verizon and Sprint about a month ago... I'm sure AT&T will follow suit.... This is a non-story

    • Cameron Summerson

      The point of the story isn't that it has yet to come to the US, but to mention the specific carriers that it will be available on in Canada.

  • Tee

    I just don't know about the rest of you, but to me these kind of news are just the wierdest ones. In my country you just go to the electronics store and simply buy the device. No operators messing in the middle if you don't want to...

  • BBC

    It's not Samsung's fault. It is the carriers who are delaying the process by adding useless bloatware to the phone.

  • jay

    canadas economy generates more money than the united states there richer therefore samsung is gonna try and sell it in canada first where there gonna make more money

    • will

      Canadas economy is better than the usa's....where and what have you been reading?? If the samsung galaxy s2 does get to the usa it will have better software anyways and will be diffrent than canadas...the usa has a competative market therefore samsung will come up with better software packing when its released...canadas economy better than the usa's????lmao

  • alvaro

    hi, i'm from spain and i have this phone since 24-may.

    The phone is absolutely incredible. took me long to hold out until it went on sale here, so I can not imagine what the Americans are suffering.

    encourage you to wait, and have no doubt that mobile is the best currently on sale