If you play the popular Scrabble clone Words With Friends on a Honeycomb tablet, then you may have noticed something a bit odd lately: it no longer shows up in the app tray. That's because Zynga - apparently unknowingly to its support staff - dropped Honeycomb support from the game. When one of our readers tried to contact Zynga asking why WWF was no longer supported on Android 3.0+, this is the response that was received:

Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Support!

Currently, Words With Friends and Chess With Friends are only supported on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android devices. We are working to support other devices and hope to provide access to our players using these other devices in the near future.

You can follow us on Facebook at:
http://www.facebook.com/WordsWithFriends and

Thank you for the inquiry!

Kind regards,
Zynga With Friends Customer Support

Judging by this reaction, I think it's probably safe to say that Zynga has absolutely no clue what Android actually is. This is what I get when I pull up WWF in the Android Market:

2011-06-28 13h08_16

As you can see, it clearly shows as incompatible with my Tab 10.1. Naturally, this leaves us wondering: what gives, Zynga? Two days ago WWF worked fine on Honeycomb, and now you don't even acknowledge its existence?

We're keeping a close eye on this story, and we'll make sure to keep you updated as more information arises.

Thanks, Yvette!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Rich

    It might be as simple as they released an update and messed up the manifest file that declares supported OS versions and required features. I doubt they'd intentionally remove a class of previous compatible devices.

  • Epsilon

    Does it still work if you install it?

    What about if you already had it but refuse to update it?

    • marg

      My Xoom won't let me refuse the update. My games are frozen..

  • Ian

    WordFeud is better anyway.

    • portnoyd

      Came here to say this.

  • wackadroid

    WWf never "worked" on honeycomb to begin with!! it only worked in portrait mode and a 1/3 of the letters were covered by Zyngas stupid self promotion. It doesnt surprise me that Zynga blew it again, they have blown it every singel time on android.

  • Todd L

    It still works if you have it installed. I found this out yesterday when re-installing it on Tab 10.1. It wasn't in my Apps list but was still available to play just as normal (not great but works). You can still install it from GetJar just fine and play it.
    I assumed this was in lieu of them stating they are close to having a Honeycomb version and it was going to arrive soon.
    They had in their description that Honeycomb was around the corner and not too long ago (2 days?) they released video of their Honeycomb version.

  • bobomb

    WWF is absolutely horrible. It should be great. The actual gameplay is... when it works. Except for the full page ads in between EVERY GOD DAMN TURN.

    Until they make the game actually work, and not make it completely annoying to play, count me out.

  • Win

    The idiotic part is that the reader asked about Honeycomb support but got a response saying the game is only supported on Android and iOS, but not other devices. Zynga's support is clearly full of morons.

  • Zynga Sucks

    Zynga support = How much money do you have for me today, err I mean how can I help you today?

  • Federico

    Facebook for Android did the same thing

  • You

    Android fragmentation is the most moronic thing in this whole story. Completely ridiculous that anyone would think this is a viable product scenario. Terrible.

    • Randy

      Who would think that selling a device that can only be manufactured by apple and software produced by apple would be a viable product scenario?

  • DA

    iPad is not WWF, but Words HD. I sent a support request AGES agon on honeycomb asking why 1/3 for the tiles weren't visible, you'd think that was a simple update/fix, but of course there was no reply.

    Maybe they're killing support for free WWF so they can release a PAID WHD? - I'm not buying it on BOTH platforms, so I home they assign it to oyur login rather than your device...... (big wish)

  • Randy

    Guys, I would assume that they are about to release, as DA said, a Words HD version for Honeycomb as they did for iPad. As you can see in the (I assume) last update of the product. The first note under the whats new section states:

    "We are actively working on improving the Words With Friends as much as possible. Players can look forward to expecting a Honeycomb version soon."

  • Matt

    I like that it says WWF and ChessWF is on Android lol

  • word superfly

    I have the G-Slate and played WWF with no issues until the update. The first time e popup asked to update I clicked and updated. E game went blank after that. I contacted customee support WWF and all they responded with was form email responses that did not address my problem at all. I uninstalled WWF and then it told me it was not compatible and would not let me download the game again. I then searched e internet and found the old version which I downloaded. This version works perfectly on my "honeycomb" G-slate. Now the pop up to upgrade keeps popping up and will not let me make any moves

  • word superfly

    WTF WWF! Sorry for all the typos. I will change my name to vertual keyboard loser.

    Point is, the game worked and now it doesn't. It will not let me play the older version. F-this game!!!!!!!!
    Any of the sponsors reading this. I'm not alone!!!

  • Jeff

    It also quit working on my rooted Nook Color running Cynanogen Mod-7.1.0_RC1 (Android 2.3.4, not Honeycomb) maybe on 8/23/2011 or so. It suddenly wanted me to update (no option not to), took me to the Market and then refused to update saying that it wasn't compatible with my device. I had enjoyed playing it for quite some time back when it WAS compatible with my device.

    • Ben

      Same here. Rooted nook no longer supported! Here today gone tomorrow.

      • Jeff

        I got it back by uninstalling updates to the Market (reverting it back to the version that was originally installed when I rooted), then *very quickly* reinstalling WWF from the original version of the Market (before it updated itself again). The problem wasn't WWF, it was the new and improved Market.

  • Ian

    This app shows up as not compatible with my Galaxy Y which operates on gingerbread - is there any news of a possible fix for this in the future?

  • (former) WWF addict

    A Dec 29 Words with Friends software "update" once again made it incompatible with tablets running Honeycomb. The game force closes every time it is opened, and uninstall-reinstall cycles don't fix anything.

    You should check out the comments in the Android Market for more detailed user complaints.

    The whole point of social games like Words with Friends is to get us sad people addicted to them. Why isn't user misery be a top priority for these people? How is it possible that Zynga has not fixed the problem in 12 days?

    • S. Fox

      Got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for Christmas. Came preloaded with WWF. Forces close constantly. Cannot uninstall/reinstall (because it was preloaded??) Is it a lost cause? Totally unusable app at this point.

  • Mike

    On ICS the update caused WWF to crash every time I launched. Strangely, reporting the crash never worked.

    After rebooting and clearing the cache did not work, I removed the app and reinstalled.

    The WWF works now, and seems to be a nice app. HOWEVER, just yesterday I paid $2.99 to remove ads from the app. The ads are now back. In fact, I can't even find a link to the game store in the new app.

    I filed a support request with zygna. We'll see what the response is. Annoyingly, there's no recourse through the Android market as they leave in-app purchase refunds totally to the app developer.

  • Paula

    WWF does not work on NextBooks Premium 8 tablet either..

  • Olsonako6

    Since Google play updated on my Motorola Xoom, WWF froze. I uninstalled to reinstall WWF but Play store says no connection retry and when I try to download WWF from browser it says its already installed yet there is no icon for WWF or download showing for it. Help! I need my WWF back!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elly.cartwright Elly Anne Cartwright

    i have been trying to download words with frineds on my galaxy y but it says my device is incompatable.  i really enjoy playing this game when on fb and would also like it on my phone so i can play it on the move instead of wating till i can get to a computer so i can take my go.  does anyone know if there will be a version that supports the galaxy y

  • Matt

    is there anyway to get words with friends on galaxy y? It is android but says not compatible with this device.

    Please help, I have friends that play this and is one of the reasons I bought an android phone.

    Is it just this or will other apps not work? I asked about apps when I bought it and was told it was android and so there were lots of apps - noone mentioned some not working.


  • Matt

    is there anyway to get words with friends on galaxy y? It is android but says not compatible with this device.

    Please help, I have friends that play this and is one of the reasons I bought an android phone.

    Is it just this or will other apps not work? I asked about apps when I bought it and was told it was android and so there were lots of apps - noone mentioned some not working.