LauncherPro developer Fredrico Carnales made headlines a couple of months ago by announcing that, on top of maintaining his popular homescreen replacement, he was going to tackle development on a music app. That app, now named UberMusic, has made it out to the public in the form of a downloadable beta.

screen_20110628_1530_1 screen_20110628_1531 screen_20110628_1530

And damn, does this app look good. It downloads artist/album data in the background, allowing the menu wallpapers to be spiced up with some truly awesome art. These images are artist-specific and add a little bit of flair to what could've been a very boring app.

UberMusic also comes with a homescreen widget, and functions a lot like the stock player; however, there's some deeper options - like Last.FM scrobbling and headphone controls - that cause it to stand out from the pack.

screen_20110628_1532 screen_20110628_1530_3 screen_20110628_1530_2

UberMusic is a free download; you can visit the link below to grab the APK, and check out the change log.

Download Link - UberMusic's Changelong

Matt Demers
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  • Double

    He ditched the WP7 like menus? To bad.

    • Jared

      That is dissapointing.

      EDIT: Just read on his website he dropped the WP7 Theme and instead integrated a Theme Engine...I'm sure to avoid litigation...so a WP7 theme will arrive I'm sure.

  • Melvin

    This looks sweet!

  • John J

    Now we just need Google Music support.

  • OFI

    hmm looking forward to themes, WP7 just works so well :P

    just love how fast this app is though, no lag when scrolling like most music apps.

  • david

    While I certainly love my Launcher Pro but...
    what happened to the re-write of Launcher Pro that he keeps promising and yet to be seen or heard of.... Its like the Loch Ness monster...it suppose to be there but no one has seen truly seen it. I wish he'd finish/devote/complete one before undertaking another big project...

    • Adam

      EXACTLY!!! I was thinking the same exact thing.

  • Joshua

    I bought launcher pro. Now I have to spend for this?

    • squiddy20

      From the very bottom of the article: "UberMusic is a free download".


      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        To be fair, I'm sure it'll be paid once it's released in the Market and out of beta.

      • Joshua

        @Squiddy20 Yeah "UberMusic is a free download" doesn't say it is not gonna be paid app next time. And if it is a free app for launcher pro plus users why did he put an expiry date into the app?

        • Tom Rowly

          Because it's a beta. He doesn't want people using the beta when there is a stable app ready. I'm guessing the stable app will be free for users of LauncherPro Plus and us ADW LauncherEX people will have to pay for it.

  • Mark

    You don't have to spend for anything.

    "UberMusic is a free download; you can visit the link below to grab the APK, and check out the change log."

    • fake

      It is not free after July 15, i.e. the beta expires. That said, WTF is wrong with people bitching about paying a couple bucks for an app. What is seriously wrong with you people.

      • Joshua

        Just wanna make sure, not all are rich. :)

        • ZRod

          You don't have to be rich to buy an app that at most will cost $5. Though at this point I'm still not willing to buy it. I'm using poweramp at the moment so until it can get closer to matching poweramp's features I'm not willing to buy it.
          It is very pretty and I am very much anticipating its final release though. I highly doubt that I will not buy this in the end if its a paid app.

  • sfsdfsdf

    I would love to see that LP rewrite was promised some time ago

  • OFI

    oh yea.. i've seen it before but what icon pack is that in the screenshot?

    • Matt Demers

      GO Launcher EX's default.

      • OFI

        Thanks :)

        Has anyone per chance made very similar ones for LP use? ;-)

  • Tom

    How does it compare to Winamp?

  • mskks64

    Childish Gambino FTW!

  • Milque

    Does anyone know what toggle widget that is on the fourth screenshot under the music player widget? DO WANT!

    • SpencerAR

      It's Widgetsoid.

      • Milque

        Thanks for the heads up!

      • Milque

        Thanks for the head's up!

        • Matt Demers

          Nope! It's ZDBox's widget.

  • Bryant

    Force closing on my hd2. Any suggestions guys? I'd like to try the beta version. I saw on the change log that they fixed this problem on some htc phones..

  • aj

    I'm pretty sure Matt and I have the same music library going on there.

  • fdf

    He should have released his long promissed rewrite of launcher pro plus before thois new projedct!

    LP+ lacks some serious features and stability compared to other launchers

    • OFI

      What features is it lacking? It still has several (widgets mostly) that the others don't have from what i've seen.
      I've tried several and found none of them as smooth for me. (not tried Go Launcher)

  • Steve

    I hope Uber Music ends up being a paid app for everyone. It's a completely separate app people. I've never heard anyone say, "I bought windows, you mean I have to pay for the Sims too?"

  • http://bigsense.com.br @bigdigo

    vĂ­deo with UberMusic that I did!!! shared: http://youtu.be/B3pEXSL1qxg

  • Marcus

    It's pretty (really pretty in some cases, like the now playing screen), but not that user friendly or functional at this time. May be good in the future, but don't know if I'd ever pay for it.

  • Elvis

    Do we know supported formats?