Update 2: SMS send and receive and mobile hotspot are non-working. Do not download this file (the link has been removed) - wait until a more stable release is available. If you need to flash back to Froyo, please check out this thread on MyDroidWorld.

Update: HDMI-out functionality appears to be non-functional in this update build.

Disclaimer: This article contains very device-specific flashing instructions. Read them carefully. We are not responsible for any damage, bricking, loss of data, or inadvertent explosions resulting from your attempts to flash this update onto your DROID Charge. Proceed 100% at your own risk.

Additionally, this is a leak of a build that is still in progress - not a ready-for-primetime OTA. It probably has some bugs. It might break things (like apps or settings). It may give you gas. So please - think about this before voicing any complaints. And remember - someone (namely, r2doesinc) was kind enough to put it out there in first place.

Alright, so there's a leaked version of an official Gingerbread ROM floating around for the DROID Charge. And you can get it right now. And you can watch Netflix (yay!) on it. But there's a catch - you have to be able to follow these instructions to make it work. Here's our optimized translation:

DROID Charge Gingerbread Leak Flashing Instructions [WINDOWS ONLY]

Download Instructions:

  1. Download the ROM and Flashing Utility from this page.
  2. Extract the large ROM file (it's the 300+MB .7z file) using 7-Zip. Do not place it on your SD card.
  3. Next, you'll need to install Odin.

Installing Odin (a custom Samsung software flashing utility):

  • To install Odin, extract the SamsungFlashingUtility.7z file using 7-Zip
  • Install all four utilities, this includes:
        • Samsung_USB_Driver_For_Mobile_Phones
        • VIA USB Drivers 2.3.5.WithMux
        • SamsungPST SCH-I510 For Verizon (extract again to get the MSI)
        • SamsungPSTLite FW Setup (extract again and run setup.exe)
    1. To actually run Odin, run "Samsung PST [Lite]," which should appear as a newly installed program.
    2. Flashing Process:

      1. Put your phone into download mode, to do this:
        1. Power down your phone.
        2. Remove the battery.
        3. Plug your phone via USB into your computer.
        4. Hold the Volume Down button
        5. While holding Volume Down, reinsert the battery and wait for the phone to display a boot screen saying "Downloading" or something similar.
        6. If no boot screen displays, while still holding Volume Down, press and release the Power button.
      2. In Odin, un-check 'F-Reset Time' and 'Auto-Reboot' (on the left).
      3. Also in Odin, click the PDA button and select the .tar.md5 file that you downloaded and extracted.
      4. Make sure that your phone is recognized by Odin (a yellow COM# will be shown in the box).
      5. Press Start, and allow the flashing process to finish. If it fails, retry using the same procedure outlined above. If it passes, unplug the USB cable, remove the battery and reinsert it, and power on your phone.
      6. Get the Netflix apk here and install it (you'll have to enable non-Market apps in the 'Application' settings menu.)

      We know. It's a lot. And it's kind of a royal pain-in-the-you-know-what. But hey, if you want Gingerbread on your DROID Charge, you don't have a lot of other options at the moment (and by that I mean none).

      The original leak was released by p3droid of MyDroidWorld privately, with the intent for it to remain a TeamBlackHat "exclusive release" for 48 hours (requiring a purchase of the TBH app), but we don't exactly think that's fair play. Neither did r2doesinc and another anonymous party, and we're glad they decided to publish this for the public at large.

      Let us know if everything works out in the comments!

      via RootzWiki (original leak by P3droid)

      David Ruddock
      David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

      • Rami

        awesome but battery life has gotten a tiny bit worse but my phone is weird so it's probably only me.

      • Brendan

        Does this mean an official gingerbread update is in the pipeline? And would THIS update constitute 'rooting' thereby voiding my warranty?

        • Mesmorino

          Probably, since you're flashing a different ROM onto the phone and in order to get the stock one off you'd have to root the device.

          At least as far as I understand rooting and what not.

        • David Ruddock

          Even flashing an official update (OTA) by unauthorized means (eg, Odin) voids your warranty, technically speaking.

          This *is* an official Samsung Gingerbread build - but it is not an OTA update release, merely a leak of a work in progress.

      • JW

        Do you have to already be rooted to apply this or can I come from a stock phone and just follow the instructions? And is there a way to come back to stock if I dont like this?


        • David Ruddock

          You do not need root. As for flashing back...

          That would require a second flash of another, older image. There is one available, but if you're not familiar with this kind of procedure in general, I'd advise against trying this in the first place - it's pretty complicated for even those of us who are familiar with ROM flashing and such.

          • JW

            YEah ok thanks. I was very proficient with rooting and installing and removing ROMS on my OG Droid but this even seemed a bit complicated. Hopefully this is revised and made much easier and quicker to apply.

            • b1ll

              This is already revised - take a look at the original instructions and you'll see.

      • Hillbilly

        So everyone is cool with one man stealing another mans work ? I hope everyone wbo loads this rom that your phone blows up

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          I assume you're talking about P3 "stealing" it from Samsung then. Got it. A leak is a leak, and it's no different when it leaks from P3 than when it does from Samsung/Verizon.

          Next argument.

      • Rex D

        Wow... who would take the risk on a brand new phone that cost $200-$300? Frick'n patient is a virtue bitches.

      • Rex D

        Patience, sorry

      • ufish2

        does rootzwiki post there leaked GB roms on other websites first,and dont you think followers of TBH & MDW should'nt get first crack at this release first and let them work though the bugs for ALL to enjoy..so why did'nt someone say "congrats"..nice work..Thanks..? and just to point out ...what was the first words of rootz...it's all about we,us,all together..but did'nt take long before I showed up!

        • David Ruddock

          There's a difference between a closed initial release and an initial release with an entrance fee.

          Selling, without permission, the intellectual property of others (or access thereto) is wrong. There is no legitimate reason to charge users for access to software that you didn't write and obtained by illicit means.

      • C Rogers

        Is this leak a stock android or is it with the Samsung UI that originall came on the phone?

      • Derek Morr

        Is IPv6 enabled in this build? Stock Android supports it, but Samsung disabled it on their Froyo build for the Charge. I was hoping it would get enabled in Gingerbread.

      • C rod

        these instructions are vague i tried to do it epic fail i guess ill just have to wait till the original OTA comes out unless someone wants to dumb down the instructions which i would be greatful

        • Bob

          The instructions have a few errors.

          1) You don't need to take the battery out to go into download mode. Just power down, hold the lower volume down, and plug in the usb.

          2) I do not see how the Odin and Samsung flash utilities are the same thing! You use one or the other. You don't start Odin using Samsung PST [Lite]. The Odin instructions make no sense once you are in Samsung PST [Lite] and double click the link to the dll file... What are you guys talking about? Have you actually tried this? Very confused here. I did find Odin (elsewhere) and when running that those Odin instruction made sense -- But that is not the same tool!

          3) Can someone verify what is lost in this update? I hear HDMI is gone. And there are rumors of text not working, calls being missed, and hotspot not working.... True/False??

      • Raiderwill

        Hello All.. Does anyone have a link to the odin software that they can post for me to download ? I just can't find it or the Altered Beast Rom.. Thanks !