Last Updated: July 6th, 2011

A little over a year ago, Google was activating 100,000 Android devices every day. That seemed like a huge number at the time, but compared what the future would bring, that's small-time. Several months later - in December, 2010 - that number had risen to 300,000 activation per day, effectively tripling the number of Android devices in just seven months. At Google I/O last month, it was announced that activations were still on the rise, and had hit 400,000 per month. Today, Andy Rubin took to Twitter to let us know how much Android has grown in just one month.


That's how many Android devices Google are activating every day as of now - a gain of 100,000 in just one month. That's really not even the most staggering news, either - Rubin also said that this number is growing by 4.4% every week, which is nearly 100,000 each month. This mean that by the end of July, Google should be activating almost 600,000 devices every-single-day. At that rate, by the end of 2011, more than 1 million Android devices will be activated on a daily basis.

500000 per day


Cameron Summerson
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  • Rob

    In effect, what does that mean? 500,000 new devices are being bought each day? Or 500,000 new Android users each day?

    Either way it's a huge number.

    • theDukeW

      Brand new devices activated. This includes phones, tablets and everything else that can access the android market.

  • ErsMerz

    what does w/w stand for?

  • shan

    This means- it is week by week increase.

  • lincthra

    Anyone know Apple's daily activation rate?

    Found it:
    If one includes iPads and iPod touches in the calculation, Apple’s activation rate was about 325,000.

  • mo

    Happy to hear this....but is this count based on some unique number or something? I keep flashing a new rom once in a week...hope this is not counted..

    • Bees

      I was thinking the same thing.. if so... those numbers would be wildly inflated.

  • Steve

    every cheap crap uses android, check delextreme etc... Not surprise

    • neotekz

      stop trolling android sites...

  • slmd2g

    Cheap, Expensive, doesn't matter - its an onslaught - More devices = more potential customers for APP developers = ME HAPPY. Also once they get market support and honeycomb into GoogleTV - that number should jump nicely.. Then stand back for some Ice Cream Sandwich ;)

  • Steve Jobbs

    Yes, but what about the fragmentation?

    • Steve

      Do not say it, Android is THE BEST!

  • Bees

    You have to wonder if the "activations" include when people flash roms and initially go through the setup process every time. If so, those numbers are greatly inflated lol. Think about how many times you've "activated" your phone after flashing...

    • Steve

      I have to flash it almost everyday because it is so ..

  • Superdroid

    Every Device has a unique id, so there is nothing inflated.

  • ReverendT

    As Superdroid says, each device has a unique IMEI number and MAC address, so repeat activations can be discarded.