If you're a Droid Charge owner, there's a good chance you're wondering when Gingerbread will be coming your way. After all, we've heard many Gingerbread rumors lately - but not a mention of the Charge. Until now, that is.

Well known Android modder P3Droid has apparently gotten his hands on a leaked version of Gingerbread for the Charge, hooked up the video camera, and proceeded to show us what to expect from the update - including a demo of Netflix actually working.

Other than what you see here, there's little info surrounding this update. There's no word of when it's supposed to hit the masses, but judging by the video, everything looks to be quite polished, so we can probably expect it fairly soon. With that in mind, it may be a good time to pick up the Charge while the price is low.

[MyDroidWorld via AC]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.thiscouldbegood.co.uk Ian Jolley

    This is old news now and I stumbled across your article and very good it is too. I wondered if Gingerbread would live up to the hype and it has. Without doubt.

  • Robert Steal

    Track is hot! Pretty dope lyricist.

    Song & Artist name?

  • Doug

    Was that an actual netflix for charge ap or one of those tricking the droid into thinking its a different models

  • Robert Lawson

    I am definitely not a droid geek. I have however owned both the HTC incredible 2 and the Samsung Charge. The Charge seems like a good idea. GREAT screen but the software is glitchy to put it mildly. The camera crashes the operating system frequently. Several other normal apps cause problems as well.
    I am hoping that there is a software upgrade coming before my two week return policy expires. I don't want to live with the software problems and will probably return to the HTC. Any advice?