EVO 3D owners across the US have been patiently waiting a whole 3 days (I know, it's an eternity) for HTC to make good on its promise to unlock the phone's bootloader. HTC has now issued a statement on the matter in response to a wall post on its Facebook page, which is overrun with complaints from EVO 3D owners (or people who just like to whine) criticizing what they perceive to be the slowness of the company's efforts to issue a bootloader unlock solution.


While HTC never made promises about a time frame, there's still no shortage of angry EVO 3D customers to be found on the company's Facebook wall. If we're honest, this seems a little ungracious to us. So, simmer down, guys - something tells us HTC isn't going to renege on the word of its CEO.

HTC Facebook via GoodandEVO

David Ruddock
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  • http://goo-inside.me DrMacinyasha

    Considering their latest rounds of emails have been "Oh, we're not entirely sure we're going to unlock the E3D because it was finalized before the announcement of unlocked bootloaders" (read: Same BS excuse they've been giving about the Sensation), I'm not holding my breath.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Why, yes, I was wondering indeed.

  • SDL

    I find it strange they they say they're working on unlocking the bootloaders but AP decided to only focus this news on the Evo3D as if the Sensation doesn't have a locked bootloader as well.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      We focused on the EVO 3D in this post because that's what HTC's response was about. We're aware other HTC devices are in need of the same love.

  • Ray

    People are upset because as usual these companies refuse to commit to a timeline to make this happen. When companies start making commitments to their customers with timelines attached then they will actually show they value their customers.

  • Zakar

    My brother got his Evo3d this past Saturday at Radio Shack (I'm waiting for the gs2). While the phone was being activated the associate commented that on the activation page there was a note stating that the Evo3d was getting an update on July 1st, and it had something to do with making the phone easier to work with developers... Could it be the unlocker???? Someone follow up on this!!!

  • JayMonster

    "Ungracious" is a nice way of putting it. Acting like a bunch of spoiled, snot nosed brats is probably closer to the truth. They have demands, and these self appointed deputies of Android are going kick and scream like the cry babies they are until they get what they think they deserve, because they are very important in their own minds and the though of using a little decorum is foreign to them.

    • Jaydouche

      Jay stop it. Did you have the evo4g? A little history here buddy, they capped the display at 30 fps when the phone could 60. Their response was it was impossible to unlock. Apparently a dev unlocked it with a line of code and then a week later htc decides to uncap it.

      Or how about FULL HDMI mirroring? Your telling me we are being brats for demanding something that should have been done a long time ago? Which btw, they still have not been done.

      If it wasn't for members of the modding community, our phones would not work to the true potential they are capable of. So please, stfu about being spoiled when a company downright locks their phones down for idiotic lazyness.

      • JayMonster

        How very appropriate. Thank you for providing an example of exactly the sort of 2 year old whining I was speaking about. I'm very happy for Evo owners that the modding community could enhance the potential of the phone. Great. How exactly does that give you the right to stomp around, calling names and demanding something you were never promised in the first place? You are getting what you asked for, but if. you don't get it fast enough it gives you the right to get belligerent? Please... grow up.

        • Jaydouche

          Never promised in the first place? When you have a super phone like the evos you expect them not to cap something as if its a 2 generation old phone. As far as not telling you, I didn't notice any literature stating it was boxed with a 30 fps cap.

          Ungracious? I am paying for it so don't tell me I am ungracious for putting my hard earned money towards one of the best phones on the market that doesn't publicize a cap on a standard feature. Grow up, grow a pair of balls and fight for what you deserve out of a product.

  • B

    While I agree that everyone should be a bit more patient, I think this statement in the article is a little funny: "...something tells us HTC isn’t going to renege on the word of its CEO...." Yeah, CEOs today always tell the truth and never change direction. LOL

    • JayMonster

      I found this humorous as well, particularly considering HTC's track record of backtracking this year.

  • Skippy

    Diligently.. as in due diligence.
    Well now that samsung is shipping free phones to cyanogen's team; maybe HTC realizes developers are being co-opted. The locked bootloader and lack of su exploit just adds fuel to samsung and deprecates HTC.

  • Getatme

    I won't complain even though I dont' like it. I have 30 days to return it no questions asked. I seriously doubt that if they don't get flooded with returns that they'll do anything about it.

  • Evo3Dkram

    The HTC EVO is a solid device, the first to challenge the iPhone. The developers make it a great phone. HTC should not only be grateful for their efforts - they should support and assist them because the clock is ticking - no root in 25 days and mine will be returned for a new EVO 4G. It's that simple.

  • User

    "no root in 25 days and mine will be returned for a new EVO 4G. It's that simple."

    It did not work out well for me :

    Had EVO 4G since 07/2010, was S-OFF and ENG HBOOT, root no problem.

    Started having constant reboot issues when battery reaches 35-37C in recent weeks, took it to Sprint, was given brand new replacement, but guess what ?

    It comes with 2.3.3, S-ON, no ENG Boot and it is not possible to root ...

    Can't tell if they OTA phones in the store or not before they give it to you or ship with 2.3.3 by default.

    The only good thing is I got new phone, but on the other hand I was paying 7 USD/month full insurance too ...