Update: It turns out that this may not be as encompassing as we originally thought. According to Reddit member apantek, only a very limited amount of bloatware can be removed, leaving the bulk of it untouchable (this has been confirmed by our own Jaroslav Stekl). The unremovable files include:

  • Facebook for HTC Sense
  • Flickr
  • Footprints
  • HTC Hub
  • Peep
  • Picasa web albums
  • Polaris Office
  • Ringtone Trimmer
  • Spider-Man
  • Sprint Zone
  • The Green Hornet 3D
  • TrimIt

So, while Sprint may be making steps in the right direction, it's not completely there yet.

---Original post:

One of the biggest pet peeves that most users have with their Android phone is the insane amounts of crap that carriers put on the device. The worst part is that, normally, there is no way to remove said crapware without rooting, which in turn, voids the warrantee. That's a lot of trouble to go through just to get rid of a few apps, but HTC and/or Sprint have addressed this quandary in the new EVO 3D - you can uninstall the bloat just like you would any other app (with the exception of the Sprint Zone).

All you need to do is head into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and find the app you want to remove. Tap it, hit uninstall, and... that's it. You're done. The app is gone forever, and you can enjoy your device bloatware free.

[Android Central Forums via XDA]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    It would be great if the rest of carriers *cough cough* Verizon *cough* would take this into consideration.

  • JoshL

    I have considered switching to Sprint just because of this! Only a matter of time.... (bye bye Verizon).

  • Darren

    It's not just a USA problem, I've got 12 bloatware apps on my Desire lovingly installed by my carrier Orange in the UK. Seriously thinking about rooting so that I can get rid of them. Does anyone actually buy the full versions of the rubbish they try to push at you????
    All I want is a damn phone with what I want on it!!!

  • tim

    I don't think its that easy.
    Most Sprint apps and preinstalled apps will NOT uninstall this way "cannot uninstall".

    • modplan

      MOST do on the EVO 3d because they are installed as regular apps, instead of system apps.

      We do need root for Sprint Zone, Amazon MP3 and a few others so that we can freeze them with Bloat Freezer or TiBackup Pro tho

  • http://donothaveone.com Ben

    WHAAAAAAAAT! I am glad I am with Sprint. I guess they are really trying to bring in more customers. If they keep doing stuff like this then they may just happen.

  • Jaymoon

    If you have enough patience to read through the Nascar bashing and off-topic posts in that thread, you'll find out that removing *some* of the bloatware only frees up a few KB. All the heavy bloat is still un-removable.

    Glad I'm holding out on purchasing the Evo 3D until root and CM7(7.5/8) is available.

    • Richard Yarrell

      This has been a memorable year for sprint something that will go down in the hall of fame for carriers. I have said many times this year that if your not packing a android device on the now network then your not truly packing anything at all. The profolio of devices on sprint speak for themselves and anybody hating on sprint deep down inside only wish they can be a part of something big. Sprint does android BETTER THAN ANYOTHER CARRIER.

    • John A

      Same here. An Evo really isn't an Evo unless its running CM7!

      • Dave

        You sir are completely correct. What I would do to be able to use CM right now...I almost hate my 3vo right now

  • Landrik

    Everyone talks about root root root.... lol. I love technology (IT student in fact), but I also really like HTC Sense. I'm just glad Android offers a platform where Rooting is easy and nearly painless, unlike the iOS platform which still tries to be closed and all that. That being said. I like HTC Sense. I traded for an Epic While I was waiting on the 3Devo and couldn't stand Samsung's overlay. I wouldn't even call Sense 3.0 bloatware. Mostly, the bloatware is third-party/carrier software.. I like what HTC does.

  • Vinny

    Love what Sprint is doing with Android but they have done nothing to improve their 4G footprint. I have lived 2 miles from their 4G coverage area and it has been like that for almost 2 years. I live in T-Mobile's Hspa+ area and get sick data speeds, better then Sprint's 4G. Also live in Verizon's LTE coverage area. Sprint is also in a change, They are going to switch over to LTE, guess that means they will never improve their current 4G footprint until they make the switch to LTE. That will take some time.