Update: For those of you that thought this was too good to be true, you may be right. It turns out that most of the bloatware is still unremovable on the EVO 3D, so we'll just have to wait and see how Sprint handles this moving forward.

Yesterday we told you that all the unwanted junk bundled with the EVO 3D could be removed like any other app, a feature that no other phone/carrier had previously offered. Personally, I thought it was a fluke and Sprint would quickly release an OTA update to lock these apps in place - but I couldn't have been more wrong. As it turns out, Sprint actually did this on purpose. Yeah, breathe that in for a minute.

Got it? Okay, here's the deal: in an unprecedented display of customer love, Sprint is going to allow bloatware to be uninstalled from all future Android devices. It's pretty obvious that Sprint actually listens to its customers - something that AT&T and Verizon should seriously consider doing every once in a while. Of course, if they don't, we all may need to switch to the Now Network.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • SiliconAddict

    "we all may need to switch to the Now Network."

    Lowers his sunglasses, takes a puff and sips his Guinness. Already there dude, already there.

  • JJ

    Made the jump from Verizon to Sprint two months ago. I'm pretty darn happy with them not to mention my plan costs $40 per month and their customer service reps are excellent! More folks should make the leap!

  • bobomb

    Yay Sprint! I've been with them for years and have been very, very happy. Reception isn't quite as good as Verizon, but the prices are better, and Sprint doesn't hate their customers.

    I'd put Sprint second on the list in terms of reception, price, and customer service. If the ATT/TMo deal goes through, I have a feeling Sprint will be number one in terms of everything but reception.

  • http://inzi.com Chris

    Don't forget, rumor has it Sprint is *actively* trying to get an LTE network up and working. :) http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/16/sprint-project-leapfrog-rumors-claim-lte-network-upgrade-is-un/

  • Kyle

    I love sprint but I love virgin mobile more nothing but vanilla android and 25 bucks for unlimited data texting and 300 minutes on sprints network. Can't be beat. Ever.

    • JayMonster

      Not that there is anything wrong with it, but using Virgin and their low end Android phones is much like driving a Kia Sophia. Yes, it will get the job done, but you can't compare it to driving a Ferarri.

  • Wr3ck

    They need to update past devices to do the same, I would love this for my Epic 4G

  • James

    Allowing removal of pre-installed apps customers don't want on future phones is a good thing. Sprint can still put things on the phones they sell, but consumers will have a choice about what they keep. Too bad Sprint isn't doing this for current devices though -- I could do without some of the stuff they've forced on my phone. Maybe they'll consider it, if we're lucky (I don't get an upgrade for another ~1.5 years because of the recent Premier plan change). Still, this is a good move, and hopefully other carriers will follow suit.

    • ZRod

      Were you a premier customer before with an upcoming upgrade? They don't take away your upgrade and if they did they can over ride it.

      • James

        Yes, I was a premier customer before the change, but I upgraded late in 2010 to buy my Epic. So at the time of the change a few months ago, I didn't have an eligible upgrade for them to take away. The change is just making me wait longer for my next one -- instead of being eligible late this year, I'll have to wait until late next year. It's kind of a pain, but oh well. I tend to hang on to my devices for a while if they're generally working well, so I probably wouldn't upgrade in ~1 year anyway. It was nice to have that option though.

  • Jeff

    For those of you who have uninstalled one of the 'bloatware' apps, if you go into sprint zone, does it showing still installed? and if you go into the market, and look up the app, it still says update, and never truly is gone...or am i on crack? someone just verify my findings, if this is so, then its an illusion of removing said bloatware.

  • JayMonster

    Not at all surprised that the removal is " limited." I fully expected that they would not be satisfying everyone with this as the definition of bloatware has expanded. For example when Android launched, the Amazon MP3 store was viewed as Android's answer to iTunes. Now some call it bloat.

  • sieg

    They need to just make those bloatwares available in sprint zone so that companies can update o.s faster when new ones come

  • Richard Yarrell

    It gets even better on Sprint you guys haven't heard nothing yet.

  • Gnome

    I just got the EVO 3D Friday, and most of the Sprint/HTC bloatware is still not removable for me. I was able to remove their awful Nascar app, but other things like the spider-man 3D demo I cannot.

  • msslowski

    Not sure if Sprint has the Samsung Galaxy Tablet or not more to the point I jump from T-Mobile to Verizon, just to get an Android OS device, only to discover BLOATWARE to boot, their data useage widget doesn't work and Gingerbread the version of Android this operates on seems somewhat crash happy, reason unknown. And to put the icing on the cake, I cannot find anywhere thats sells the genuine Samsung stylus, tried one from a Palm device, a pencil eraser, nothing works. Any help would be appreciated.

    Disgruntled tablet user