With today's Motorola XOOM release, we are finding ourselves searching for apps and games optimized specifically for larger screens and raw Tegra 2 power. It doesn't look like we'll have too much trouble, as quality games have already started pouring into the Market.

The good news: 2 hours ago, Samurai II: Vengeance appeared in the Android Market.

The not so good news: the game is carrying the tag THD (Tegra HD), meaning it is optimized for Tegra-based Android devices only, according to its description. This means the XOOM, the Adam, the gTablet, and the Atrix are pretty much the only devices capable of running it properly right now, but with the advent of Tegra devices this year (the Bionic, 2x, gSlate, and others), we should all get a fair chance soon (hurry up, Sprint!).

Update 6/24/11: The game is now available for all devices as opposed to just Tegra-powered! You can find this new version in the 2nd widget towards the bottom.

One thing I'd like to note before moving on is that while the game has been available on iOS for a few months now, the developer points out that "Samurai II for Tegra based Android phones and tablets delivers even more visual stunning graphics and polished gameplay." No wonder - it's using the Unity 3D engine, which is pretty much the best 3D engine in the industry for mobile game development.

As for the gameplay, I'll let the video do the talking. Be prepared - it's bloody... mighty bloody.

image image image

image image image

image image

To say that I'm jealous of Tegra-powered device owners right now would be an understatement. Where's our XOOM, Moto?