With today's Motorola XOOM release, we are finding ourselves searching for apps and games optimized specifically for larger screens and raw Tegra 2 power. It doesn't look like we'll have too much trouble, as quality games have already started pouring into the Market.

The good news: 2 hours ago, Samurai II: Vengeance appeared in the Android Market.

The not so good news: the game is carrying the tag THD (Tegra HD), meaning it is optimized for Tegra-based Android devices only, according to its description. This means the XOOM, the Adam, the gTablet, and the Atrix are pretty much the only devices capable of running it properly right now, but with the advent of Tegra devices this year (the Bionic, 2x, gSlate, and others), we should all get a fair chance soon (hurry up, Sprint!).

Update 6/24/11: The game is now available for all devices as opposed to just Tegra-powered! You can find this new version in the 2nd widget towards the bottom.

One thing I'd like to note before moving on is that while the game has been available on iOS for a few months now, the developer points out that "Samurai II for Tegra based Android phones and tablets delivers even more visual stunning graphics and polished gameplay." No wonder - it's using the Unity 3D engine, which is pretty much the best 3D engine in the industry for mobile game development.

As for the gameplay, I'll let the video do the talking. Be prepared - it's bloody... mighty bloody.

image image image

image image image

image image

To say that I'm jealous of Tegra-powered device owners right now would be an understatement. Where's our XOOM, Moto?

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Jay

    Pretty rubbish that it's Tegra only. Considering that the Nexus S is more powerful than an iphone 4 (Nexus S gpu is far superior to the iphone 4 gpu), and the game plays on iphone 4, you'd think the Nexus S would easily run it too.

    I hope this is not a sign of things to come. OS fragmentation isn't a big deal as most things are for 2.2 and the bulk of phones have that - but CPU fragmentation is not something that android needs right now.

  • Álmos

    This is bullshit. I'm perfectly fine with newer games running with lower quality graphics or even being a little choppy, but if they won't even start because I don't have a Tegra2 phone, I'll be very upset. And what about other dual-core chipsets, like Samsung Exynos? Google shouldn't let this, or this will be the first nail in Android's coffin..

    • chris

      Nail in the coffin? Android hasn't even taken it's boots off yet.

      • Álmos

        Yeah I know. But if they start to release games for specific SoCs only, we'll have a serious problem. OS version fragmentation is nothing compared to this...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I'm actually not sure what exactly happens when you try to play this on a non-Tegra device, and I'm not about to find out with a 15-min window and a $5 price tag. Plus, I don't have a tablet yet. It may not run at all or it may look all messed up, or it may be slow - I think it depends on how each dev codes it.

      Of course, this multiple CPU business that is getting started is looking to be trouble. I'm not sure Google's got a solution for this. Multiple GPUs in mobile phones have already made compatibility for some games a nightmare, and now add a few more chipsets into the mix, and you've got yourself massive fragmentation.

      I think a rant is in order - I'll put it on the list.

      • Álmos

        I've tried, it won't even let you buy it.. in the web interface it says "this item is not compatible with your device". So it probably contains compiled, native code for Tegra. :\

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          You're right - I've updated the post with a screenshot of what happens for everyone to see.

  • waq

    What about the other tegra2 devices like the notionink adam. With rooted adam having market access, it should run, shouldn't it?

  • Álmos

    Just to be sure, I've managed to get my hands on the apk of the game. It installed fine on a Galaxy S, but it says "Unable to start program. Your device is not supported." when I try to run it.

    • waq

      Could you please post the apk of this game here.

  • koopa

    my streak7 should play it as it has the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 mobile processor, just saying as you said xoom and atrix

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Ah, of course, you're right. Totally blanked that those are out.

    • Tyler

      Yes. all devices that have a Tegra 2 chip. including the Asus Transformer, streak7 ect. Im surprised Artem didn't just say all Tablets and phones using Tegra 2. Instead he writes:

      "the XOOM, the Adam, the gTablet, and the Atrix are pretty much the only devices capable of running it properly right now"

      Really? had this running on my Transformer when it first appeared.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The original article was written in February, before any of these new tablets existed.

  • bod1ggity

    Simply download ChainFire3d and you can play all Tegra-2 games on a single core. They have youtube video's of people playing this game specifically on a Nexus One. Its all a selling point for Nvidia... cheap at best.

  • John J

    Okami much with the art style?

  • Manojsuper

    What are you guys talking about???? It runs perfectly fine on my galaxy s [captivate] ! I have no lag what so ever and the graphics are crisp! I got a hold of the .apk also and it installed perfectly fine and runs phenomenal!

  • Drewskeetz

    Running smooth on my HTC EVO 4G. im actually suprised and thankful for that. The Evo 3D users are having problems ive seen.

  • xjcar

    Does anyone now if or when I will be able to play this game on my EVO 3D? Had it on my 4G and would love to have it again.

  • Julian

    Android Marketplace says "your device is not compatible" for this game.

    I have an HTC Desire S!

    It runs on an older HTC Desire!

    How does this make any sense!

    • Julian

      Called Madfinger Games.

      Apparently the problem is with HTC. The Desire S uses a few different drivers than the old Desire. And Madfinger has been asking HTC for months to help make the Desire S's drivers compatible with their game. But they haven't gotten any response.