The EVO 3D just came out today, but it looks like HTC's new flagship won't be the last high-end Android phone to grace Sprint store shelves this year. Quite the contrary - according to This is my next, whose editors have a nearly spotless track record where leaks are concerned, "Big Yellow" is gearing up to launch two new Android handsets, this time from Samsung: the Epic 2 and an as-of-yet nameless "full touch 4G" device.

The Epic 2, as its name implies, will be the successor to last year's Epic 4G. Sadly, This is my next reports that the phone will be a marginal improvement at best - its processor is still a single-core Hummingbird chip (though the clock speed is now 1.2GHz, as opposed to the original's 1GHz), and its screen is still 4 inches. The camera has received the only truly notable upgrade: it is now an 8MP unit, whereas the previous model had a 5MP shooter. And hey, it still has a QWERTY keyboard!

The latter device is very mysterious - This is my next was not given any of its specs, its name is another unknown, and just about the only information we have is that it will feature a WiMAX radio but not a physical keyboard. Again, the handset's name is not currently known, but given its full-touch nature, we wouldn't be surprised to find that this is in fact the same phone as the previously rumored Within

Both of these devices will be launching in Q3. What say you - is a QWERTY keyboard and a gorgeous Super AMOLED display enough to sway you over, or were you expecting more from Sprint and Sammy?

Source: This is my next

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Jim

    Samsung FAIL

    Release the Samsung Galaxy S2 already. Looks like they made so many 1ghz Hummingbird chips they need to get rid of it by making more and more Samsung Galaxy S phones.

  • Cryogenic

    If I had to guess, the "full touch 4G" device IS in fact the US-spec GS2. My only concern is whether it's going to be Tegra 2 or Exynos based.

  • JoeMo

    Why is the Samsung Epic 2 not dual core!?

  • Royvin

    I"m hoping that touch device is the GSII

  • SiliconAddict

    *shrugs* While I will be in the market for a new handset this fall to replace my EVO with a god &#* QWERTY phone. I will never touch Samsung ever again. See I actually want to get updates for my phone.

  • Mark

    I believe the "full touch" device will have no physical buttons and be made for Ice Cream, like tablets are for Honeycomb.

  • Hp

    If for the Epic 2 they also upgrade the screen to Super AMOLED Plus, I think I could be happy with it, but a minor chip and camera upgrade is not enough to buy.

    As for the "Full Touch," I, too, think that means no physical buttons, but maybe that will be the unique characteristics to Sprint's version of the Galaxy S II.

  • RJC

    I'll wait for slideout keyboard and 5" amoled screen and 2-4 cores