Following a lengthy period of beta testing (about 1 month), version 1.6 of the Facebook Android app is now in the Market. As expected, the update brings with it:

  • video uploads
  • access to pages
  • improvements to the news feed (though the expected comment liking did not seem to make it for some reason)

Not much to say here - the amount of new features is really not that extensive. Go grab the update from the Market or use our widget below and let us know what else you find (what are these "improvements" to the news feed for example?).

snap20110624_152015 snap20110624_152022 snap20110624_152225

Thanks, Mgamerz!

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    Video? Holy shit, the Facebook app has finally caught up to Android 1.6

  • mgamerz

    Now if only the places part of the app actually worked rather than looking for 'p' when I type in papa joes (with no results still.)

  • Matthai

    Ok, my phone is happy enough with facebook update
    Tablet? not so much. Apparently the update cant be found O_o

  • jbonics

    What is Facebook. She said she was trying to stalk me but I'm not on there. Waaaaaaaaa

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    The update requires send/receive SMS permission and can thus SMMFD.

    Apps requiring that permission for features most people don't want or need... It's becoming a regular thing lately. I won't install any of them, unless the app's purpose is dealing with SMS.

    Maybe it's time Android allowed some permissions to be optional, or require user consent whenever they are used, so if you don't (often) want/need the features those permissions rely on then you don't have to give apps blanket permission to use them.

    • Andi

      yeah this annoys me so much, this is one of the main reasons i rooted my phone and use LBE security to allow or deny permissions like windows UAC

  • G Uest

    One month of testing, and nobody noticed they'd disabled tablet support?
    Total fail.

  • AdrianAlexander

    They say we can have our access to our pages is part of the new update, but does anyone know how to even access them? Please help...

  • http://melayubuntu.blogspot.com melayubuntu

    i don't know how to access pages in this new version.. any idea?

  • OFI

    Still no photo tagging. LOL

  • randy

    The layout when sharing apps looks like a page instead of a web-based interface.
    I noticed that this helps my sharing from the browser more accurate.

  • rose

    Does anyone know how to access the pages?

  • Matt

    Does anyone else's chat always stay logged in?

    • Vince

      Yeah, mine does. A bit annoying if you ask me.

  • Joshp406

    Anyone else notice they took out comment liking from the beta testing?

  • Zohan

    screw this app... everyone should use FriendCaster, just my 2c..

  • Ruperto

    The comment liking feature just appeared on mine.. weird, it must have been a server-end change because the app itself didn't update. Did anyone else notice? The news feed overall looks more polished and there's now an iOS-looking carousel that allows you to change from top news to most recent, etc.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yup, it appeared out of nowhere for some people. Looks like Facebook is AB testing with a small number of users.

    • Tyler Walles

      my whole news feed changed this morning (without updating the app), i can can from most recent, top news, status updates etc, plus it has a lot more depth to the most recent then it had before

      • Yotam

        To me it happens as well, in my native tongue of Hebrew even though I don't recall asking for the app to be in this language.
        Anyone to talk to at Facebook or Google bout this?