If you recently signed up for Sprint's service, then there's a good chance you took advantage of the current running promotion that adds 300 bonus minutes to the Everything Data 450 plan. That's awesome for you - but what about those who already have Sprint? You're not left out, my friends - you, too, can enjoy the benefits of 300 additional minutes every month for the low cost of nothing, and it's easier to get than you think: call and ask. That's right, all you need to do is give Sprint a shout and ask them for 300 more minutes. They'll hook you up, you can talk more, and everyone is happy.

Rumor has it that this deal is going on until July 23rd, but we have no confirmation of that, so you better go ahead and make the call now just to make sure you don't miss out!

Thanks, Ashish!

[Good and Evo]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    I called them for something else yesterday and they just up and asked me if i wanted an "extra 300 minutes." Friendly customer service!

  • old man winter

    called and done. really easy.

  • Christopher

    On the phone Sprint right now, yeah, it works.

    EDIT: The Rep also gave me a full upgrade - YEAAAAAAAAAH

  • wjrandon

    Sprint was super nice to me over the phone. The agent said tell your friends. :-)

  • HappyFeet

    I just called and they put the extra minutes on my account. Not only that, after being told the exact opposite 2 weeks ago, they gave me my upgrade.They say I'm free to use it whenever I wish and don't have a June 30th deadline..YESSssss!

  • Luis

    I just called Sprint and got my free 300 additional minutes for 2 years for free. That is why I love this site. Thanks. If you have Sprint its best you call. A simple phone call gets you the 300 minutes at no cost to you or adding years to your contract.

    • Salpsan

      @ Luis
      It's not 300 additional minutes for 2 years for free. It's for life as long as you stay on the 450 plan.

      Kinda makes you wonder if they're gonna change the 450 plan to a 750 plan in the future.

  • mw

    does it work for family plans too?


  • clipse2d

    I would ask but I don't wanna be greedy... I already have 2800 anytime minutes which I only pay for 1500. The 1300 extra minutes are bonus. Not to mention which the any mobile anytime minutes, I actually now only use 500 minutes at the most.

    • mw

      how did you get those bonus minutes on your family plan?

      • John A

        When I signed up for it about 8 years ago, I told them I didn't think the 1500 were going to be enough. The sales rep who took the order gave them to me, along with my 4 brand new blackberry's powered by nextel's direct connect! -- memories.

  • James

    Thanks for the tip! I don't use a whole lot of voice minutes on my mobile phone, but why pass up free additional talk time? I just called up Sprint customer support, told them I read about this promo and that I'm already on the 450 plan, so could I get the bonus minutes, and they said yes and updated my account right away. The woman I talked to also confirmed that there is no extra charge, so my plan will have 750 minutes available now. A few minutes on the phone for 5 hours extra voice minutes per month is a pretty good deal.

  • Aaron M.

    This worked like a champ, I called them and they set it up no questions asked.

  • Aaron

    Go to your Sprint online account, go to "change services". You will see the extra 300 bonus minutes is already checked and grey. Save.. done
    Still working as of 7/5/11

  • Jawon

    Super nice rep, my cellphone the samsung galaxy s 2 has bad reception in the unit I live, and I told the rep my cell goes into roaming. She then said it would eat up my minutes so she spoke with a SUP, to see if she could override the code since it was no longer available. Sept 25 2011
    Guess I got lucky cause I recieved my 300 free