A few days back, we listed Motorola's cutting-edge ATRIX 4G as one of the best five Android phones for budget-conscious consumers. At the time, it was just $30 at Amazon Wireless - a very good deal for a dual-core smartphone capable of turning into a laptop (though said laptop is expensive and somewhat limited in terms of functionality).

2011-06-23 17h11_21

Today, Amazon Wireless has slashed the ATRIX's price further still: it's now just $0.01 on a new two-year contract. Free two-day shipping is included as well, and better yet, Amazon will email you a promotional code good for $100 off the ATRIX's laptop dock. Not bad at all, especially considering that this price applies even if you're adding a line to your family plan (however, if you're upgrading your phone you'll still have to cough up $29.99 if you're on an individual account or $149.99 if you're part of a family plan). And if the latest round of ATRIX rumors prove to be true, something tells us you won't be feeling buyer's remorse for quite some time.

Source: Amazon Wireless via Twitter

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • GergS

    Too bad for family plans upgrading it's still $130 or so...

    we are up for upgrade in July; Waiting for something nice like this!

  • Chuck Wagon

    Now just wait for the laptop dock to go on clearance

  • Mgamerz

    Even better with the bootloader unlock

  • fiji.siv

    Funny, considering AT&T users can't currently access Amazon's Android Market.

  • TheContenderio

    Lol funny cause there's no Amazon market apps