Notch another victory for the Android community: shortly after Motorola publicly stated they would be moving towards unlockable bootloaders - even retroactively where possible - it appears that the Gingerbread update for the Atrix does just that. Brief Mobile laid hands on a leaked early build of the Android 2.3.3 update, and to their delight, found that unlocking the bootloader was as simple as using a simple console command.


I hereby declare this the poster child for "Mr. Blurrycam" photos.

It's worth pointing out that, according to Brief Mobile, this is an early build of the update. As such, there's a possibility that Motorola simply left the bootloader unlocked for developer use, and the final update will maintain the locked bootloader. Unlikely? Definitely, but it's always better to be prepared for the worst.

Other details on the ROM are unfortunately incredibly light at the moment. No mention is given to where the ROM came from (they don't actually say the leak itself is exclusive, or whether they simply found it somewhere), nor are there any details on the update itself.

Update: video - unfortunately, it too deserves a spot in the Blurrycam hall of fame.

[Source: Brief Mobile]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Emacore

    Read this news gave me chills

  • mskks64

    IK it's old but do that for the DX please! It's still a top phone IMO

  • phildough

    I seem to have misplaced my totem so I have no way to verify if I am dreaming or not. I always dreamed my Atrix could have cm7 but this seems too good to be true. Moto will give us a rude kick by the end of August. That's right August. They won't meet the July deadline.

  • Mgamerz

    Hope it's true! I have an atrix and HATE motoblur.

  • paul

    if this update unlocked the boot loader, couldn't we just apply this update, have the boot loader unlocked and then apply a ROM like cyanogenmod to it?

  • JayMonster

    I believe this this will never see the light of day. This is a dev build and hasn't leaked out to everyone because there is probably a way to track the source of the leak.

  • harry

    hey ive unlockd bootloader !
    but my sim is not wroking ???

  • C10Drifter

    Moto DID hit the July date for 2.3.4.

    AT&T Likely complained about unlocked bootloader, so MOTO leaked it.. so the Dev community can have it anyway.

    CM7 is being worked on for the Atrix, but nightlies are not yet available.

    The OTA locked the bootloader, but XDA can still help you out.

    Enjoy friends.