Normally, when we think about prepaid carriers, one thought comes to mind: low-end devices. Most manufacturers reserve their higher-end handsets for the Big Four, so those who don't want to empty their wallet each month on a wireless plan end up with very little to choose from when it comes to decent phones. However, that is all about to change with Huawei's upcoming Glory phone, which is set to land on Cricket Wireless this November.

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The Glory packs a pretty hard punch, especially compared to its prepaid competitors: a 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8655T processor, 4-inch 480x854 TFT display, 8MP camera, and Android 2.3 - all for under $300. To add to the allure of this phone, Huawei has only tweaked the stock Android UI a bit - adding custom animations, some custom widgets, and a slightly customizable app drawer.

The goodness doesn't stop there, however, as Huawei also made it a point to note that the Glory will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012, though we'll have to wait and see if that actually happens.

Honestly, if devices like this are the future of prepaid carriers, then I may have to reevaluate my current cellular situation. What do you think? Would you be willing to leave a major carrier for a prepaid counterpart if you could score a phone like this? Sound off in the comments.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Adam

    Absolutely. That is an amazing offer considering you wouldn't have to be on a contract.

  • SpottedNigel

    When (I gave up on If) ATT eats up T-mobile this gives me a viable alternative to Sprint. We shall see what's up when the merger comes around.

  • Topgun

    Thats a great phone, but Crickets network SUCKS. The internet is horrible. If they can bring up their networks to par with the big 4 then sure.

    • cooperaaaron

      They ride on Sprint's network for data, so if Sprint is in your area, then the data should be good..

    • techdude

      Actually crickets is moving up to the big 4G as we speak starting out there 4G first then expanding it to other cities and eventually nationwide.

  • Noah Bimrose

    I would switch in a heart beat.

  • http://djd.lightyearwireless.com John Cini

    Try Lightyear Wireless - they're a Sprint wholesaler, selling prepaid, Sprint-branded Androids running on the Sprint 3G network. I've used them for almost a year and have blazing fast data speeds. Most people haven't heard about LightYear, so their network isn't clogged and they have truly unlimited data, unlike the other limited "unlimited" companies. Lightyear has the lowest price available on the LG Optimus, $139.99.

  • Futuro

    well... what a DEAL.. O.o i will leave T-Mobile to go with cricket =] it looks awesome!!!

  • mskks64

    kinda looks like an iphone....

    • Tay

      It does look lik a iphone

    • Leslie

      yeah they got sued for that!

      • Craig

        Dumb I hate you

  • iWUF

    idk sounds too good to be true because cricket wireless sucks but the specs on that phone are just unbelievable especially considering it doesn't require you to sign up for a contract

    if everything is true and the specs are right then i would definitely get this phone cuz 300$ for those specs is a bargain
    tmobile, at&t, verizon, sprint

    • Lawrence Brown

      Actually, Cricket's network scored high marks, especially compared to their competitor MetroPCS. And they have a great data plan, too!

  • andrew

    I have to completely disagree, cricket used to be like that before they went nationwide. Now they are just as fast and reliable as sprint. Love my unlimited phone and data (throttled at 4.0 GB) for 41.25 dollars* a month with no contract. Verizon sucks, I love my rooted 2.3.4 ascend and look forward to trading it in for this huawei when its available.

    *Note to cricket users: prepay for three months you get one month free.

  • Leslie

    and the camera has flash! yeah it looks like the ipone 3g huh?? ... well guess what they were sued for that! cause it was similar!!

  • Mark V.

    It will be an amazing accomplishment for Cricket Wireless. We have a big community of programmers who will offer great alternatives to the stock rom. Imagine Velocity 2.2 running on this device....

  • alex_slx

    availabe in china now at about USD250, almost sure will be w/ a lower price in us.

  • http://www.mycricket.com Aaron

    I don't think the price is right for the new Huawei Glory, a reasonable price should be $250. Now that would be a bargan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/uncensoredmomma Jackie

    ABSOLUTELY. I'm a long time consumer of Cricket. LOVE it. I only missed Verizon's coverage in places "off the board", but realistically, we never go anywhere. Why pay double, even triple what we're paying now, just to travel maybe once every two years? I LOVE Cricket, and I'm getting this phone with my tax money! WOOHOO! lol

  • angrydroid

    oh,hell yea i would leave they dont cap there data,there network works really good in chicago...but i can not make a call ifmy life depended on it,all ways dops the call.

  • yvonne

    when is it going to be on the store here in brownsville tx ?

  • Moyergeorge51

    I love Cricket and I will stick with Cricket and I will get me a 4g by Cricket son