So, you're a Sprint Premier customer patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting for June 24th to get here so you can score your brand new HTC EVO 3D? Well - wait no more, because you can get it right now directly from Sprint for $199 with a two-year agreement. If you're not eligible for upgrade, but you just can't resist the 3D goodness of this handset, then you'll have to muster up the guts to give away 550 big ones to get it in your hands.


Judging by the flyer, we're assuming that it will ship today (if you order it today, of course), but we have no verification at the moment. If you plan on picking one up, let us know how it goes.

Update: Here is the link to buy.



Cameron Summerson
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  • Drewskeetz

    I was supposed to get this as a gift for fathers day but that took a back seat and im a little down. =( ...oh well i still have the OG Evo

    • carl

      I just went to sprint store...I get the news phone friday..they will give you 150 for old evo...I will pay 66 bucks fort news evo 3d!

  • Lanman216

    What is the link address? I can't seem to find it and I'm a Premier customer.

  • http://about.me/byroNsune koiutree

    I just ordered it a few minutes ago, i hope I gets to me before Friday will post later if i get shipping confirmation later one today...

    the sprint chat guy gave me this link i hope it works for some of you:

  • http://www.drewkasler.com DKasler

    I was told that it wont ship for 2-5 days from today when I called Cust. Svc

  • richardyarrell

    I have had my preorder in since May 8th at bestbuy so i will stick with that I am #4 on the list. At 8am on Friday I will have my Evo 3d... I never recieved my email at all from sprint

  • Techie

    Just ordered mine via telesales. I was told that they do ship UPS overnight but they warn customers that it could take 2-5 days. I called back after placing the order to see if I could cancel and just pick up one I reserved in-store. They said they could not cancel as the order had already been placed with the warehouse. I had just placed the order 20 minutes earlier. Disappointing for a 7-year loyal customer with 5 lines. DO NOT ORDER VIA ONLINE OR TELESALES.

  • Jaz

    I never got an email either. Only I got was the announcement on my login page on sprint.com. Of course I already ordered mine from wirefly a week ago. I got it for $179.99 plus I get $50 cash back through bank of america addit up program and I also sold my evo4g on craigslist for $220. So I'm happy with my order. Hope they ship it fast.

  • jl

    Ordered mine online yesterday. Just checked UPS tracking and it is to be delivered today. Details are that it shipped from KY yesterday and arrives today in CA.

  • Leif

    Ordered it yesterday (June 21) via Sprint Premier, and it already is at my house (June 22). Can't wait to go home and play.