Update: Another picture has surfaced over at IT168, and this time the Xperia duo name is quite clear underneath.


A mysterious device that most are pegging as the upcoming Sony Xperia Duo has made a cameo over at Chinese website IT168. Rumor has it the the Duo moniker suggests that this will be the first dual-core device from Sony, but we have nothing that confirms (or denies) that info, so take it at face value.

Very little is known about this device at the time - the pictures suggest a near edge-to-edge display and a possible front facing camera, but that's about it. Have a look for yourself:


Anything else that could be said about this device would be pure speculation, so I'll let you decide for yourself what you think is going on here.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • L boogie

    Awaiting final confirmation before making any final say but if it's anything like the X10, oh dear!! Especially with the os updates....avoid going to at&t

  • Syrenz

    @L Boogie: You seem to be way behind the times. SE has been working hard to restore their reputation and have been providing updates to all their new devices and even promised a gingerbread update for the X10 (and leaked pics confirm it's coming). SE is definitely trying hard to be #1 Android manufacturer and I'd be happy to have my next phone be a SE.

    Anyways, that music widget under the dockbar is interesting. Wonder if it's something that pops the dock up when music is playing... pretty cool.

    • L boogie

      @syrenz; I'm fully aware of SE's current stride in restoring its reputation as well as its efforts to becoming one of android's elite manufacturers.... If you read my comment, I'm not saying anything til the official word on the phone is confirmed and the update comment was based on the laughable recent 2.1 x10 update from at&t.... I wish sony ericsson nothing but the best and just read the comments before hand