So it's true: the reason we haven't seen any 7-inch Honeycomb tablets thus far is that Android 3.0 just doesn't fit well on screens of that size. This has been our pet theory for some time now, but this morning, Huawei came right out and confirmed it with the announcement of their Android 3.2-running MediaPad.

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We know you'll want to know all about the new flavor of Honeycomb, but at the moment all we know is that, unlike Android 3.1, the version that runs on most Android tablets, 3.2 will support 7-inch displays. We can only hope that devices like the HTC Flyer and the new Galaxy Tab 7 will get a taste.

Update: Check out the latest batch of Android 3.2 rumors for more in-depth details.

Speaking of the display, the MediaPad sports the sharpest one we've seen on any Honeycomb tablet, with a sky-high pixel density of 217ppi. Though Huawei hasn't yet shared the exact resolution, we have been informed that the screen will be of the decidedly enjoyable IPS variety.

More exciting still is the CPU - the MediaPad will be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor. That's even beefier than the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip found in such tablets as the Motorola XOOM and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Other specs include a 1.3MP front camera as well as a 5MP rear shooter, 802.11n WiFi, a GPS radio, HSPA+ support, 8GB of internal storage, an HDMI output port, and of course Bluetooth connectivity. Huawei claims the battery lasts about six hours, though they don't specify how they ran those tests.

Unfortunately, all that power does necessitate a few sacrifices, not the least of which is the thickness (8.6mm). Additionally, Huawei has yet to share pricing, there are "no current plans" for a WiFi-only model, and the tablet won't be arriving in the US until Q3.

Still, we're genuinely intrigued to see what Huawei's cooked up here - though they aren't a brand typically associated with, you know, quality Android products, the MediaPad is certainly a step in the right direction.

Sources: Huawei, Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Brendon

    Interesting, I hope 3.2 will be another large performance update like 3.1 was.
    Chrome also really needs to come to android

  • http://Www.droidapp.co.uk Tony

    I agree Brendon, Chrome needs to make its way to Honeycomb!

  • jbonics

    If they have it for $400 it will be a winner

    • bari

      probably considerably less

  • Jon

    Made by a Chinese company? No thanks. I'll go for a Korean or Japanese company anytime. The Chinese don't make quality or reliable things. Plus Huawei is not a company you can trust, just check out their business and military ties. Why would you want to buy from a company that deals with al qaeda?

    • bari

      propaganda,,, who made you expert on trust or reliability, Huawei makes very fine equipment and is partnered with with most of the worlds largest wireless networks . i KNOW and have checked out Huaweis' ties as well as their reliability,, and found them worthy , very worthy, so maybe you should put aside your protectionist prejudice and have an honest look at their history and make UNBIASED (if you are capable) assessment

      • Googleplex

        Says the man paid off by China.

        Can't believe you could actually call the comment above propaganda with a straight face when China's entire government is nothing but propaganda.

        It's universally known China makes low quality, unreliable products, you don't have to be an expert to know that. Having ties with large companies means nothing when your entire business is founded on shady practices. You don't have to be an expert to find documentation of shady practices by this company.

        Your statement that

        "you KNOW and checked out huawei's ties as well as their reliability,, and found them worthy, very worthy, so you should put aside your protectionist prejudice and have an honest look at their history"

        is very funny because either you really don't know much about the company but choose to make up stories about how good it is, or you really do know intimate details about the company and still lie, which means we're back to square one about you being paid off to comment.

        Not to mention you sound like a jilted communist.

        There's proof for what the first guy said, but you don't back up anything you say. Nothing but "NUH UH's".

        You ask for unbiased but you come off awfully biased.

        • bari

          "NUH UH's". are all i see in your comment ... i do not have to lie about the quality and innovation ! the facts present themselves..

          "Not to mention you sound like a jilted communist." WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO,,,,, ha ha!,, man that corks it and shows where you are coming from! awww is your sorry, corrupt american ass sore from the sh*it kicking it's taking from the innovation in asia or is the big Bully mad cause he got beat up?

        • Googleplex

          I think everyone can see your comments and judge for themselves. If your first post didn't do it, your last one really made it obvious where you're coming from.

          Seems like you don't even have a sense of humor, given that the communist comment got your panties scrunched up. But looking at your new post, it seems more like the truth now than a joke.

          I don't need to continue to get in a battle of words with you when people can simply do their own research and find out the shady truth about this company.

          Good day (:

  • bari

    True, your comments are getting off the subject of whether this is a worthy product
    and into ideologies and personal attacks.,,,,the last resort when a position is indefensible.

    have good day sir :)

    time will tell

  • Rogerpjr

    .. Let him that is PERFECT cast the first stone..And other famous sayings. I OWN an Huawei U8650. Stock. Never been happier for an experimental venture. I DO need a faster unit, BUT it did this... 1) Validated Huawei as a SERIOUS contender. I can manage my business in the broad daylite. Full sun over mz shoulder, onlz blocked by mz shadow and STILL see mz screen. And work. I have Skype, Viber, as well as GMail going in the background. Need them all for customers and orders. All is well. Justa hiccup every now and then from the local 3G Vendor, which in Spain here, it to be expected. All in all, for my 70euros, I am more than happz. Bz the way, Android ROCKS. Beats the hell out of Apples Os.

  • Rogerpjr

    Oh.... An as far as the personal attacks go. Grow up. As MOST of us know, every country has its share of Propaganda, and misconduct. We SHOULD be on our best behavior in public, at least. No one comes to these forums to hear, see, digest vile dribble from others who have no desire to demonstrate Professional courtesy. These forums are to express opinions of the public regarding the companyies and their products. By the way, American, as well as the Japanese, and Korean markets went thru the same Maturing Process CHina has to go thru. SO lets all treat each other with respect.

  • JeffH

    Will the T Mobile SpringBoard/Media Pad 7" be updated to Jelly Bean anytime soon through a push?