Update: It looks like Moto killed this deal. The coupon code no longer works, and the form has been removed.

If you bought a XOOM, the chances are that you need some accessories to go along with it. Motorola sees that need (and wants to make money), so until June 26, 2011, if you fill out this form, then you'll receive a coupon good for 50% off XOOM accessories at the Motorola store. If you also happened to cash in on this deal, then you could be swimming in all kinds of add-on goodness right now.

2011-06-16 15h06_16

Of course, Moto doesn't want to hook everyone up, so you won't be able to complete the form without verifying either the MEID or MAC address of your XOOM.

Update: If you bundle the speaker dock with the bluetooth keyboard, you can score an additional savings. Here's the skinny:

$129.99 Speaker dock

$69.99 Bluetooth keyboard

-50% Coupon code from above form

-$50 Additional Motorola discount

TOTAL: $50 + tax/shipping

Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that.

[Thanks, Derek!]

[Thanks, Dom!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • modplan

    The code is: XOOMAC50

    Not sure if it will work without filling out the form though

  • mskks64

    yes im sure it will, as that was my code too I already did it and got the otg cable

  • H13

    same her XOOMAC50

  • jim

    Motto reduce the price of xoom to $350 you will have millions in sale

    • modplan

      And millions in financial losses.

      • Blake Robinson

        Coming from an economics major:
        Sometimes quantity makes you millions. If McDonald's increased their burger's price from $1 to $3 no one would buy a stinkin small burger when Burger King offers a burger at $1. Mostly everyone would go to Burger King to save money, and everyone who is loyal to McDonald's will continue buying their burger. McDonald's therefore loses a vast majority of consumers and essentially money due to poor pricing.

        If Motorola decreased prices on the Xoom to $350, demand would increase even though a loss per item would occur. BUT if the majority of people flock to the Xoom because of the affordable price, Revenue would essentially increase because of quantitative sales. Therefore, Motorola can make a ~tad bit more/same money due to sales. This would also make it a very popular item to buy since the majority of consumers are looking for the BEST and most AFFORDABLE tablet they can find.

  • Tony

    The code doesn't seem to work. Neither does the registration page. Neither does the $50 off. Boo.

    • Coldman

      Confirmed. Deal is dead.

  • http://androidactivist.com Derek

    Your welcome Androidpolice about the deal. i just hope some people were able to take advantage of time when it was available.

  • floridapossum

    Damn! I just got my Xoom last week, I can't believe I missed this, I even searched Owner's Promotion on the site, nothing found.

    I have a question though, doesn't this add constitute a legal contract unless the add specifically states it can be pulled at anytime without warning?

    Just wondering?

  • Wil

    The deal is dead