In probably the least subtle unofficial announcement possible, the Cut The Rope developer team (via Twitter) sent us a message with this picture:


Now, whether there is supposed to be an "Amazon" there is unknown. If so, they might want to change the spelling - lest they give Apple some ammunition in its recent litigation. And if it is an Amazon Appstore release, that means it's likely non-US Android users won't be able to access it for a couple of weeks. Bummer.

Still, Cut The Rope has long been promised for Android, and it's good to see the developer team has been hard at work making that happen.

David Ruddock
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  • LAmDroid

    it's not already on Android? or do i have the beta version?

    ..by zeptolab (wi engine)??

  • mike

    You have the clone of it

  • Grrrrr

    Will almost certainly be exclusive to the crappy US only Amazon app store. Shame on them if so. Sucks to be neglected in the rest of the World. Popcap games are well past their alleged 2 week exclusivity period but still no sign of their games appearing for most of the world through legal channels.

    • Zack

      Last I checked the amazon store is a legal channel. But I bet it will be on the market so don't worry

  • Joe

    I bet Cut the Rope is gonna be the Amazon Free App of The Day for Friday!!!

  • Kane

    I sure hope so.